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Friday, March 16, 2012


For the longest time ever the worst type of crooks, some so called consultants from down town SF for a price can deliver any contract.

Such ploys have created a slew of poisonous snakes and the time has come to rid them all. Much like Saint Patrick did in Ireland!

Low bidding is a joke and the worst type of mafia contractors are on the loose - in San Francisco.

We see it all the time and there is no single enforcement agency in the City and County of San Francisco that can do anything - much.

This nonsense must stop - NOW.

Anyone that has anything to do with say Platinum Consultants - who make millions - must be put on notice.
Also, its undue influence is well known - New York sued one partner but San Francisco does not have the balls to deal with this sordid - entity.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation should be looking into this nonsense and has not, nor has our City Attorney,the District Attorney, nor has the Federal and State agencies and this is a crying shame.

Our SF Ethics Commission is a JOKE and there is not one single entity in our City has can stem this blatant - corruption - that is getting worse as each week and month - goes by.

Big Construction companies from the East Coast are having a great time - wheeling and dealing - and local contractors are not getting the fair share of the work. The SF contractors medium and small have the experience, employ local workers - but cannot compete with the very low bids, and the easy access to bonding that the large Big Contractors have access to.

Since when has it become popular that we pay some sordid, corrupt gate keeper, and for a fee you get a contract on a platter. When has this become a norm so much so that people speak about it openly.

This is a land of laws and justice - it seems in the CONTRACTING BUSINESS there is No JUSTICE and less FAIR PLAY.

While a hard working contractor, who has paid her or his dues, is made to go through a lengthy process - filling paper work, abiding by the rules - and getting shafted each and every time.

There is only so much of this blatant nonsense that anyone can endure - when one reaches saturation point - all hell will break loose.

Local Business Enterprises spend six months at a time to get certification - that are not worth the paper they are printed on.

One goes through this process and in the bidding process  - one the better projects - bring the decent contractors headaches, stress, and uncalled for abuse from the authorities at the various departments - the hoops a company has to go through.

This nonsense must stop now.

For how long can the contractors - the small contractors suffer at the hands of those that must protect them - but fail each and every time - from getting any help.

Move your assess and do the right thing.

Why do only some choice Big Developers have their cranes with their names hanging and touting the others - all over San Francisco.

Why not created opportunities for the qualified small and medium contractors - who should also share in the work that is for all qualified and decent contractors in San Francisco.

Why only do the very corrupt, mafia type operations steal all the choice contracts? No wonder this City is going to the dogs!

I was at City Hall for the Budget Hearing, some one made a statement that our Local Business Enterprise (LBE) in San Francisco contractors were all doing well.

The person must be living on some other planet - and I could name the person - and the name of the person would be on record for all eternity.

As a matter of fact our LBEs are suffering.

The Prime Contractors are given the jobs mostly on very low bidding and once in - they use " change orders" have their way - and end up costing the City and County of San Francisco and other entities - tons of money - more.

LBEs are given jobs, not paid on time - and paid to jump through hurdles one too many and for too long a time. This must stop and some one must take charge of the situation.

Who is kidding whom?

The so called enforcers of the law linked to the local agencies are hand picked and mostly - lackeys.

They do not have the guts to go on any job site linked to the Prime Contractors and enforce the law. In fact these lackeys are paid - yes paid; and have failed San Franciscans for a long, long time.

It is just a matter of time when you will hear the San Francisco General Hospital contract to build the new wing come to a grinding halt.

All sorts of gimmicks are in the offing today - to make change orders for a project that is already behind schedule and lots of bad blood.

Imagine stating openly that over $65 million will have to be raised to through private funding to complete the SF General Hospital. Why?

Good contractors more San Francisco contractors have been kept out - from this contract. The Mayor knows this and cannot do anything. WEBCOR must be put on notice - and all its ploys and gimmicks - exposed; once and for all.

WEBCOR made its money on 525 Golden Gate fleecing the SF  Public Utilities Commission - an Enterprise Department.

Now, it cannot deliver on SF General Hospital - typical of our local leadership that cannot hold some rogue developer that was brought in San Francisco to fill the campaign coffers of Mayor Gavin Newsom - the now side kick of Governor Jerry Brown.

While we are discussing about SF Public Utilities Commission let us NOT hear a whimper about bringing Susan Leal back into the SF Public Utilities Commission - in any capacity.

Susan Leal was at the SFPUC and she was removed because of her attitude. She should have learned her lesson and she has not. Given a dike will not ever forgive a metrosexual like Gavin Newsom - they can have their quarrel outside in some den in the Castro. One worse than the other.

May be at the Bearded Cafe that is if it still exists - their petty quarrels can be settled.

Again and again we have so called experts, David Chiu introducing legislation to further adversely impact Local Businesses - with some new type of Benefit Development entities not worth the salt. You see you give these novice politicians a foot and the take a yard.

As a matter of fact it must be proved by empirical data how well are our Local Business Enterprises (LBEs) - are really doing?

Let us have the list posted some where - especially by those entities that are touting the LBEs are doing well.

Then let us have posted when these LBEs are paid - and more paid on time.

You can do a work and on time - but, we you are paid long after you have done your work - 120 days, 180 days past due date - then, all that is recorded as a profit is neutralized and this happens all the time - and no one  really cares.

There are laws against late payment - but is happens all the time and even with entities that have the money. These entities on purpose - make you sweat it out.

The playing field must be leveled and NOT controlled by crooks that are having a field day - we know who they are - and this time around we will expose them. All of them.

