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Saturday, March 3, 2012

So the prisoners have been released and where do you think they land to survive?

The SYSTEM tells us that people are sent to prison to be rehabilitated. If that is NOT a joke I do not what is.

The matter of fact is that anyone sent to prison comes out more damaged then she or he went in - behind that demeaning, pathetic - wall.

Incarceration simply does not work - in the SYSTEM as we have it today - and which is kept in place - to keep some segment of the population out of sight and away from society.

America imprisons more human beings than any other Nation  - the highest number of human beings on the entire Earth.

We have a population of about 311 million and one in 9 has been to prison - many for petty crimes but a whole lot for very serious crimes.

Today, there is a Slave Plantation is all the States that encompass the United State of America and it is called - our SYSTEM - our Prison System.

The paradox is that more then sixty percent of those incarcerated are minorities. Most of them live in despicable conditions. Animals in the United States live better and that is a crying shame.

The first thing you notice in the prisons who those that are incarcerated for the bigger crimes - is segregation - mostly among the men.

Then you have the worst of the worst hanging in gangs - gangs worst then you have on the outside.

One false move, one misstep and you are killed in the Prison System condones such actions - survival of the fittest. The Judicial System has not audited and evaluated all the deaths that occur and the  thousands of death declared - "natural causes".

Here is San Francisco in recent months the Governor, Jerry Brown following a judicial enactment has released thousands of prisoners - those that have NOT committed major crimes - but, all the same who have NOT be rehabilitated.

In recent days the Main Media has been showing - extra beds that have been removed that were placed in recreation spaces, other open spaces, to accommodate the heavy over booking in the prisons.

Just like that over 20,000 have been removed and thousands  have been released - and those left have more room to exercise and move about freely - caged like a bird.

They say there is no over crowding in our jails and prisons. And that may be the case. Let us ponder for a moment - and see if we can come to some understanding - sharing our humanity without any bias:

Is there justice in our prison system; any justice at all - and is there some meaningful - rehabilitation? The answer is NO.

Is there a way to find healing in the prisons - the answer in large measure is NO.

Is there a way to train the prisoners so that they can come out from behind the wall - and be accepted by Society with any bais? The answer is you guessed it. NO.

I could give you a hundred reasons - but the point is that someone has a model, a template and has now created a system - by "putting people behind bars"  a trillion dollar industry is generate.

These EVIL private industries are found plying their stocks on Wall Street. Much like the Insurance Companies that made their money once by selling - Slaves. Nothing much has changed - just the manner in which is it done.

Complete with monitoring system, trained dogs, pepper spray and other very harmful electronic devices - that many politicians mostly White - have adjudicated by their legislation and polices - to keep minorities - down.

Discrimination of the worst kind - crying to heaven for justice - bring disgrace to all humanity - and people managing the lives of people with BLOOD on their hands.

Prisoners today in the South are treated worse than animals. Seeing is believing.

It is the same in California - and most of you reading this who live in California and who have visited the prisons - know what I am talking about.

It is worse for the women - their abuse is silent and deeper.

Free access to raping those that the Correctional Officers want to by force.

Even today - with all the hype that some say is going on favoring rehabilitation. It is non-existent. People lose their minds - when they are treated and abused at will in our California, prisons.

Of course Governor Jerry Brown is not aware of this.

Nor is Tom Ammiano, Mark Leno, Fiona Ma and Leland Yee. All of them have other issues they deal with - mostly, taking care of themselves and their petty extra-curricula activities.

The Single Residency Occupancy (SRO) hotels in the Tendeloin in District Six and the SROs in District 9 and 8 that fall in the Mission District are where most of those released - seek refuge.

The Supervisors of these Districts know some about this situation - but, they can do nothing much - accept promise that will see to it. Which means - forget about we getting involved.

Hand in hand with crime is rampant increase in prostitution and blatant abuse. More in the Mission, Lombard Street, in the Tenderloin.

