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Thursday, March 22, 2012


All over the world the Zionists have been busy positioning themselves to destroy any semblance, any law and order, any operation that leads to progress and is holistic.

Why is the world so nonchalant to still permit Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan Chase and folks like Ben Bernanke and before Alan Greenspan - to say something drab that forces the markets to do up, down, and many a times in the cesspool?

Who gives these mere mortals to influence so much and from where does this demonic power comes from?

Right now billions of dollars are printed - not worth the paper that they are printed on - with no bullion backing what so ever - just to give a perception that everything is fine.

Do you know the Zionists are behind this?

Most people do not know that the Federal Reserve Bank is controlled by some private interests - and have never, ever had the better interests of the United States.

The dollar once back by gold or bullion ceased to do that way back in 1913 - when Congress went for its Christmas break - and the "thugs" took over the Federal Reserve Bank.

Ever since than the "bankster thugs"control the Federal Reserve Bank - that has nothing much to do with the United States Government.

It is only in recent times that we have seen the inside of the Federal Reserve Bank - kept secret for reasons unknown.

Only, in recent times we know the role of the Federal Reserve Bank after the crash of 2008 and its dubious role with AIG, Bears and Stern, Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan Chase, Citi Bank - and a host of rogue banks who have ruined our economic.

More tarnished our name in Banking Circles and cause untold harm to billions of people - all over the world. Behind this fiasco the - Zionists the most selfish and adamant folks in the  world.

In the United States we know who stole the money, who created the sub-prime debacle, who used derivatives and other ploys and machinations - and these "vermin" roam Scott Free - and this is blatantly -  wrong.

Why is it that we knowingly permit Zionists to back Israel while sitting as Representatives in U.S. Congress and in the United States Senate?

Who gives these sordid folks the license to sell our Nation, the better interests of our Nation, the values that are unique to our Nation - to be desecrated?

There is freedom and there is license. License is the abuse of freedom and the Zionists - are well know to be selfish, self-centered, biased, and bent on controlling most everything - all with a false sense of power and arrogance.

Iran and its Persian culture is far superior to the shoddy crap that is projected in the so called only democratic nation bordering Syria.

This so called democratic nation in all the time it has been in existence - has stolen property that does not belong to the Zionists.

Killed Palestinians, maimed, bombed homes and innocent civilians, treated the Palestinians with disdain, worked with other Palestinians buying them with favors and money, destroyed the freedom of innocent Palestinians for over sixty years.

Created check points on Palestinians land - where you wait for hours - six, seven, eight hours - just to cross a border a few hundred feet. This has been going on for decades.

Depriving the Palestinians of food, medicine, and other importation of necessary materials and equipment.

Some sixty years ago - you could not find one single blue eyed, blond, so called Zionists.

Now, you find so many and they all claim they are from the old Palestine.

I wish they could say that to the rulers of the Ottoman Empires - who captured their ancestors and imprisoned them in Ghettos in Europe and elsewhere.

Today, the freedom of all decent people are affected by the Zionists and their very selfish motives.

Again and again throughout history - these very selfish, greedy, war mongers have take a stand that they are the "chosen people". They make the statements and they feel that the world has to listen to them.

Well, the time has come for clear reasoning.

Take your crap and keep it.

Do not wage war on any Nation - be it Iran or any other Nation that has every right to have Nuclear Plants - much as you do Israel.

More, with nuclear tipped missiles and other sophisticated weapons - given to you by the United States of America. Now you want to use these weapons against your so called enemies. Much like you used "cluster bombs" in Syria and are a trouble maker in the region.

You are NOT part of the United States - yet, billions of dollars are funneled without the permission of the tax payers here in the United States - for you to wage war and harm innocent people - each and every day.

This nonsense must stop and your time is coming.

The wrath of God on you this time - will be one of the worst ever inflicted on the human race. You deserve it - because with intent you have defied the laws of decency, compassion, charity, and all those commandments - that as clear as any pristine water.

On every front be it Real Estate, Politics, Banking, Insurance, on Wall Street, and so on the Zionists have poised themselves to do evil and gather - control.

They are behind the 2008 economic fiasco all over the world. The are busy today - riling nations to back them to wage war with Iran. Why?

In Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece and in other countries - Goldman Sachs and its minions joining them; have ruined the economies of these nations. 

Creating models to deceive, cheat, plunder, and do all its power to bring down governments.

These countries owe us the United States over $1.6 billion - loans that we have given them with some assurance - but, the Federal Reserve Bank keeps lying it is only about $65 billion. Behind the scenes Zionists who are steeped with - greed of the worst, order.

Today, we know for a fact that banks in the United States are hoarding billions in hard cash. Loans are hard to come by - controlled by the Zionists.

Now, the banks after years - are slowly decreasing the interests on the mortgage - and even thinking about renting thousands of homes - that went under. What do you think is the ploy - if not to trap the innocent under harder - conditions? Always plotting, always way ahead of the curve  - to exploit and adversely harm the innocent.

Thousands of voters who voted for President, Barack Hussein Obama the first time around - today, do not want to vote for him.

One reason - the President, Barack Hussein Obama has been too close to the Zionists - who continue to have free reign in the United States - and are detrimental to the world. The evil actions of the Zionists speak loud and clear.

Most people are afraid to speak the truth.

We see it here in San Francisco - the Representatives in Congress and the Senate are affiliated to the Zionists - those that believe to arm themselves to the teeth, force people to listen to them, want it their way - and think they are the chosen children of God. What god?

My reasoning is simple - go to some land - somewhere, far away - where this philosophy reigns supreme but do not mess with the people from Turtle Island - the land of the First People - the Native Americans - the United States.

Zionists have not been kind to the First People - and have positioned themselves to steal, cheat, and manipulate processes linked to land, compacts, the casinos, and so on.

These suckers are known to make money and will sell their mothers for a dirty - dime.

Using money as a tool they have created a class of folks that despise others. The so called Block Captain in Florida - chasing a innocent Black boy and shooting him- in a gated community.

We have them here in San Francisco - in Real Estate - taking all they can get. As head of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development - using SFGOVTV to reveal details of deals that have gone sour - SalesForce at Mission Bay.

Lennar - the owner are Zionists to the core - adversely impacting thousands innocent people. They came to San Francisco invited by Willie L. Brown Jr. and are still hovering around to create - trouble - all Zionists.

Billions of people in toto in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Costa Rica, Kenya, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, Uganda, Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and so on - know about the Zionists.

These vermin cannot bluff all the people all the time.

Who do you think controls the Media to spread blatant lies?

Who do you think steal from folks in the banks and are well known for making money deals and deceiving? It is all well documented.

A good Jew believes in God and does not believe in killing, maiming, stealing, and breaking the laws all well spelled out in the Torah. And that includes charging interests and so on and so forth.

There is a big difference between a good Jew and a sordid Zionist. Make no mistake - the Zionist is selfish and wants it all.

A good Jew believes that Yaweh will protect his or her people at all times. But, not so the Zionists - who want it all and want to impose their will on the entire world. They will reject the commandments of God to fight and do as they please. That is why they are in the predicament they are today.

You give a Zionist an inch and they want a mile.

I was watching Ben Bernanke and what a diplomat he is.

He looks you straight in the eye and lies.

Much like Alan Greenspan and much like the other numerous Zionists who lie and are evil.