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Thursday, March 8, 2012


There was a time when sanity prevailed and our so called leaders did have a clue - when it came to addressing the needs and aspirations of our youth, education, safety and in general Quality of Life issues. No more.

We just cannot have our City leaders caught in a bind - bringing the youth to speak about issues that affect them - and have the authorities listen and react in a nonchalant manner.

This is much like the Budget Session - vent and vent - and nothing comes from it. The SF Police Commission and the SF Youth Commission must not fall prey to such a circus of sorts. Lots of hot air and very little sanity prevailing to make sense and put things on track.

Our youth are in peril and there is not doubt about this fact that stares those involved with education, safety, and health in the face in San Francisco.

We have over 10,000 truants in our City - the City and County of San Francisco that has a $6.9 billion dollar budget.

We have a population of about 811,000 - and our Public School System is failing - spiraling down - each and every year. No one can do anything to stop this free fall. This is very serious and I am sounding the clarion call.

Recent reports indicate that linked to our great City's population - we have less than 10,000 - then what the total used to be and if you count undocumented children that number reaches 15,000 plus.

Of course those that have no idea of family values, and civilization that demands a healthy environment - comprehend the significance of children, parents, mother father and the further of a holistic approach when it comes to Society.

San Francisco is further into life styles and steering away from sound, decent families - we see this - but no one has the balls to speak to the Truth.

The SF Unified School District is a joke and you can see them in action at the shallow, drab, nonsense display of hot air - on SFGOVTV mostly on channel 26. 

The dire economic straits at the National Level, the State Level, and the local level - is adversely impacting everyone. More our youth and those seek to educate themselves.

The authorities are caught in a bind - and do not have the ability of discern - and less to think well - and bring about concrete solutions.

The over 2000 police personnel are well taken care off anyway you think about it. The get good benefits and a handsome salary and when they retire earn 90% of their salary.

The mantra that the Fire Department and the Police Department put there lives on the front line - begs the question.

Mostly, because of the dire economic situation where many are starving to death and mostly affected are our children. It makes no sense to tax the poor so that the 1% can be enjoying a good life - and that too when most of them will not live in our City and County of San Francisco.

No one can put a price on life. No one should compromise Quality of Life issues. No one should put our youth in a compromising position.

Yet, again and again those that use cliches fail to discern, speak with a forked tongue and do not have the courage, the fortitude to speak the truth.

The demographics of San Francisco have changed - drastically. Those who are favored most are those that push for life style as those who make their above in the Castro and seek thrills on the Russian River.

You see this with legislation and policies pushed by shallow, drab, SF Supervisors the likes of Scott Wiener.

Does it make any sense after screwing things at the SF Unified School District many have jumped to make their abode at the SF Board of Supervisors. Think about that.

Thousands of decent families - father, mother, and children have left San Francisco. Having a decent family and trying to give the children a good life in San Francisco - does not work. 

It is not only that our City is very expensive - the children and youth are daily in peril - with the authorities in a bind.

These authorities have lost their soul, have no intention to work hard - and favor political agendas, nonchalant attitudes, and a work ethic that defies logic.

I am fortunate that I have direct access to the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin Lee. To the Controller Ben and to the Treasurer Jose of this great City. To the Command Staff of the SF Police Department. I understand the workings of this City and County of San Francisco.

Unfortunately, the Department heads have fallen prey to politics, dirty politics, that has taken a heavy toll on decent constituents of San Francisco. When this happens the most vulnerable suffer - young children, the youth, those challenged and I work and interface with this population - I listen and talk to all of them.

What I see is NOT pleasing to my senses and mostly to my eyes. Many share what I see and most cannot do anything much about it. Hence this article.

We have just a handful of so called Community Based Organizations - that are funded by the District Attorney's Office, the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth and Families that are poised with a vision to do good. 

If audited; right off the bat many of those that receive huge amounts of money will fail - they call them Community Based Organization but the money is spent eleswhere.

It does not help that for political reason Maria Siu who is now in charge of the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth and Families and does not have the ability to evaluate, comprehend, adjudicate and have the confidence of the community at large.

If you study the organizational chart of any leading department be it Health, Education, Safety - at a glance you will notice - huge gaps.

We do not have leaders that can deliver - and often times the refrain will be heard we have no money. It is all about money - and that should not be the case.

What about sacrifice and love. There can be sacrifice without love. Think about it. Why do some always want to suck using the system - why?

We have thousands of criminals in our community who prey on children. How many Police Officers do you think we have that are in charge of such sordid crimes; full time personnel - to monitor the criminals prone to harming our children.

Would it surprise you - just three and you may be surprised to find just two assigned to deal with the devils at large.

Our Educational system - more the San Francisco Unified School District is working to lay off over 485 teachers - this happens all the time, every year.

Come this time of the year - most of the teachers are sweating. Now, the City of San Francisco wants to buy SFUSD property - some building, some land - it is all about making money. Selling SFUSD property without a vision - band aid solutions that make no sense.

Just visit on Emergency Rooms any day any time at the SF General Hospital. It is make you puke - hundreds waiting for hours - suffering in pain - and those in charge so immune to the conditions - and this was never the case in past years. Go figure.

We cannot address the salient factors adversely impacting our youth - without paying key attention to factors like spirituality, quality of life issues, life style issues, drastic changes in demographics, worsening politics, very poor leadership, poorly trained personnel that deal with Education, Safety, and Health - and there is more.

It is not sufficient to vent and let out some steam - it matters if you can first hear, secondly discern, and thirdly have the ability to find solutions and put things on track. Who has the guts to do it - in our City? The panderers, the crooked, those that have lost their soul?

We have some buffoons in our City and County of San Francisco who continue to foster the blaming game - do not bother to study the right empirical data, do not have the ability to deliver because they are totally ignorant; d more arrogant - when it come to finding solutions.

Many a time we cannot keep those that are a detriment - we must let them go. We cannot allow parasites that only work for their salary and come to San Francisco only to return to their homes away from San Francisco and mock our City and County of San Francisco.

Some way along the line we have sold our City to those that do not care about our great City. When some of us point out the facts - others do not appreciate the exposure - we know who they are and will continue to expose them in the course of time.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. Any takers!