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Monday, March 26, 2012


Scott Wiener legislation encouraging so called student housing while failing to address affordable housing and rental units for decent families and others - is polarizing legislation - that will fall flat on its face.

The Academy of Art University for years has taken over hundreds of buildings and converted them to student housing.

Thus depriving thousands of San Francisco residents of affordable housing - more rental housing in areas closer to where they work.

The Department of Building Inspection, the City Attorney, the District Attorney, the SF Board of Supervisors, others - have been asleep at the wheel. Making innocent San Franciscans suffer - while some corrupt institution buys buildings, a church, millions of square feet of commercial property - breaking all the laws - and no one can do anything.

Now here comes Scott Wiener - a new bee and a person NOT to be trusted - trying to divert our minds. Playing dirty politics - while trying to position himself for higher office. A Zionist to the core - and a man who has brought and will bring disgrace to San Francisco. Mind you this man will ruin all the good this City has.

Scott Wiener should have initiated a study about student housing and the dire need for it - by initiating and collecting empirical data. Hand in hand with this study - as he would have found out - many adverse impacts that unruly students bring with them.

The nuisance that students create in mostly residential areas is well documented. However, some person like Scott Wiener has no clue about it. And even if some one spells it out - he would prefer to sit to his hidden agenda. Much like most Zionist do - it is either their way or the highway.

Wild parties, loud noise past 10 pm, and inside the buildings; converted to dormitories - where students have invaded under dubious pretexts - hard core activities drugs, orgies of every kind, prostitution, and so on.

None of which are prescribed studies in any decent institution of higher learning - and where decent human beings are trained to contribute their talents to society. Some institutions have brought disgrace to San Francisco.

The San Francisco Planning while wasting thousands of hours on projects like the Lennar Project - linked to Hunters Point and Candlestick Point. Has in like manner failed to address student housing in a holistic manner - over the past many years.

This is not the first time this topic has come before any committee - be it the shallow, spineless - Land Use Committee with its inept, sordid, air-head - Chair Malia Cohen from District 10. A pawn of the Machine - the SF County Democratic Committee endorsed her - did not Scott Wiener during the last Supervisorial elections. 

At the State University; some years ago - old student housing was found to adversely impact the students. The reason Asbestos found in the student rooms.

While this abatemnet was done - thousands of students were moved to the Presidio of San Francisco - in the areas around Baker Beach - in former cheap military quarters that was speedily revamped to house the students.

The Presidio Trust jacked up the rents and raked in millions. Thousands of students from all over found a new haven - where they could get housing, be it not so cheap - but surrounding where they could conduct their nefarious activities.

With the housing of these student came problems - noise, increase in drug use, prostitution, and so on. Of course the U.S. Park Police who has jurisdiction of this area had to deal with this added problems and foot the bill.

The Presidio Trust continues to make money - and the City and County of San Francisco has passed this added burden to the Presidio - a Federal Jurisdiction. In reality the SF State University pleaded to help its students - but a host of entities that pitched in to help - hoped they had stayed away from this added burden.

With added students comes other issues - transportation, food, hospitals and ambulance care, safety, date rapes and many other social and critical issues - all of which cost money.

Students who pay good money to some crooked art institution in San Francisco that purports to cater to the students do not. One institution in particular and other too indirectly - are quick to make money from rents linked to the students.

These institutions are very slow to provide quality amenities and very slow to curb nuisance - like loud noises, graffiti, lack of respect for the elderly and so on - more in the down town areas like Nob Hill, Upper Tenderloin, the South of Market Area (SOMA), parts of the Avenues, in and around SF State University, in and around University of San Francisco, and City College by Ocean Avenue - especially.

The result many decent San Francisco constitutents will not tolerate such nuisance and resort to moving out of the City and County of San Francisco. Of course Scott Wiener does not care about this issue and the impact on decent constituents of San Francisco.

Scott Wiener might tolerate such nonsense in the Castro - where most decent families will not bother to raise their children less to rent and live there. Nor does the jackass smiling Malia Cohen the Land Use Chair - who has no clue about the drab legislation - before her.

The woman does not live in her District and continue to represent when she must step down. Talk about double standards - going after Ross Mirkarimi when this woman has broken several laws pertaining to residency issues.

The past Zoning Czar who worked for SF Planning a queer - was caught distributing pornographic material. The result he and some Senior Planners that participated in this illegal activity were fired. I suppose Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen are not aware of this fact - or may be belong to this club. Christina Olague should be aware of this fact- as she knew Larry Badner and the other buffoons that were fired because of this horrific - espisode and scar on San Francisco.

For years because of the nonchalant attitude of SF Planning  - and that includes the younger staff that now love to dabble with legislation and have no clue about fundamentals of sound planning - less adverse impact on society.

