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Friday, March 30, 2012


Perhaps the best news ever to come to the ears of ardent advocates; involved in Land Use and Housing issues - was Assembly Bill AB 26 and following that the amendment AB x1-26 linked to Redevelopment Agencies.

Here in San Francisco the City and County of San Francisco rushed to create some entities to transfer all the assets of the former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA).

For all practical purposes the City Administrator has the main  responsibility.

The Mayor's Office of Housing, the Mayor of Economic Development, the SF Board of Supervisors - all play some role - some in lesser measure and some in greater - measure.

The Oversight Board created to deal with the transfer of assets and to oversee payment of those obligations that were signed before January 1, 2011.

The Oversight Board is mandated to wind down those obligations that AB x1-26 clearly spells out. In no way or manner  are new projects to be initiated,  new jobs, a creation of any entity - encouraged - it is absolutely, forbidden.

I have attended the Oversight Board meetings and by large measure I fully understand the Staff assigned and most of the Oversight Board - have to come to terms and must adhere to understand the convoluted legal and financial terms linked to the business at hand. Most of them have done well so far.

Lynette Sweet the Representative from the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is a pain in the ass.

Again and again the questions she asked are pertinent to a lesser point - but, she continues to derail the proceedings - and as such must be told to step down. She is a impediment. 

This is the same woman; Lynette Sweet who when she was on the SFRA Commission - cast her deciding vote to give Lennar the right to develop Parcel A at Hunters Point.

When Lennar with "intent" poisoned our elders and children - this despicable woman who sits on the Bart Board; placed there by favoritism - did not utter one single word to defend our elders and children in the Bayview.

This is the same woman who tried to run for District 10 - a sell out who was defeated - even thought the Democratic Machine endorsed her.

For all her gimmicks, detailed questions that reveal lack of education, homework, and some pompous attitude that falls by the way side.

As I stated at the last Oversight meeting - March 29. 2012 - if Lynette Sweet finds it hot in the kitchen - she is free to step down from the SF Oversight Board.

Please - but do not waste the time of constituents by fielding mundane questions most of which are evident and can be found answered on the Redevelopment Administration, Department Of Finance - website.

Just in case this ignorant woman needs some further assistance - she can email her questions or find a telephone number to call the State of California - Department of Finance:

I will be sending this article to the State of California - Department of Finance.

Also, with added information on this woman who has failed to serve San Franciscans and more the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point and the surrounding area.

San Francisco had two options - the first to hand over the assets to the State - which in my opinion would have been the best.

The second to create this Oversight Board which must report to the City Administrator and to the SF Board of Supervisors. Work with the Mayor's Office of Housing, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development.

Also, the SF Controller will be keeping his eye on the ball - and I doubt any entity can hoodwink him and his staff. Right now the SF Contoller is busy auditing the books and we all are waiting for these results.

It makes sense to have someone like Nadia Sesay as the Chair - she understands the finer issues on the payments to be made, the contracts signed and grandfathered before January 1, 2011. The other complicated issues that poor Lynette Sweet finds it so difficult to comprehend.

The spreadsheet details the Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) to set forth the minimum payment amounts and due dates of payments required by those enforceable obligations for each six-month fiscal period.

The ROPS must be submitted to the California Department of Finance no later than April 15, 2012.

The Staff that works under the Director of the Successor Agency to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - Tiffany Bohee, Amy Lee the Financial Officer - both worked for the former SFRA.

The enforceable obligations have to be paid and as I mentioned reported to the California Department of Finance.

There is process - if any payment lacks the required information - there is a time period where the documents can be ratified - be that the time is in days. Not more then 10 days on an average.

AB 26 x1 and AB 26 describes in detail the responsibilities of the Successor Agencies to dissolved  Redevelopment Agencies. What makes the City and County of San Francisco is that in San Francisco - the SFRA got involved in a series of complicated transactions - some projects on land that belonged the SF Port Authority falling under the Public Trust Act.

Some property under Infrastructure Financing Districts. Still other properties that are handed over to the Mayor's Office of Housing instead of the SF Housing Authority. Other one of kind Memoranda of Understanding - that all can and will be figured out.

I can state  unequivocally that such decisions will not depend on how Lynette Sweet comprehends such issues. Lynette, can sit down with Naomi Kelly and Nadia Sesay; both Black smart women - and iron out the many tepid questions Lynette Sweet asks - Lynette should further some poignant decision making  at the Oversight Board- but prefers to beat around the bush and be the center of attention.

Several other Redevelopment agencies are going through this same process. Some entities have sued their former Redevelopment Agencies - and these briefs are available. Some of them make interesting - reading.

Here in San Francisco the Successor Agency to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has a website:

This process will not be an easy one - but, I can assure you the way to figure out the hurdles and arrive at answers - is by contributing positively - not creating unnecessary hurdles - not by Lynette Sweet or anyone else.