Women are at the mercy of pimps - who do as the please mostly in and around Capp Street where the demeaning of women is the worst. The Mission Police Station must visit the SRO's and find out what the hell is happening. Those hotel owners who continue and encourage the high turn over of the filthy, bed bug ridden rooms for prostitution and drug activities, must be stopped and if caught made to pay a very heavy - penalty. 

There is another type of prostitution that has been a growing steadily in Supervisor's Carmen Chu's District - prostitution conducted in residential units. Openly marketed in the Chinese newspapers. It has been going on for year - a sort of concubine continuation of what is found in peasant China - right in the Avenues.

The Bayview has its own industry of all of the above and more.

Sharing the greatest number of addicts with the Mission, Tenderloin, and those in the Western Addition. It is in these areas that most of elderly prisoners are released and they cannot make head or tail of life and living in contemporary - after being away for so long.

The digital age is too much for them. The last time they saw something, really - was a black television. And now they see all the contemporary electronic stuff and cannot believe their eyes.

It does not help that because of the 2008 economic crash, the rampant abuse of trust in our financial industry, the crooked Zionists who have caused so much to our Nation.

The banks and large financial institutions controlled by the Zionist continuing to harm our Nation - that those who have few skills, those that failed to educate themselves - are left to fend for themselves - and at the mercy of their desperate conditions.

Those well versed in the ways of the street - making a fast buck illegally survive for sometime; before, they fall prey either to violence, gang rivals, law enforcement, or death which is a reality for those that deal with such issues - daily.

The universities, the colleges, the institutions that purport to understand and implement Quality of Life issues do not have the ability first to comprehend completely such issues, further to create a model to address them - and least to put a mechanism in place where adverse acts and issues can be studied, documented, applied and curtailed.

Most universities and colleges are so far removed from Society they live in a glass house - the Deans and professors caught up in a morass that is antiquated and passed any meaningful - realization and more meaningful.

It is all about drab money - and so called shallow experts spewing diatribe - and doing nothing about it.

Take the case about Ross Mirkarimi. He was an advocate for a long time, head of his class when he attended the SF Police Academy, worked for the Public Defender, was a SF Supervisor - ran for the Sheriff's Office and won.

Today, forces behind the scene are targeting this man in a manner that is uncalled for. Ross is being tried by the Main Media that is corrupt.

Already stripped on his weapon - have you heard anyone say recently; " we have a new Sheriff in town who does not tot a gun".

Ever since day one - the man cannot accomplish anything and there are people out there ready to destroy him.

If all the domestic violence reports were taken seriously - there would be thousands of such reports - most of them far worse then what has been report about Ross Mirkarimi and his wife.

No one is their right mind condones domestic violence - but let us get a grip of our lives, our thinking, and put things in perspective. 

Ross Mirkarimi - famous for spewing diatribe, head-strong, and often pompous - took a stand on many issues and passed many ordinances that the City benefits.

But, as he himself told me he had many enemies. His enemies are out to get him - any which way - and this is plain wrong.

The Sheriff's Department is hurting and it is time to bring some law and order.

The repercussions of this case impact thousands - not only our jails but law and order on many levels. This cannot be achieved by those lower on the totem pole in the many departments - directly and indirectly connected with the Sheriff's Department.

This case about Ross Mirkarimi - must be adjudicated fairly and quickly - because too many innocent lives are at stake.

Tomorrow if something of like manner took place at our SF Police Department - it would be very traumatic.

Likewise with the Sheriff's department. People are treating Ross Mirkarimi's case a Soap Opera - with Loony Tunes that were involved with him - slighting Ross Mirkarimi when he is down. Such type of behavior is pathetic - especially when in one case; the person was indicted for fraud, involving Credit Cards.

We have some lingering in our jails that need adjudication from the very top - and things are put on hold.

Our Law Enforcement must not suffer because of bad blood on the part of immature adults that have a hidden agenda - and have baggage of their own that stinks to high heaven. 

Today we have thousands of prisoners released and there are few institutions on the outside that can make those incarcerated  - whole.

In San Francisco we get embroiled in petty stuff - because few our us are educated on issues and cannot see; the more wider and fuller picture. Time will tell.