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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


In San Francisco we pride ourselves that we know how.
People, the world over look to us for our humanity, our compassion and most of all our vision.

Often time the best models, the best solutions are created and applied by San Franciscans.

Some of what we have accomplished in San Francisco - have been used with practicality and progress - all over the Nation and the world. Millions are better because of our stand. 

It was in San Francisco that the United Nations was formed. It was also in San Francisco both in the past, in the present, and in the future we embrace a bold outlook to being about holistic change and progress.

In recent years we have an invasion of folks who care less about San Francisco - and more about dubious ideas from outside San Francisco that is shallow. We see this at the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS).

A glaring example Scott Wiener - who thinks is is a rising star and we must monitor this man - before more damage is caused.

Our City and County of San Francisco should not make promises linked to the SF Redevelopment Agency that is DEAD.

Assembly Bill 26 encourages to wind down the projects we have grand fathered. Clear all debts and follow all law linked to projects signed.

It does not encourage hiring Redevelopment Employees and causing added problems.

Right now the Board created to address the issues transferred as the Successor Agency for the SF Redevelopment Agency - has NO clear BLUE PRINT and some members like Lynette Sweet who are dubious in nature - waste our time beating around the bush.

We must remember the SF Redevelopment was created by statute. And consequently when all the Redevelopment Agencies went to court - to keep them in operation - the adjudication made by the Court was very clear.

Redevelopment Agencies were created by statute and the Court clearly stated by statute all Redevelopment Agencies could and must cease to exist. Hence AB 26 and the following amendments.

The guidelines in Assembly Bill 26 are clear and precise. The Resolution passed by the SF Board of Supervisors linked to AB 26 is not.

Here in lies the trouble - the SF Board of Supervisors tried to fast track an issue that is very complicated - more when the SF Board of Supervisors circumvented what is stated clearly in AB 26.

The only way this matter can be adjudicated is for the SF Redevelopment Agency employees those that will get their pink slips before the end of this month or closer to March 20, 2012. To take the matter to court.

The UNIONS do not have the ability to negotiate this matter in mid-stream with the City and County of San Francisco. This is strictly a State matter - the SF Redevelopment Agency a quasi-State entity.

Our City and County of San Francisco Charter does not embrace the SF Redevelopment Agency - as an integral part of our City Operations. Our SF Board knows this, our Mayor knows this, and the remaining thugs seeking employment with the City and County of San Francisco - know this. The Court will solve this issue - right off the bat.

If the Mayor's Office or any other City and County of San Francisco entity is telling you  otherwise - they are not telling you the truth.

You all. SF Redevelopment Agency employees - months ago, should have been at the table - to discuss this matter about your jobs.

You can read AB 26 Chapter 5 Section 34165.

Here is the entire AB 26 for your kind perusal: 

Again, in keeping with past sound practices that are NOT the usual practices of this City and County of San Francisco any more - bluff games and gimmicks have been used to play with the lives of some people.

This time the JOKE in on the SF Redevelopment employees.

In the past the SF Redevelopment Agency harmed our constituents in the Fillmore. In more recent times our children and elders in the Bayview.

Not one member of the SF Redevelopment Agency - spoke against the atrocities. In fact Tiffany Bohee lied to us and did not defend our children and elders. Karma.

Therefore when I say SF Redevelopment Agency has BLOOD on their hands. I mean each and every word of this pertinent and well thought - statement.

San Francisco must be forward looking - and in looking forward we must NOT lie, bluff, steal, deceive, and trick others into believing - that which we cannot deliver.

Here are some photographs of yesterday's meeting: