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Thursday, March 29, 2012


The San Francisco Police Commission from time to time will go to the community to hold its Commission Meeting - well, March 28, 2012 - it held its Commission Meeting at 1800 Oakdale, at the Southeast Commission Facility in the main auditorium - in the Bayview - District 10.

There was a very good turn out of SF Police Officers.

There was NOT a good turn out of the community. 

However, the few community leaders - who were present did speak up - and generally have a fair view of what they wanted to be done in Precinct 10; which comes under the jurisdiction of Captain Paul Chignell.

Our Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr who happened to be the last Captain at the Bayview Police Station and in charge of Precinct 10 - created a better environment for the present Captain Paul Chignell.

This Police Commission meeting did not witness any of the pandemonium witnessed before; especially at the last SF Police Commission held in the Bayview. The usual suspects are put on notice and better take note of it.

There are those community leaders who truly serve the community.

There are others that pander, pretend to serve the community - and these were absent and rightly so - so that the matters needed to be addressed could be addressed in the best environment - free from turmoil, disturbance, unruly behavior and lack of respect.

The local Captain Paul Chignell has worked hard and followed in the foot steps of Captain Rick Bruce, Chief Greg Suhr, and now himself.

After 40 years - he will retire soon in June, 2012 or so. Captain Paul Chignell is loved by the community - because he does not mind criticism if it is warranted. He strives to do his best. He loves to work with his team of Police Officers and that is how it should be.

The Bayview has endured a lot - most local Black sell outs pandering to Lennar a Rogue Developer and included in this convoluted process the local politicians - who continue to betray the constituents of District 10 to this day.

Today, at 6 pm at City Hall plans are afoot to redraw the boundaries of District 10. Potrero Hill is slated to be removed from the present District 10 - and the entire Portola District included - today's District 9.

There has been no genuine, meaningful process - in these sordid deliberations mostly influenced by the UNIONS who have let down - San Francisco and San Franciscans - down.

Since the year 2000 we have NOT had a good local political Representative in District 10 - and the current one does not even live in the District.

In the last Supervisorial Elections we had 23 candidates running for District 10 - and the most incompetent one came out on top. Rank Choice Voting brought about this disgraceful - conclusion.

Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor arrived late for the Commission meeting. At the meeting was busy pandering, and when she had an opportunity to thank the SF Police Officers - chided them with a silly remark.

May be for the first time in a long time - under Chief Gregory Suhr who loves his fellow police officers - came by the ranks - we have a good SF Police Chief.

The present SF Police Command Group among whom I count as my friends Chiefs Morris Taback, Kevin Cashman, John Loftus, and there are others too - these men all strive to heal the past wounds and address the many issues with less resources.

In the year 2012 we are still addressing issues mostly created artificially - with lack of opportunities given to the constituents in District 10, lack of trust, and some.

A few rogue Police Officers failing to comprehend - that their wrong actions nullify all the good the other SF Police Officers do. As was stated by many - we the public thank those that work hard for our community - but there is a long way to build the trust and the trust must be mutual.

Much like it takes two to tango. The analogy may not be perfect but you get my drift. We can make it in San Francisco - because on most things - we know how.

Much like the Community Response Network who were present at the SF Police Commission meeting - and no mention was made about them at all.

The Community Response Network continue to do very good work - in trying circumstances - and yet when they are supposed to be given some love - no mention is made of their stellar performance. Time will tell.

Those SF Police Officer who patrol on foot are very well appreciated. As least the ones on San Bruno Avenue - Officer Percy standing out. 

The Bishop Family infrastructure at 4800 Third Street must come down.

It helps the infestation of crime and other ugly issues. The local Representatives have looked the other way - but, the time has come for the Department of Building Inspection - to tear down this structure - and rid Mendel Plaza of this eye sore and infestation of high crime and nuisance.

No mention was made of the over 25% of our youth that live in District 10. Our City has 11 Districts and 10 Police Precincts.

The large Public Housing facilities at Potrero Hill, Hunterview, Kiska Road, Oakdale Public Housing, and Sunnydale Housing - all fall under the jurisdiction of the Bayview Police Station.

