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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Oversight Board - City and County of San Francisco - Successor Agency to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

The website to the Oversight Board:

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) is dead.

Good riddance of very bad rubbish. The SFRA used tools like eminent domain, blight, high density, tax increment - to make money on the backs of mostly - poor people.

Used a tool called "blight" in particular - to declare large and small areas "blight" - then conducted a survey quickly; and declared a survey area a "project" area - and the rest is history.

Thousands of innocent people were impacted by SFRA in the Fillmore also know as the Western Addition.

SFRA decimated the Bayview Hunters Point and we see the glaring adverse impacts today. Rampant poverty, Black on Black violence - and GENTRIFICATION.

In addition the SFRA facilitated a Rogue Developer - Lennar on Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - to grade large areas - containing Serpertine Rock.

When crushed this Rock - releases large amounts of Asbestos friables or structures. Many of us know the horrific suffering meted out to those that fall prey to Asbestosis - Mesothelioma.

Twenty years from now innocent children and many adults will die from this disease. For months monitors place to monitor the Asbestos Structures - were placed without batteries in them.

This blatant act of neglect - had the Bay Area Air Quality Management District fine LENNAR - $515,000 which Lennar, the Rogue Developer - forked out.

The Over Sight Board must follow the mandates of AB 26. Strictly speaking to wind down the affairs - review the contracts in place or that were - grandfathered.

Refrain from spending any new money on new projects and that includes creating new jobs.

Judging from the remarks of Lynette Sweet who is the representative from the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) -  on the Oversight Board.

This Black woman who represent Board but more the Democratic MACHINE - wastes the time of the public and those present at the Oversight Board - meetings. Asking stupid questions that she can ask and carry on line.

This is the same woman who owed the Internal Revenue System (IRS) twenty seven thousand - and sent them a check - writing the check to herself. The IRS made her pay the initial amount plus interest. Very smart indeed.

This is the same woman who run for District 10 and lost. Backed by the MACHINE - a very bad track record of taking money - and saying one thing and doing another. Inept and spineless - who has had it good - pandering to corrupt forces.

She had the audacity to ask if Willie B. Kennedy's job that was funded by the SFRA would still be there. It should not.

What the hell has Willie B. Kennedy done for the community? She made thousands of dollars every year - getting a grant of over $80,000 a year - on topic of what she gets. Such favoritism uncalled for - and by such folks have decimated the community at large.

Such types of Shenanigans must come to a grinding halt.

The SFRA for the longest time ever; had the habit to funnel money to some crooks - in the community we call them sell outs.

The likes of Willie B. Kennedy, Doris Vincent, Angelo King, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Lola Whittle, the Tabernacle Group - so called consultants who looked after their own sordid - interests.

Those that made their bed with SFRA must all go.

But, as one can see - those with connections are staying on - folks like Tiffany Bohee.

On the Hunters Point Project and Parcel A - she lied, did nothing for the community that was holistic - and now continues to lie.

The same with Lynette Sweet - ugly and a deceiver. 

We are looking forward to the SF Controller's - Ben Rosenfield report. The report will reveal in detail how SFRA wasted millions of dollars. 

The many so called consultants that were paid - that today cannot be paid to conduct nefarious activities. The well is dry - and the crooks in utter despair.

The Oversight Board must remember that they are there to wind down the sordid affairs of the despicable SF Redevelopment Agency.

Those that once served the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency must be - let go.

No good will happen at Hunters Point.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was the place where Depleted Uranium was tested. Not a single "dog house" must be built at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

More sacred remain of the Ohlone mingled with the earth from the side of the Bayview Hill - was spread as infill at Candlestick Stadium. Desecration - crying to heaven for justice.

The U.S. Navy who has jurisdiction over the majority of the Shipyard must abate and mitigate the Shipyard.

The Over Sight Committee must read and comprehend the mandates mentioned in Proposition P  - passed in the year 2000 and passed by over 87% of voting San Franciscans.

The Over Sight Committee must read the Grand Jury Report - Hunters Point Shipyard: A Shifting Landscape.

Mission Bay once belonged to Santa Fe - Public Trust Land. Then some how Southern Pacific took control, and then Catellus Corporation and now some entity - the same snake different head.

The Santa Fe and related operations left millions of tons of contamination at Mission Bay. The contaminated soil was moved from the high ground to the low ground. None of it - removed and shipped off site to a site where it could be treated. This fact is no secret and it must be duly noted by all.

In Sacramento at a similar site where Santa Fe had its operations - one million tons of contaminated soild were removed and shipped off site for treatment.

Four hundred thousand tons of contaminated soil in Oakland  linked to Santa Fe operations- but NOTHING at Mission Bay.

Those that buy Real Estate at Mission Bay must sign a waiver.

These devils that contaminated the once pristine land belonging to the Ohlone - never cease to amaze me; with their sordid behavior, their lies, and their constant affinity to bluff, steal and pocket the money.

The Over Sight Board has much to do - and do it quickly with bench marks and standards.

This in my subjective opinion - the Over Sight Committee cannot attain any standards; with weasels like Lynette Sweet and Tiffany Bohee.

It does not help that snakes like Amy Lee, and other former SF Redevelopment Agency folks are still carrying out devious transactions - pretending to do some work - all of which further complicates the situation at hand.

The Chair Nadia Sesay who works for the Controller Office - was given this job to complete a project.

Nadia Sesay must have no role working with snakes like Lynette Sweet. Be careful of this slippery slithering snakes - Tiffany Bohee and Sweet and more of their venom. They look at you squarely in the eye and lie. 

The website to the Oversight Board: