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Thursday, March 8, 2012


We have a bunch of San Francisco Board of Supervisors who are making a fool of themselves - every single day.

Suddenly, they have realized that the youth population is going south, the elderly are left to fend for themselves, Quality of Life issues are being compromised and there is much more.

We all remember the time the SF Board of Supervisors favored Lennar, a Rogue Developer linked to Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

When, we the constituents came to Room 250 to speak to the SF Board of Supervisors ( BOS ) - instead of listening to us - the  SF BOS chose to play politics and sided with Lennar, a Rogue Developer.

At Park Merced thousands of rental homes - are going to be demolished and in the interim many who have lived there for decades - are now poised to be evicted.

Where will these resident go? The SF BOS do not care - they do not give a rat's ass.

The SF BOS chose to vote to demolish the thousands of units - and evict the elderly and those that are challenged - having no compassion and taking upon themselves - a project that will come to haunt them.

It does not help to have SF BOS - that do not care for family values.

I am talking father, mother, and decent children.

Again and again life style issues - seem to filter into legislation, into policies, and into a weird period of thinking and acting - with strange SF BOS acting as they were living on another planet.

Thousands of decent families have left San Francisco. And once these families leave - that is it - they take with them certain, unique gifts that they cared to share as San Franciscans.

Of course those who do not care about family values do not care about such facts. So what do we see exhibited  daily in front of our eyes - for all to see - lack of morals, ethics, standards not becoming decent human beings.

Shaming even animals who use their instincts and behave much better.

Some of the SF BOS want to further their political careers - but they are dumber than dumb right now - but that does not bother them.

Pathetic to the core - they have done all in their power to compromise - Quality of Life issues.

We have two SF BOS who do not live in their districts.

This is a crying shame. We have one from District 10 who keeps lying that she does live in District 10. Well, throw a block party and solve the issue - once and for all.

Constituents want affordable housing and rental units.

Again and again the Academy of Art University has taken over rental building and converted them to whatever they wish for over 25 years.

Shutting out and keeping out thousands of affordable rental units and renters who need these once affordable units.

No one  - not SF Planning, not the Department of Building Inspection - not the City Attorney, the District Attorney - there is not a decent person left to undo this injustice and bring these vermin to justice.

This is an on going - racket. Now, they have even bought Churches - case in point Saint Bridgett's on Van Ness.

Public Transportation is becoming hell.

The MUNI buses filthy as ever - and the Safety on the MUNI buses compromised. Again and again I see this nonsense - as I take Public Transportation - all the time.

Our Public schools are a joke - and the most adversely impacted immigrant children.

Some of them are tortured  - left to stand in one place for hours on end - it does not matter if they want to relieve themselves - this type of conduct on the part of some teachers is uncalled for.

Many children live in conditions that are worse than the poorest nations.

There are three and four families living in two and three rooms. Sharing everything - never, ever have we seen such type of despicable living conditions in San Francisco.

San Francisco is one of the richest cities in the entire world. It is just a matter of time - when some film is made and the world sees these despicable conditions.

We have a population of 811,000 and a Budget of $6.9 billion - and no one seems to know how to save our children and help those that need decent, affordable housing.

No child should live in despicable conditions. This is uncalled for - and our SF BOS do not seem to care. The care to spew diatribe, open their mouths and shove their dirty foot - each and every time they speak.

The topics they talk about mundane, shallow, and mostly general in nature - with no bench marks, no goals, and surely no sound objectives.

Again and again the City favors Big Developers who want to build condominiums worth $3 to $5 million each on the Waterfront and in the downtown area.

In other areas worth $2 million - who can afford such prices?  If not the filthy rich who have made their money on the backs of the poor.

This land - all of it - belongs to the Ohlone - the First People of this land called Turtle Island.

The palefaces stole the land, those with forked tongues broke the treaties and today they think and believe they were the first here - when the First People lived her for thousands of years.

Today, what was once pristine has been reduced to a concrete jungle - with many areas so contaminated that they are marked as toxic hots spots.

The housing units know as Public Housing be it at Potrero Hill, Huntersview, Kiska Road, Oakdale, Sunnydale, where built by the Department of Defense for their personnel.

Later taken over by Housing Urban Development (HUD) and turned over to the SF Housing Authority which has made a mess of all Public Housing. Deferred maintenance has come to haunt the SF Housing Authority - but these folks who have no compassion - simply do not care if others suffer.

In all of the Public Housing the rooms are bigger - but SF Housing Authority on purpose neglected the buildings - so that they could be torn down - to build smaller units to foster - gentrification.

It is a shame that this plan was mostly carried out by Blacks acting as SF Housing Commissioners - the likes of Amos Brown and others. They all have blood on their hands.

Today, the units built at Huntersview cost about $700,000 - who can afford these prices? It is a shame these facts are not put out there for the Public at large to know.

More these brand new units are surrounded by the worst contaminated sites, the air is polluted, and the general environment not fit for any normal human being to live in. Surrounded by a Superfund Site - with the worst contaminated soil. A power plant that spewed toxic particulates, mercury, lead, and so on for over 60 years.

The plans for the old Schlage Lock Company are on hold. Promises were made to fund the project using SF Redevelopment Agency money, faded - SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) is dead.

Lennar is now advertising homes on Parcel A but nothing has been done on this site at Parcel A - that is contaminated with daily readings of Asbestos - more when it rains. Who is fooling whom? 

The area is contaminated by radiological elements - and no one seems to care.

The SF Health Department has not done right by the people of the Southeast Sector. Daily hundreds of people go to SF General Hospital with lung ailments, cancer, and all sorts of chronic diseases. Added Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) that are on the increase.

Malia Cohen, the District 10 Supervisors - known to us many - as the grinning jackass; has not read the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Parcel A.

Lennar has defaulted so many times - failed to abide by the terms of the DDA and defaulted on the bench marks. Who will take Lennar to Court and bring about justice?

This is the same Lennar that bombarded our children and Elders with Asbestos dust.

Malia Cohen seems to think that she can look the other way - while thousands suffer - this woman - arrogant to the core and dumb - is not educated on issues.

Malia Cohen joined politics to make money - but will suffer the consequences because of her utter lack of responsibility and fake representation.

No wonder Malia Cohen wants to build a Wellness Center by Cargo Way - which was approved by all the SF BOS - what a bunch of idiots. How can you all with intent - poison our children - put them in harms way?

Have you all read the Precautionary Principle which is law in San Francisco?

The SF Board of Supervisors have failed to represent the decent constituents of San Francisco. Go figure.