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Friday, March 2, 2012

Quality of Life when it comes to our YOUTH in the Southeast Sector - despicable - who will stand up for our YOUTH?

All sorts of promises are made; and all sorts of gimmicks played when it comes to our YOUTH in the Southeast Sector and all over San Francisco. Does anyone truly - cares.

Those most adversely impacted youth from the the age of 10 to 16 years.

We have 10,000 truants in San Francisco and many of them are youth - with no decent place to lay their heads. All this in one of the richest cities in the world.

Simply put those in charge of the City and County of San Francisco get very poor marks, when it comes to our Education, our Health Services and our Safety and how these pertinent services - delivered to our Youth.

No one wants to sit down with our YOUTH and ask them how they feel.

No one want to take a decent survey. 

No one wants to audit the services and do something about them - fix what is wrong and put things on track when it comes to our YOUTH - Citywide in San Francisco.

Now, the politicians and their minions - make try to say our Infrastructure is being worked on.

Strides are made some say and we have crossed the one million mark per square feet leasing out commercial property that mostly is owned by the Zionists.

These are folks that are greedy, have been greedy, and prey on our community. All they think day and night is money - and how to get it - anyway they can.

Large tax breaks given to large corporations, and so on and so forth - but these dubious projects that the City pays for - small and big in the making have had no real impact - on San Franciscans and less on our YOUTH.

It helps that some entity has declared us, San Francisco the third best City when it comes to us being HAPPY go lucky. Something positive on the horizon that the City that provides services have nothing to do with.

What is it that makes our constituents that live in San Francisco happy?

It could be the climate, the many Asians that make up the higher percentage of our City, and other elements that favor our City. This is good - but it is like promising some bread and not delivering it - when you are really hungry - when it comes to City services.

The real reports coming from the San Francisco Unified School district are despicable.

For starters the broadcasting of the SF Unified School District on SFGOVTV must stop. They talk too much and there are some that are playing to the media and less to the business at hand.

It is not right that hundreds of vulnerable youth are forced to attend schools far away from the homes.

This practice by the SF Unified School District (SFUSD) must stop.

Today, we are dealing with gang turfs and this problem comes up again and again in our courts - but those in charge do not seem to care. The courts, other jurisdiction - do not care if the youth are adversely impacted by polices that are not evaluated, studied, and implemented with the YOUTH in mind.

Our City and our SF Board of Supervisors directly and indirectly contribute to gentrification.

When you idiots vote for Big Developers - just so that your campaign coffers and your selfish agenda may be massaged - you are doing wrong.

Home owners who are minorities are leaving San Francisco. Decent families - that is mother, father, with children; know to many as decent "straight families" are leaving San Francisco is the thousands.

Do you think this City and County of San Francisco cares?

As I have mentioned our Public Schools have gone to the dogs. Let us move to health issues.

Just visit the emergency at SF General Hospital and see what goes on there. It does not help with the on going construction and the general confusion in and around the SF General Hospital.

This one billion dollar set up has failed San Franciscans.

Too many times in recent history - audits done - showed that the services provided were inferior - and at times Federal and State Funding came to a grinding - halt.

Critical care personnel are cut while upper Management are given salaries increases. Nurses are over worked and those receiving lower pay - forced to work harder and do the job of two and three people. This has been going on for years. As part of the general madness - our YOUTH suffer and children too.

The recent State cuts have those who are very vulnerable NOT getting their medications - because a change has been made in the method of how the medication can be delivered.

Some of the agencies that used to deliver medication - now find themselves shut out because of lack of funding.
Our YOUTH are adversely impacted - and no one is looking at the distribution of medication, our youth, and the adverse impacts.

More and more youth are prone to mental illness, many young children are increasing becoming hyper and restless to an extreme that they are disruptive at home, in the school, every where. Our Mayor does not know about this but this is becoming a major problem to Society - our schools, and in general.

Extra HYPER youth that must be medicate to be function normally.

No one really cares about the youth. The SF Youth Commission and the other Youth Groups formed at City Hall - discuss mundane stuff.

This is good as long as they group can vent - but beyond that they have no clout. Hot air most of the time and spending money on conferences that do not bring real results.

Last Summer they were no jobs for our YOUTH.

There are no good jobs for youth right now.

There are no jobs for journey men and women workers in the Southeast Sector where over twenty five percent of the YOUTH make their abode.

I guess Mayor Ed Lee knows about this, his adviser Steve Kawa, and his other adviser Tony Winnicker. What the hell is happening?

If bread and butter is not brought home - if the children and YOUTH do not get the best nutrition - how can this very rich City say - it cares for our YOUTH?

Can this City really go on by depriving our Youth of good education, no jobs, and making them fend for themselves on the streets of San Francisco?

