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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quality education with stability is paramount in the Southeast Sector - the time in NOW.

For years, past Superintendents of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) have shown poor leadership when it comes to the education of our children in the Southeast Sector.

There has been no Blue Print in the past and there is not one now in place for the future that addresses the salient and the pertinent elements that go into sound education in the Southeast Sector.

As anyone worth their salt knows operating schools, having good teachers, maintaining high standards, acquiring the necessary funding does not come easy.

Against great odds in the past we have fought for Malcolm X at Huntersview; kept it afloat and now it has turned around but still needs monitoring and nurturing.

We want the same to happen to El Dorado  and the Middle school in Visitation Valley and more Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the Portola District.

Focused attention with bench marks - and leadership second to none. Less talk and more hard work. We can do it and we must do it - because it is for our children and the future of this Nation.

No one really knows what is happening at Gloria R. Davis Middle School and Willie L. Brown Academy.

The SFUSD is famous for gimmicks because of lack of sound leadership and too many "drama queens" on the SFUSD Board.

Some psychiatrist more with an educational background is called for - to examine and to evaluate each and every member on the Board linked to the SFUSD.

We simply cannot have just people who cannot articulate and reason with empirical data and sound experience.

More who beat around the bush and who have a hidden agenda - carry on and implement NO sound educational policy.

This current Board is simply pathetic and must seek recourse elsewhere - where doldrums and like manner of doing business is the norm.

It is a fact that in previous years - again and again - touting that teachers will be laid off. This because of poor management and impending budget cuts from the State - as lead the SFUSD to beg for money - year after year.

The City and County of San Francisco has helped the SFUSD with the assets set aside as part of the Rainy Day Fund.

The SFUSD must now learn to tap into other sources and we have over 60 billionaires in our City - we have leading institutions in our Region - that have tons of money - such as Stanford University.

The SFUSD Board meetings are dubious in nature - long, no focused attention, and always nonchalant.

The Student Representative is a token placement - and should speak up with authority and represent the student population.

It says a lot in terms of sound education when the Board members address our students as "kids".

Well, you could use that term on a farm where goats are found. Always address our children as respectfully as you possibly can "children" - "our youth" - and not as kids.

This new concept on in the "zone" and out the "zone" has ulterior motives. The schools that in the past have been adversely impacted - need dire help - and only those that have sound education can come to the aid of the children.

The Federal Government, because some of us have dared to spell out the details have come to our rescue all over California and Nationwide.

This is our moment to do do something constructive and if the SFUSD Board cannot do it - get out of the picture, out completely - and fade into oblivion.

Education policies and the fate of our children - those that speak English and the many that do not - should not be in the hands of morons - who always want the easy way out and love finger pointing.

A few of you are sick in the head - seeking monetary expenses for childcare, wasting tax payers money using SFUSD issued Credit Cards for reasonable expenses, pandering to some entities that do not have the best interests of working class parents that cannot afford - sending their children to private schools. 

We the people, do not need your services and we can watch the Soap Opera on television and do not want see to hear, see, and watch "drama queens" at the SFUSD flaunt their talents in a pathetic manner.

Show case their views again and again for the longest time ever - in an illogical manner, exposing their poor judgement and always pandering to some entity behind the scenes.

As to the UNIONS that represent the SFUSD - they are full of it.

Simply put they have failed San Franciscans, our parents, our children that go to the SFUSD in San Francisco.

At one point they did nothing to save Malcolm X.

They were for Lennar, a Rogue Developer hoping to get some money. That did not work.

Now they want to blame the State of California.

As with the SFUSD Board the State has its problems - but you at the local level have serious problems and one of them is that you are in the wrong business and cannot adjudicate because you are ignorant and some very arrogant - and a few mentally challenged. 

Go get a life.

Stop wasting our time, stop adversely impacting our children, and stop continuing this drain in the educational system - causing much stress to our parents who worked hard for a living.

Many hold two and three jobs. Do you think this is joke?

No sound education can be imparted in any environment where dysfunctional principals, those in administration operate schools - like a zoo.

I have seen it with my eyes - and I have been fully trained as to impart the highest standards when it comes to education - by the Jesuits. 

Anyone wants to take me on? Anyone on the SFUSD Board - make my day! 

Thousands of decent families have left our fair City.

One reason on failing Public Schools - and to see these buffoons act like fools and not address the salient and pertinent issues is pathetic.

Only those trained well, with job stability, good al round leadership; reasonable Principals - can favor sound Educationists  doing what they do well - teach.

Parents Citywide are fed up with the SFUSD - and add to that less transportation facilities, unkempt schools - many in disrepair - and now safety issues in and out of the schools. What else is missing?

I have been monitoring this nonsense for over 35 years.

Maybe one of the few in the City who is an Environmentalist - to write about these issues, facing our children who need help.

I could write pages about our Immigrant Population they are ones that suffer the most. Many of parents work two, three, four jobs. They do all to educate their children. The parents try but the SFUSD let them down.

The SFUSD lets these parents down because they are not organized. Do have any idea about the process. Cannot express themselves in English. You get the picture.

The Universities, the colleges must step up and do the right thing. You are worthless earning some degree if you while in College and in University do not interface - in a meaningful manner with the community.

Some of you Deans get it - but the rest of you - and full of it. Do not say no one told you so.

I really do not want to come to 555 Franklin Street and speak during public comment. What you hear will not be pleasing.

This is a clarion call to you on the SFUSD Board - get your act together. You took to the job to serve so do not tell us that you work hard - we all work hard.

I work hard 18 hours a day - but when you work hard you must love what you do. When you love what you do - there is an aspect and that is called - sacrifice.

Do not ever brag on public television that you were sick and brought your ass to the meeting. Stay at home you that a cozy relationship with Gavin Newsom. Who brought you in after a long process of pussyfication.

Do not brag about your daughter who is a Union Leader, and your husband a former Union member of the Police Officers Association (POA), such information is uncalled for - and at best reveals your petty thinking.

The Union representing the SFUSD are a lost cause - and the unfunded benefits and pension - a reality that will nail them - once and for all.

The time has come - the day of reckoning is here.

For too long these parasites have sucked and sucked - the milk is dry and the well more dry.

Drama Queens can best give their performance in the Castro.

In the meantime there must be some entity that evaluates the very poor performance of the SFUSD.

They all talk all the want; given one minute to the Public. What is that you fear when the public speak the truth and are articulate.

You SFUSD Board on the other hand are worthless and cannot articulate much. 

You SFUSD Board talk the talk and have failed each and every time to walk the walk.