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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why NO apology by the United States Government to the First People of Turtle Island.

There is this malaise, this cancer, this arrogance by some in the United States that this land belongs to the White People. It does not and the sooner we understand this the better.

It is as if history began just as soon as the Whites began to gain ground - stealing, robbing, raping, actions that the world has examined and asked the United States for an Apology.

One would have thought the present President, President Barack Hussein Obama would have initiated this move and complied with those who have been requesting - others demanding for an Apology - and rightly so.

The Canadian government has done it - apologized to the First People; the indigenous people of Canada that technically comes under the Queen of England. Go figure.

The Australian government has apologized for all the blatant discrimination and other horrendous deeds committed against the Aboriginals - and that is good.

When it comes to the United States of America - silence.

The issue of racism, blatant disrespect for the Native Americans - I will call them First People - is to say the least pathetic. A crime crying to heaven for justice - now.

This land we call America known to the First People as Turtle Island - belongs to the First People - who were here for thousands of years.

For thousands of years - each of the many tribes preserved the land, took care everything - the lakes, the rivers, the trees, the air, the animals and right so according to the dictates of the Great Spirit.

It is wrong when the United States government steals money that is in Trust? Billions of dollars.

It is wrong to impose strip mining and exposing innocent First People and children all the more, the elders to toxic elements knowing well - that it is wrong and against the law.

The shallow, inept Environmental Protection Agency - look the other way. Congress and the Senate have failed miserably on this one.

Why are these injustices tolerated in the year 2012.

Despicable to say the least; Congress persons and the Senators have lost their mind. They all have lost their sense of respect - first for themselves and treat everyone as a number - a statistic - their constituents. 

Greed is everywhere and the White Men has now taken Greed to the compacts, the Casinos on Reservations - and has ushered in a new concept - baked in the oven of the devil.

Without exception all those in charge of investment, the wheeling and dealing when it comes to huge profits are NOT the First People.

While casino money may bring temporary satisfaction - such money does not bode well at all.

At the International Forums the issue of restitution, respect, and apology always comes up - and without exception the United States will refuse to comply with the United Nation, International bodies that deal with the First People - and cast its vote with the devil - and abstain.

This NO vote is a stain on the conscience of those that did great harm to this Nation - Turtle Island. Time will tell.

Time is running out and the Great Spirit will not tolerate the ignorance and arrogance of those that steal and disrespect to this very day.

The San Francisco Peaks in New Mexico are revered as Sacred Ground - where those who are tasked - go by the slopes to pick the Sacred Herbs and plants and what has been passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Several tribes from New Mexico and the neighboring regions - univocally agree - but some Ski Resort wants to contaminate the ground with secondary effluents - treated sewage - to make artificial snow.

What a concept and woe to the mind from which such a sordid idea - originates.

Elsewhere, including California Sacred Burial Grounds are disturbed and more disrespected. Why?

In the 2012 many tribes are NOT Federally Recognized and most people in the United States do not know what this means. Shame of them.

President Barack Hussein Obama can turn the tide and issue an apology and then in one swoop recognize those Tribes that meet all valid White men's requirements to be put on the Federal Register.

It is simply not right to treat the Native American in America, the First People - with disdain. Aho.