Still less of demographics, the Senior population that have lived in an area for decades, keep noise down past 10 pm - peace of mind that hard working constituents deserve after a hard day's work. Students contributing to adverse impacts and therefore to Quality of Life issues.

The SF Police Department cannot query the Nuisance Cases - often the CAD numbers are not available. When pressed for Incidents - the fact that the students say they are young - the SF Police Department resorts to hiding the facts. Never mind if the SF Police are called fifteen times to a location - one single night.

Respecting San Franciscans by not board skating and striking pedestrians, graffiti, smoking in areas that one must not, other nuisances too many to list - and most of all the SF Planners that are queer - and favor topics and amendments that defy - logic.

At Park Merced for years thousand of students could stay in rental homes - these homes are due to be demolished.

No one knows - really - the types of units that will be built - for sure the new units will be high density. Meaning where once stood a row of one story homes - you will see tall structures - accommodating thousands of people - living in small units in a very crowded situation.

Everyone knows for sure they will not be built soon - mostly high density; where now there are town homes with back yard garden - and for sure the rooms will be smaller - and cost more. Students already facing high fees cannot afford such rents.

These high density living cause more problems.  No one cares about the extra use of the SF Police Department or some other Security Company - such matters are taken for granted. They simply do not drop from the sky.

No one seems to understand that before anyone passes any legislation - it is proper and sound to do an economic analysis. Have meaningful meetings in the community. Talk to community leaders. Scott Wiener thinks he knows all - and this comes from his blatant disregard of other human beings that he does not respect.

Study the demographics and the impact on any community - that has lived in the neighborhood of decades. Now has to deal to ruckus, pandemonium, confusion, and constant adverse impacts - Quality of Life issues.

Where is the Empirical Data that has been vetted, studied, meaningful outreach has been done - and finally some consensus arrived.

At the Land Use Meeting - March 26, 2012 no information was given to the public - linked to the agenda item on creating student housing.

Scott Wiener has he has been known to - create legislation that he pushes with little or no meaningful dialog.

He initiated this nonsense amendments on student housing - with no sound information.

Now sends he wants to send it to the SF Planning - who really have no time for such drab amendments.

It will come before the Chair, Malia Cohen who is inept - and will be sent to the SF Full Board - for some discussion and mostly probably pass.

The Senior population by far has been impact by convoluted thinking, faulty planning, illegal conversions of rental units to student dormitories - under false pretexts - all over San Francisco.

The paradox; the SF Planning has known about these factors and has done nothing about it.

The billionaires who run the Academy of Art University - evade anything and everything to make a fast buck.

Bid their time, and use expensive attorneys to find loopholes to legalize - rental units and then illegally convert them to dormitories - or the other way around. Go figure.

For sure years ago - the City could have created a plan to build brand new student units - but did not. Today at 10th and Market thousands of housing units are going to be built - mostly market value priced rental units - and these may be occupied it all depends on our economy.

There is no stability in our economy right now.

Things in Europe are not looking pretty - and when the demons visit the United States because of the folly of Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan Chase, Citi Bank and the Zionists who have poised themselves to cheat, steal, deceive in matters pertaining to Real Estate - which resulted in the 2008 economic crash and the domino affect that has now embroiled the entire world.

What is really happening to say Lennar and its projects?

The old Schlage Company by Bayshore and Arleta? The main entity that stole $800 million plus from Taiwan and now has taken shelter in China.

The Shenenigans we see here, there and everywhere in San Francisco - are meant to side tract the decent hard working San Franciscan - while Willie L. Brown Jr. - and clowns like Scott Wiener make their way up the corrupt political ladder. Little knowing that some are watching these political - skunks.

There is no money readily available in San Francisco. Even China today is seeing a slow down turn in its industrial out put and the slowing growth in China. Suddenly the middle class in China is hurting.

It is a paradox while students is California cannot afford to go to college and tuition is going up. Some fake, shallow, spineless Supervisors are pretending to address student housing - in these dire economic times.

How much money can the City and County front to build new student housing? Nothing, except hot air and amendments that create further confusion.

The demise of SF Redevelopment Agency has brought all the prior nonsense linked to building high density units to a grinding halt. The blatant misuse of tax increment is now being audited by the SF Controller.

You can send the amendments back to SF Planning and they will send it before the idiotic Land Use Committee and you will witness the buffoons send it before the SF full board - and those those sitting as the full board pass it. But, nothing will come of it. Nothing.

The failed SF Planning and the on going saga today with the Academy of Art University - buying buildings and converting rental units to dormitories - illegally - is on going.

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco - the present state of affairs and its future prospects of expanding providing inferior housing - another view: