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Sunday, March 25, 2012


When the Mir ka rimi incident hit the front pages of the Main Media - I was one of the first to send Ross Mirkarimi a message - to apologize if he indeed was wrong and committed a mistake.

One can email or privately advise some one - but, psychologically one has to believe that the one who has done wrong - affirms that she or he has done - wrong. In such cases - much goes into the issues to arrive at a firm and right - decision.

Therein lies the crux of the problem.

Few people have the opportunity to learn how to discern. Few people have confidants who will steer them in the right direction. And we have seen cases again and again in San Francisco.

In this case from the inception some loud mouth feminists took it upon themselves to adjudicate this particular case in the public forum.  This to the detriment of all fair play and sound adjudication.

The Courts too chose to make a circus of this case. America is now sinking to the lowest levels - with the judicial system swimming in a cesspool that they the judicial system have created.

In San Francisco we had a Mayor screwing his Appointment Secretary in Room 200. Committing other atrocities and no one had the guts to remove this shallow, inept, immoral - metrosexual from office.

I do not consider this person - my friend he knows it and I know it. Those who know him - know how I feel about him.

We had a high ranking San Francisco Fire Official who went  on to become the first woman Chief of the SF Fire Department.

She hit her husband on the head and nothing came of it.

I consider her to be my friend - even though she may not know it. She realized her mistake, thanked God for making her a Chief - and today represents herself - better.

I know of thousands of domestic violence cases in San Francisco. More case in the last ten years. Request for the empirical data and it will send shill down your spine. The feminists do not have the ability to do this - they love the limelight - mostly pussyfooting around.

 We even had a case in liberal San Francisco - where the husband who had committed several cases linked to Domestic Violence - was not restricted - came in close proximity to his wife - and stabbed her to death. This case made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

It is simply wrong to pelt stones right, left, and center when we do not know all the facts. Those who were instrumental - to bring about the downfall of Ross Mirkarimi have BLOOD on their hands. Think about it - and if you are associated with this type of behavior - forever hold your peace - that is if you have the morals and standards to do so.

This Ross Mirkarimi case is not over.

If some one can bring about the right resources and the right attorneys - this case in uncharted waters - can be turned around. That has happened before - and that can happen - now.

So, Ross is curtailed from visiting his son - as much as he wants to see his son. Do you think this young boy is not grieving and longing for his father?

His wife can now will leave the country to visit her ailing father in Argentina. Imagine the pandemonium there in Argentina - where the macho men are many and the women  trying to hold their ground.

Further complicating the situation at hand. Of course - folks who do not have families - folks who are loud mouth - and full of vendetta in their heart - could not care about such a case in the long run - screaming for vendetta.

This is a country of laws.

No case must be adjudicated in the realm of public opinion - before taking its lawfully process.

Of course - we screwed it up - pandering to the loud mouthed pussyfooting individuals who have all the time to protest - and can do as they please in their sordid, private dens - with no accountability drowned by their battery powered tools of pleasure.

Vermin who feel some pride when we suspend the elected official, stop paying him, bring him to his knees, and pelt him until some of those who participated in this public lynching  have their fill and to their hearts content.

This is one of the most morbid, despicable, unsocial, behavior by so many folks; like minded people - all of them needing dire psychological help - that I have seen in recent history in San Francisco - adversely impact one single individual but leave a stench that cries to heaven for justice.

The former Art Agnos - took upon himself to shelter Ross Mirkarimi.

Not too many people will do this.

Willie L. Brown Jr. would not - nor would Diane Feinstein, nor would Frank Jordon, you know what Gavin Newsom would and did back Ross Mirkarimi a little.

This does not mean I condone Gavin Newsom's behavior - but, the man does have a soft corner - and loves lowering his guard and having some other head on  his anatomy take over - from time to time.

Let us see what happen at the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

One of the worst Ethic Commissions in this Nation. One has just to read the Grand Jury reports - and follow by glaring mistakes made by this Commission of sorts in recent contemporary history.

It does not help that the so called liberals are decimated. The leaders never had the needed unity - and it is unity and sound leadership that led to the fall of the so called "liberals". I wonder how many folks are at Chris Daly's watering hole or some other drab den - talking but not having the guts to act and take a stand.

The present SF Board of Supervisors - spineless and lacking the fortitude - one of the worst in recent history. Let us see - how they adjudicate this case - when in come to Room 250.

Notice I am not saying much - I could on Scott Wiener the Zionist, Malia Cohen the good for nothing deceiver, Carmen Chu aiming for higher office (time will tell) - David Chiu with his Bonaparte Complex - let me stop there ......

If just one person of means - steps up and with the right attorneys - just on sound process this case can be turned around.

There are some mean folks out there - that have targeted Ross Mirkarimi for all the wrong reasons. This is demeaning, dirty politics at its worst.

As human beings we all make mistakes.

There are ways to rehabilitate human beings.

You make a grave mistake you could be sent to our jails - where no rehabilitation takes place.

You could be hanged - that is too extreme but not for the feminists and the loud mouths who love to pussyfoot around.

You could try Restorative Justice may be that is what San Francisco prefers - in large measure.

I know San Franciscans had no intent to decimate this budding family. They have though - by not speaking out clearly and allowing the drab, spineless, confused, confounded, egoistic feminists to have their day on the stage of buffoonery.

Bring it on - the worst of worst when it comes to true morals. Man haters can go only so far - and then sink to the very bottom - and lie there forever - despicable.

Ross you must pick up and think positive.

Learn that arrogance has a price to pay.

Surround yourself with strong women and men that can stand their ground and help you. Work as a team. Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

Use your talents wisely and rightly.

Finally, learn to discern - for too long you tried to shine, be in the lime light for all the wrong reasons.

Today, you know who your friends are. The paradox those that you thought would support you - are talking behind your back. This is wrong.

One doctor breaking all rules and spelling out that you are Bi-Polar. She herself was caught misusing some Credit Card at a well know institution and debarred from practicing as a Doctor. Talk of folks casting stones.

Some of us came to you on the Lennar issue at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and you promised to help us and did not.

Today, I could have used it against you - but I did not. I was the first to write something positive about you - trying to give you a second chance - trying to bring you on track - but now it is on you. It is difficult but not impossible. Do not despair - never despair - and I will tell you why - when I meet you in person. Do not ever despair.

You know where the toxicity is, the dangerous particulates, the elements that contaminate - stay clear from the vermin and those that have no soul.

The perverts that abound in this City and no one has the guts to call a spade a spade.

You are my friend and I will support you - but to do right more to better yourself.

This is not the end of the world - it is the beginning of a new adventure.

Empower yourself with "humility" to make some sense of what likes ahead of you.

Two great tradition make you - the Persian and the Jewish - most folks do not know this. But, now they do. Both tradition thousands of years old - favor - forgiveness. I have good Jewish friends and I have good Iranian friends - some, right here in the Bay Area.

You are smart and smarts are good - but he does better in this sordid world - who has a Blue Print - that steer clear from stage of fake make belief.

Keep it real Brother - walk the walk. Send me a smoke signal - if you need help and we can go to a better - place.

Ross Mirkarim's wife can now go to visit her ailing father in Argentina - further putting this case in limbo: