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Sunday, April 1, 2012


It is simply mind boggling how the Bayview Community and more the Blacks have been promised things over the years - and shafted. And with that Black dwindling population the Samoans, the Hispanic, the poor Whites and other poor minorities including Asians.

The Bayview Hunters Point community is so divided that you really cannot have a meaningful - dialog anymore.

The Black leadership that tries its best to interfere in any discussion - brings with it divisiveness of the worst order. The Black on Black continued violence - the on going hardships brought about on the Black population - lined to poverty, drugs, prostitution, and other elements - make this population the most vulnerable.

It does not help that we have 65 plus churches - no miracles seem to stem from these places of worship. In fact the Poverty Pimp Pastors - are on the fore front to beg, take, and receive money - and seem to favor mammon and less God and spirituality.

The Bayview has a population of about 73,000.

Our City has a population of about 811,000.

Our City and County of San Francisco employs over 26,000 City workers. That is for every 28 constituents living in our great city of San Francisco - we have on City worker!

Many of them - live in the Bayview - many MUNI drivers for example live in the Bayview.

The Main maintenance yard linked to the Department of Public Works - is found in the Bayview - in the 94124 zip code.

In the Bayview we have over 9000 small businesses - there are plenty of jobs - but the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force - does not have a list of these businesses with sound contacts - to help our youth and those that need jobs.

There are more sound businesses in zip code 94107 and 94134 and these areas the businesses - are willing to help - but some one must step up and provide the skilled workers - and leaders must have some Blue Print to attain some qualified - goals.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

The demographics are changing rapidly with the Asian Pacific Islander ethnic group having a population of about 28,000 and growing rapidly - and making up 36% of the total population of the Bayview according to the 2010 United States Census.

The Blacks making up of about 20,500 that is 28% and rapidly dwindling. It is called gentrification. We know about it - but this City will not do anything about it. Except to create a document "Out Migration" - comparing the Blacks to some birds that migrate and out-migrate. Forget, that these same fools - failed to read the "Unfinished Agenda" a document - that said it all - lay there on the shelves - collecting dust.

Black are most affected by "Gang Injunctions" and "Poverty" - poverty encourages crimes and more lack of education and lack of opportunities. In most Black communities - the above conditions - create the perfect - storm. Go figure.

Hispanics have a population of about 12,000 that is 17% of the general Bayview population and growing faster by the day. It is in this population; that we have many that are not registered and hence the silent, hidden, population that is a force to reckon with.

The crime and killings that will come from this community will shock the Bayview - if right now; we do not address the situation at hand - the future will spell out the deeds of the time. The gangs with roots in El Salvador - are the worst and we have not seen anything - yet.

In all the talk about gangs, incarceration, safety - no one wants to talk about Community Policing. We have several plans but no one wants to execute them. Over $40,000 has been spent on documents to do this and that - but nothing seems to executed holistically - when it comes to Community Policing - less Restorative Justice.

Again as I have stated - it is the same with Restorative Justice - too many people talking the talk - but few ready to treat our youth like persons, people with a heart and soul. People see a Black youth and immediately spread their bias around - we have seen it before - and we will see in the future - unless there is a change of mind, heart, and soul. 

Whites make up about 16% that is 11,000 of the general population in the Bayview Hunters Point. We see more young Whites in our community - walking with their poodles, their dogs, riding bikes, interested in open spaces and gardens, the internet, internet radio shows, and so on and so forth. The Blacks wonder what is happening? It is called "gentrification" in your face.

Many of these White youth approach me - for the simple fact - when they google - my name pops up - I did not think of this factor too much - but when I did it myself - my name popped up and I felt - a little shaken up. Again, the signs of the time.

The others - Native Americans and so on make up about 2000 and about 3% of the general population.

I represent the Ohlone more the Muwekma Ohlone on matters of infrastructure and base closer. Hunters Point, Oakland Army Base and so on and so forth.

The Ohlone were the owners of all the land that is San Francisco. It was stolen from them. Today, we do not think much of them - having stolen their land and built a concrete jungle.

We think this is some civilization and it is funny when those that pollute - think of curtailing the carbon foot print today - how very strange - the strangers! Contaminate, pollute, and when it suits you - think of curtailing your own pollution and contamination.

When will you learn to respect Mother Earth? When you will learn about sustainability  - in all things that matter - Quality of Life issues.

The Southeast Commission Facility Building was built to help the Bayview Community - and when it was built - the community leaders helped created the first off site campus - conducting classes in nursing, cosmetology, cooking and catering, sewing, and had a curriculum that was certified and recognized by the Colleges and Universities.

Along the line the Black leadership dropped the ball and failed miserably to pass the torch to the youth. What was once working was decimated - and sell outs like Veronica Hunnicutt not from the community was one of them.

Today, the Southeast Commission Facility is a JOKE in evolution.

