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Saturday, March 10, 2012


It is too late for our shallow, drab, and inept San Francisco, Board of Supervisors addressing the flight of decent families in the thousands leaving - San Francisco.

The SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) recently held a meeting about affordable housing and the flight of decent families leaving our great City - and the decrease of children in the thousands - that has impacted our  City and our schools in large measure.

At this SF City Hall hearing - no mention was made of over 35,000 homes that are vacant.

Even though we see a slight increase in people interested in buying homes - too many homes are under water in foreclosure - the many thousands.

The 35,000 homes are not in foreclosure. They can be purchased and the owners are waiting for the right price - at this time they are just - locked up and vacant.

Another fact that the SF BOS never mentions - and have no clue about - are the thousands of units - more rental units that the Academy of Art University over the years has purchased.

Then illegally, converted the rental units - to accommodate the student - more foreign students that attend the Academy of Art University - that has purchased hundreds of buildings all over San Francisco.

At this hearing no mention was made of Quality of Life issues - linked with three and four families - staying in a single home. The children living in such conditions - are traumatized and cannot perform at school.

We have over 10,000 youth that are truants and no mention was made about this chronic situation.

The SF Unified School District says we have 56,000 children in our schools.

Then we have private schools, charter schools, and  a host of other schools - and in general - if a student does not perform well and has no family support - they are left to fend for themselves.

There is an inordinate number of Samoan, Black and Latino student incarcerated - why? Where is all the talk about Restorative Justice?

I was watching the hearing and clearly saw that Maria Sui the Director from the Mayor's Office of Youth, Children, Youth and Families - was not feeling well. Some idiot kept asking her questions - even though she mentioned she was not feeling well.

The SF BOS sometimes cannot think straight - when someone says - they are not feeling well - question them to the point less and let them go.

Your hearing was drab, shallow, and the end result - pathetic.

So, as things happened Maria Sui fainted and in the first place she should NOT have attended the drab hearing.

With the demise of the SF Redevelopment Agency there will be NO funding for housing that is in the pipe-line - this rogue agency that used high density housing, and other sorts of gimmicks - is dead.

The SF Redevelopment Agency in all of its history caused more harm then good.

So in the years 2013 to 2015 - you will see little if no affordable housing. The SF BOS must read the latest Housing Element, the must read the ABAG reports, they must do their homework - the jerks want to represent but have no understanding about the dire economic situation and the lack of representation from the SF BOS - Citywide.

The SFUSD keeps touting its horn - and in the bargain makes no mention about the 500 teachers it will give pink slips to.

Many of these teachers were sent for training costing the tax payers $80,000 to $100,000. Where is the leadership, the ability to keep our good, trained teacher, and the ability to live within our budget?

For over thirty years the pattern has been to build Market Value homes by Big, Corrupt, Rogue - Developers. Affordable homes are built on contaminated sites known as Brownfield locations - and mostly in areas where Quality of Life issues - like good education, transportation, health, and safety is lacking.

In the pipe-line Lennar building 10,500 homes on a Superfund site, very contaminated, no transportation, less educational facilities. No child care, no shopping malls and supermarkets - devoid of the essentials. Yet, the bluff was sold - and today Lennar is in default. 

Lennar cannot build a dog house as I said many times - on Parcel A and less at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point. Why? Because the SF BOS support the crooks and today do not have the decency to say - they made a mistake - they were foolish to receive the money Lennar paid them - closed doors where all the corrupt deals are sealed.

This would not happen in a White neighborhood. But, in the Southeast Sector anything goes.

In the rest of the City - 60% of the residents of San Francisco rent. 40% own homes.

In the Bayview Hunters Point - 60% own homes. And over 20% of the homes are underwater - in foreclosure. No one is helping the homeowners. This is the last frontier where there is land - that must be first mitigated, abated, and then built on.

Only 40% rent in the Bayview Hunters Point - and most of the rental units are concentrated in the Public Housing Areas.

Here with intent - people who have no compassion - are practicing - gentrification.

In many places there is 40 to 50 percent unemployment - and the local District Supervisor Malia Cohen does not care - less, she does not live in District 10. A product of the organization EMERGE - she is a disgrace to anything, decent.

Malia Cohen once lived at Executive Park - 501 Crescent Way #5410 - San Francisco, CA 94134. She bought the condominium for over $581,000 and when she could not make her payments - she let it go underwater.

Today by her lack of representation she is sinking to the lowest depths - and if London Breed decided as she say she will to join the race - that will be another disaster. Already, London Breed has been removed from the position of Commissioner on the SF Fire Department Commission. You play with fire you will be burnt.

The SF BOS should be ashamed of themselves - talking about the flight of decent families and has done nothing in the past to keep and more to listen to the pleas of the constituents; of San Francisco, who are fed up with the SF Board of Supervisors.

These hearings on the fight of families leaving San Francisco - are a joke - the pathetic SF BOS ; keep listening to the facts - and do nothing about analyzing the empirical data - that is there - for everyone to see. You really do not have to waste peoples time - talking too much and failing to - act - SF Board of Supervisors. 

It is too late for shallow, drab, uneducated on issues SF Board of Supervisor to step up now and do something about the flight of thousands of decent families and children.

You all - SF BOS have screwed yourselves many time over. Now live with the scar on your conscience - that is if you have any morals, ethics, and any standards.

No wonder at Public Comment - you want the public to speak for a minute of two - while you all spew diatribe, hot air, and utter nonsense many a times - just beating round the bush. And you all want to represent?