Screw the Low Bid ploy and let us have BEST VALUE bids.

Of course the crooks would not go for that because they are bankrupt - morally bankrupt, crooked to the core, and for a buck - compromise non standing standards and principles.

In the Bayview we do not have one single functioning Map Room - there use to be a time when the City Contractor's Office afford this facility in the community for local contractors. No more.

The ones given this gift have blown it - and one of them Business Development Incorporated (BDI) who should be audit and investigated. Blue Prints given to this entity are missing and some are there they are kept that their Oakland office. Go figure.

I am requesting the City Administrator Naomi Kelly to review these entities - revoke their rights to have these Blue Prints that they do not make available to small contractors - and seek new applications from decent, legitimate professional contractors from San Francisco - who can do the job - better.

The Bonding Issue is one that must be visited and honored as the City loves to talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Recently, some business owners blasted the Mayor and it is really not his fault - but the fault of previous Mayors of which the present Mayor is fully aware of - screwing small businesses all the time and forcing hundreds to leave our fair City.

It takes time to get the permit, standards some uncalled for, ADA requirements that run many business away, other permits that take years - who is fooling whom.

If a permit cannot be given in a week - some employee must be fired. And if the Department cannot work hard - may be the time has come to out-source the permit departments that do not function. First to fine you, quick to ask your money - very slow to accommodate you - and you get nothing practically for your buck.

SF City Planning, The Department of Building Inspection, other drab entities - must all be stream-lined - ONE STOP - any permit should not take more then one week

In this digitalized world we can do it - but how can you really fault this City that in some areas is using antiquated soft ware compatible with Windows 95!

Our Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce must be shut down.

The same jokers who favor some, sit on a million dollar, 2% loan, and no one has the guts to question such folks who lean towards being Zionists and control any aspect where money is involved with. We need to have less with folks that are of the ilk of Bernie Madoff - now.

These are the same folks who BLEW IT with SalesForce and Piers 30/32. Wait when you hear how Larry Ellison took these dumb idiots for a ride - and dumped them on the high seas. Transplants with a hidden agenda that raped our City and earn high salaries and do nothing - but project fake promises.

Marcia Rosen, Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, and now this Jennifer Matz and her minions - who do not have the best interests of our City. Bus in clients they have helped to praised the Mayor's Office of Economic Development - when they have not done a good job - helping small businesses all over the City.

It is the same with folks like Rhonda Simmons from City Build - now that the funds are not flowing from the DEAD: SF Redevelopment Agency - these so called drab, shallow, inept training sweat shops - are folding.

More money spent on the administration of the training programs and less on creating - career jobs.

And while we are at it - the SF Public Utilities Commission must stop funding so called consultants the likes of Laura Luster and Al Williams. For too long have these folks who slither behind the scenes and do little for the community - have leeched on tax payers money - and think no one is monitoring them.

It is time the SF Public Utilities Commission put its best foot forward. That the Mayor step in now and appoint a successor to Ed Harrington - that the new appointee have nothing to do dirty politics but based on experience - and be an Engineer with qualified experience.

Anything short of that will bring forth the ire of those that are watching - and nothing bad should further the existing - dire economic situation - and slow down existing projects that are need to give a short in the arm of small businesses.

This is a clarion call and you are all put on notice.

No more should the SFPUC - an Enterprise Department be a milking cow, where life-style issues are favored, money wasted.

When one takes a stand for good - as does Ed Harrington - the entities that be put him in a difficult position. We are watching his back - and if some entity or entities have an issue with that - bring it on.

The Sewer System Improvement Project is crawling - and the vultures like AECOM and Dwayne Jones are busy having meeting with consultants - one worse than the other - trying to rake in thousands of dollars.

The community the ones that matter are NOT consulted and every trick in the evil hat is used - to circumvent decency, standards.

Qualified experience - in favor of blatant corruption.

Dwayne Jones with his history at Young Community Developers, conflict of interest with the City while working for Communities of Opportunity (COO), now working for Platinum Consultants and getting a $50 million contract be it for five years - is totally uncalled for - that is linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - outreach program and the real program is taking too much time.

We have corrupt entities like Ron Batiste a Black Man from the Oakland Hills - who for a quick buck will sell the community be it at Oakland or here in San Francisco.

Getting certifications under false pretenses and failing the community - each and every time. Wheeling and dealing with Platinum - bragging that he has contacts - to get projects while paying Platinum huge amounts - Chris.

This is corruption of the highest order - and totally uncalled for and must be investigated - at every level. kicked out of San Francisco he is still hovering around in the Bayvew trying to hoodwink - but we are watching this skunk.

We have a host of local well qualified local contractors that can do any job - medium size or very large. Stop giving the LBEs small jobs and feed them stale, bread crumbs - those days are over.

Once some one said that Lennar could not be stopped. Well, Lennar is DEAD. Those sellouts who were paid to destroy the community are now on the run. Some will be indicted soon. It is called Karma.

This time around the community is well organized and poised.

We will strike where is counts the most - we are united.

If local contractors worth the salt, with a proven track record are not given quality contracts - then, we must prove to the world as we did with Lennar - who really is in charge.

We did this with the Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) - and proved  who really is in charge.

This City talks the talk - but the time has come to walk the walk. Make no mistake - a lot of preparation has gone to put the right operation in place - to get on any situation at hand. Corrupt Bid Developers for too long - have had it good - but their days are now - numbered.

So are the days of those entities that must certify, must monitor, must provide the true statistics, must bring about real change - but are pussyfooting around.

Mess with our IRE and you are messing with FIRE.

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