Again some Black loudmouths are screaming and shouting - the same ones that are in for the money - and offering shallow, inept, and band aid training and nothing that can be of value and having standards.

Blacks, Asian, Whites, Hispanics, the First People, others must aspire to be the best. Never settle for the mundane and second class status. That is NOT the American way.

If anyone aspires to train folks after having passed the basic General Education Diploma (GED) and has such bench marks as a goal - the end result will be utter - failure and pandemonium.

Our youth need skills that offer career jobs. I will say it again - career jobs.

These skills cannot be given by entities that do not have the ability to deliver - and less to offer such jobs.

You cannot give good jobs to anyone that do not have a sound education. Sound educations comes with hard work, discipline, fortitude - the ability to work and be focused at all times.

You cannot attain such standards - smoking pot, wearing baggy pants, chewing gum and talking at public comment time, with no command of any language. No ability to be logical. Dress like a "thug" and think that if you are loud - the Whites and those those in authority will listen. This will not happen. Not now and not in the future.

In the future the Asians and Whites will succeed - they already do - simply, because they set their bench marks very high. The work hard and nothing deters them - they are not lazy. More they have unity among them.

The Blacks are the worst when it comes to bench marks and attaining high grades in the schools and colleges - closely followed by the Hispanics.

The empirical data is there; when we gather the information from our colleges, universities, and high schools - we note the result but do not have the guts to do something about it.

We can change this around - by all of us contributing the best ideas, a viable tested plan, having a holistic vision, and executing the vision with fortitude and determination.

Today, the Southeast Commission Facility Building needs a thorough revamping.

First and foremost the Facility Manager Toye Moses must be let go. Sorry, this pathetic person has no clue about education, less about communication, and has NO vision.

There must be a change in the Facility Commission - a representation of new blood - younger people with college education and professional people - to undertake the task at hand. The Southeast Commission all appointed by the Mayor Ed Lee - is a JOKE.

Willie B. Kennedy is a shadow from the past - she cannot  Chair - has sold out the community - and is hovering around for the money. Her time has passed and she must go because she has been an utter - failure.

It is a shame that the Black leadership in recent months has faded away - all those that used to take money from Lennar and conduct themselves in a sordid manner. The well is dry - and the crooks are like gofers - hiding in some dark - hole.

San Francisco City College is in a mess. We, in the Bayview do not need to subsidize City College - again and again City College has started some program and dropped the ball. SF Public Utilities Commission must break away from this entity that is swimming in a cesspool.

Its leadership is poor, people steal money, the student are fed up and we must NOT permit this virus to spread. Confine it on the City College campuses - and they must be out of the Southeast Facility Commission - sooner than later.

All City College wants is subsidized rental space, offers inferior programs and classes, and has caused the Bayview community at large - endless pain.

The Human Services Administration - if it wants to bring succor to the indigents and those are challenged - can take its - unsuccessful services and programs - elsewhere.

The Southeast Facility Building in not the ideal place for Human Services Administration -   to be. This is fact and we can go to court to prove it.

The audacity to City College to lease space to the Human Services Administration - when it had no authority to do so.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission must be ashamed of itself.

It did not for the longest time ever - maintain the building - even though it subsidized the rents, and paid for other maintenance - but it did not do it with any standards.

Deferred maintenance had the elevators in bad shape. Other details too many to mention - were not attended to. Today, rather late - the SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has stepped up - but, it is late - but not too late.

Again and again the SFPUC has not paid attention to the mandate - spelled out in its agreement with the community.

Again and again it has allowed past Mayors to appoint dubious, shady characters on the Southeast Facility Commission.

Folks that have not represented the community - and what is pathetic and true - brought about its eminent - downfall.

Even today - no one is taking a practical and holistic look.

The demographics clearly point that the Blacks are on a decline and dwindling. "Gentrification" is motion in the Bayview - is on the move - locomotion.

No one can improve this situation - quickly - time will tell. Black on Black violence, the average reading and math skills sitting at 7th grade level - amongst most youth.

The dysfunctional Black families ridden with poverty, drug addiction, leaning on Welfare to help themselves - have devastated the Black community.

Those that came from the South with solid spiritual values, work ethics, and high standards - have grown old and did leave a legacy becoming home owners - today, the children have sold the homes. Fallen prey to materialism and mostly wasted thousands on drugs. This does not bode for everyone but most of the Black folks.

Those that live in Public Housing have lived there for decades. Today the SF Housing Authority have evicted the tenants - many of them; for not having the head of household registered with the SF Housing Authority.

It is very common for the head of household to be registered under the name of some one who passed away years ago - in some cases twenty and thirty years ago. Go figure.

This is the case with the Samoans too. The Samoans and the Blacks share a common destiny because of their environment - living in Public Housing - and sharing other cultural morasses.