Do you know we have an increase of both women and men gangs - most of them youth - that are between 10 years and 20 years - other above 20 to 26 years and even some who are 30 years - but behave like fifteen.

The Community Response Network that some of us set up some years ago - every year lacks funding.

Now, we must abide by the original goals and bring back the original people and review the policies set that have NOT been followed at all.

Review the goals that were set down and the precise language crafted to deliver a product that had standards.

That could satisfy the needs with any jurisdiction in San Francisco, help our youth, especially those in school with quality bench marks set for the youth and the general population of San Francisco linked to Safety and the Youth, the gangs, and related issues.

Let us stop Micky Mousing with the Ambassadors who are paid minimum wage and are found mostly at the many restaurants on San Bruno Avenue, on Third Street at the Fast Food places - chilling out.

These novices and some of them are adults - big in body but small in mind.

They have no training and simply do not know how to handle the situation that our City is facing.

Simply put you are using unqualified people, with no quality street savvy, lacking all round cultural experience - and trying to counteract situations that they are ill-prepared for.

And all for minimum wage - that says it all. Like, their yellow hornet jackets - they only thing they cannot do is fly off. What about upward mobility?

There use to be a time when SF Recreation and Park did a better job - after school programs, basket ball games, and so on. Now, people refer to those programs as something of the past.

The politicians are more concerned massaging the Shoresteins' and their commercial properties.

The vain interest of the Zionists. It comes out in various ways - but, these Zionists ventures prop out from no where. This nonsense must stop.

This land was stolen and belongs to the Ohlone. You folks cannot understand that - no good will ever come to San Francisco as long as we pander to the Zionists.

These vermin have ruined our Nation, and are placed at SF City Hall and in other places to take control of our fair City and bring it down.

Small businesses are suffering in our City because all this City does is tax them - and force them to abide to the many dubious laws - all created to penalize and keep them down.

If there are some cracks in the walk way the businesses get penalized. If some one put some graffiti on our wall you get fined besides being forced to clean it - every single time the gremlins -  tag the walls. This City wants to suck on you - just like a leech.

When it comes to parking - every trick in the hat is used to get to someone whose meter runs out - never mind that the meters most of the time do not register well and malfunction. At times you get a ticket even if there are minutes left. I once chased a meter maid and told him that he was totally wrong. I had 26 minutes left and as my witness I had a Marine Colonel who was shocked too - but admired by bravery on the streets of San Francisco chasing down a crooked Meter Maid.

A general audit of our small businesses and our quality of life issues - walk ways, pot-holes on our roads, traffic signal signs, bus shelters, cross-ways, filthy walk ways that are NOT cleaned, poor lighting on our streets all over  the City - will tell you that we should have formulated a template to address maintenance, repair, upgrades, and a cycle of sound servicing - but we have FAILED miserably.

We have many schools in and around San Bruno Avenue for example. Middle Schools, High Schools, and youth in general. I challenge the Mayor to take a walk and evaluate the cross-walks, the many pot-holes on San Bruno Avenue - from Silver to Manzell - the heavy traffic and how our youth negotiate the traffic - peril to their life.

We could use a traffic sign by the Wallgreens and near Tiffany's where the Mayor and others love to spend some leisure time.

San Bruno Avenue generates millions of dollars and many small businesses pay their taxes to the City but get nothing in return. The City must use the money to fix those things that I have pointed out.

Make is easier for our Youth to enjoy their commercial corridor but also provide amenities for them; most straight youth to have clean fun, sports and so on.

We need representation on the Youth Commission and the other Youth Task Force that feel and work for the straight youth; more as they are found in the majority and general population.

Some one is not thinking straight when they pander to life style issues - that make no sense in a normal world - and adversely impact straight, normal, decent, law abiding youth.

We must conclude that attention must be made to our Incarceration Process - be it the Youth Guidance Center, the courts, the jails, policing, probation, counseling, gang-prevention, health care, mental care, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), drugs and its use, prostitution, drugs and the sale of drugs, gang violence, after school programs, nutrition, easy access to health services, child abuse, parental abuse, lack of jobs for our youth during Summer and throughout the year.

Programs to help single mothers, improvement of Women Infant Care (WIC) programs, help with judicial programs - the initiation of help linked to Civil Cases helps; now being dealt by legislation and introduced by David Chiu and others.

Child Welfare and fathers who fail to pay child support.

The gamut runs long and it does not help to educate the fools who run to represent; call themselves politician - but, are busy pandering to selfish Zionists who do not care about America and Americans.

They make their abode in San Francisco and the extended Bay Area - to cheat, steal, deceive - always seeking ways to make money and nothing more.

In all of the hog-wash our YOUTH suffer and those of you who can think - better wake up and do something. 

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.