The City and Count of San Francisco has been known to dump its sewage and other refuse in the Bayview Hunters Point.

District 10 has the largest number of industrial facilities. The many concrete, aggregate, and power plant that generate thousands of tons of dangerous and harmful - particulates.

Thousands of tons of methane gas that spew into the air from the poor land fills. One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Millions of vehicles that spew dangerous particulates more PM 2.5 and then we have Asbestos structures - with large scale grading that was done by Lennar on Parcel A - that affected thousands.

Our Elders and Children are bombarded by contaminants and the Representatives from the year 2000 in District 10 - both Black; have been pathetic in their response to address the contamination;

Frankly speaking because they are in there for their own hidden agenda. The current District 10 Supervisor is a  freaking -JOKE.

The SF Police Commission continues to live in the past and needs to review its policies and the evolution of many critical issues harshly affecting our fast changing - Society.

The many salient and holistic aspects of Restorative Justice must be studied and implemented. Our SF Police Officers come from our families. That is a given. Some practical connection must be made to being about a holistic change in the manner in which racism and bias is far removed. The SF Police Command Group must step up.

We must not kid ourselves that the para-military training and other methods taught to our SF Police Officers - impact our men and women daily in their lives.

Day in and day out these officer see, hear, live - that which most normal, decent, human beings shun.

The job of a police officer is to serve the public - and in that capacity - there is no situation however horrible that the officer can shun. The public must understand this at all times.

Just like normal people in Society - you have the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is same in any professional institution and profession - teachers, clergy, doctors, police officers - you have those that are excellent and you have those that are not.

Community Policing, Restorative Justice, Communicating and building mutual Trust, taking charge as Citizens of our City's Property, respecting our children, our elders, our fellow Americans - can foster a climate for the best change.

In recent years thousands of decent families have left San Francisco. The reason is simple - they tried living in San Francisco - the lack of Quality of Life issues - forced them to go elsewhere.

When decent families leave - we all suffer - especially those with institutional memories and experiences - that have enriched our various neighborhoods.

In the Bayview Hunters Point the demographic are changing drastically - we have a population of 72,739 in District 10 that comprises 20% of the City land mass, an area of 9.1 square miles.

Asian Pacific Islanders make up 36% of the population registering a number of 27,277.

African Americans make up 28% with a number count of 20,512.

Hispanics make up 17% and their count is 12,012

Whites make up 16% and number 11,317

Others make up 3% with a total number amount to 2,317

Giving us a grand total of 72,739 and a description of the demographics of District 10 - at a 100%

San Francisco has a population of 811,000. For every 28 constituents we have one SF City Worker. We have a budget of about $6.9 billion.

Over 60 billionaires live in San Francisco. We have a large Financial District. Tourist love San Francisco and we San Franciscans love our City.

San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone - the First People of this land - that I represent. Aho.

Community Policing after all these years is at an infantile stage - there has been a lot of hot air but less action.

No Society can make any headway if you have they versus us. The "kick ass" type of attitude does not work. If you follow it - you encourage hostility, lack of trust, and a host of problems stemming from fear.

It is like a child - the more you nurture the child the better a person that child becomes.

Many SF Police Officers comprehend this value - others do not.

In San Francisco by large measure we respect our SF Police Officers - the few that are Rogue Officers - better get their act together.

Do not mistake me - I know the bad guys and I deal with the bad guys. My daily interactions brings me with all sorts of people - even the politicians who are some of the worst and should be put in jail for long terms.

We are fortunate to have a sound SF Command Group with a good man Chief Gregory Suhr - at the helm of affairs. He needs all the support we can give him - we must take advantage of this very narrow window of opportunity - to bring about radical change for the best.

Captain Chignell I wish you all the very best and thanks for your dedicated and stellar service. May God Bless You and Bless the constituents of District 10 and the Precinct 10 that is Potrero Hill, Bayview Hunters Point, Little Hollywood, Executive Park, Sunnydale, Portola District, and more.

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