With no opportunities, and constantly pointed in the direction where there is no upward mobility - these two communities that are tight - have had to bear the brunt of the lies, false promises, and the utter devastation of their communities - more, when they are evicted and treated like dirt - and have to take to the streets to survive in the Tenderloin.


I work with the Blacks, the Samoans, the Hispanic leaders; who all know me. How many times must I scream and tell them the truth. We cannot get things - given to us on a platter - we just cannot keep begging the City of San Francisco to help the indigents and those that need help.

We must work hard for anything that is worth the salt.

Again and again the SFPUC uses outsiders who have no clue to come into our community and create further discord. I will point is out in detail and what I write and say will not be pretty. Sam Murray has not done a good job - catering mostly to himself.

Juliet Ellis has miles to go - and cannot handle the outreach and the policy making without having the pertinent information linked to the continuity of the history that has created the Bayview Hunters Point community.

Girls 2000 and Young Community Developers have not borne the brunt of the burden of the community in the past or in recent times. These two entities want money to survive - and if they get grants - never mind, how they spend the money - they are happy.

Their band aid programs are just that. In all the time they have been given thousands of dollars in grant money - they have failed to provide career jobs.

These two entities are always working behind the scenes to bring in money - and in past - when they were audited - they did not make the grade. The know it and they must admit it.

The caliber of the training and educational opportunities that are offered at the Southeast Facility Commission Facility today - must be one that offers the best education - to put our youth in a position where they are offered the best, educated well, nurtured well, and made to put their best foot forward.

Over $6 billion dollars will be expanded by the SFPUC linked with the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP).

Mr. Harlan Kelly and General Manager of the SFPUC - Ed Harrington can initiate the curricula with professionals to offer our youth the best. 5% of a billion is $50 million - it is not too much to set aside $300 million to make this happen.

For too long have sell outs filled their coffers - with Mickey Mouse program. Trying to run a cafe and other such ploys and gimmicks that are not worth much. $50 million offered to Dwayne Jones who has used the community, lied, wasted money on programs like Communities of Opportunity - who is monitoring such thugs? Never mind if they are back by Platinum and Willie L. Brown Jr.

We want plumbers, electricians, architects, engineers, contractors, accountants, folks that do pay roll, registered nurses, executive cooks, professional tailors, professionals in cosmetology, in bio-science, in web designing, media professionals - we have a gamut of talent - but, the sell outs keep putting us down - and keeping us down.

The SFPUC can have professionals mentor our youth - to find work and find permanent jobs linked to the operations of the Water System Improvement Project and related projects.

The same with the Sewer System and Improvement Projects.

The Weirs need to be repaired and we the community have Contractors that can repair the Weirs  - now. An interim project that must be done - anyway you look at the project as a whole. The weirs if constructed and the job done well - can stop the flow of salt water - gaining access to the sewer treat plant. As they stand today - they are in bad shape. I know it and a few other know it. And there is more.

The same with the sewer pipes and the upgrading of the water pipes - who is kidding whom?

The contracts are given to outsiders - and some in the SFPUC are hand in glove with these shenanigans. We know it - and it would not be prudent to totally expose this corruption that is well known to those that have the "rap" sheet available.

This is an opportunity to use local contractors based in the Bayview Hunters Point to train and employ our youth - women and men and save lives.

I have been saying this - have had the required discussions - but these buffoons have been moving at a snail's pace.

The crooks at Platinum get what they want. Other crooks and lazy, inept SFPUC employees have raped the community and continue to rape the community - even today and have all these many years.

At one time we had articulate black young and old women and men who could speak up. No more.

Now, we have folks adults and young - chewing gum and trying to say something - and saying nothing - because they have no ability to be logical - at public comment.

When you bring it to their notice - the protocol the process - they tell you plainly - they are new to this process. You are new to everything - hygiene, dressing up, education, articulation, simply logic - you spend you time like a fool and when the time comes to count - you act like a foot - to the chagrin of all and a shame to the community.

Would it alarm you SF Public Utilities Commissioners to know that these youth were told to come and show support - and not trained about speak as to what had to be addressed.

These youth have no etiquette and with that comes lack of representation that is worth the salt.

These fool with their pathetic representation have caused much pain to those like myself who fight for the community at all levels.

Shame of these fools who have no vision and what is more no Blue Print to follow - less bench marks and no goals worth the salt.

What would Marcus Harvey say?

What would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say?

What would Ruth Williams who trained so many say?

What would her son Kevin Williams say? 

What would the late Mrs. Westbrook say?

You heard the sane and poignant remarks - when Espanola Jackson and Sophina Maxwell spoke - what did they say?

What did they offer - can you do that - or will these shenanigans go on for ever and ever?

Step up and do the right thing - or forever hold your peace.

Memorandum of Understanding linked to the Southeast Facility Commission:

More pertinent information about the Southeast Facility Commission in the Bayview in San Francisco: