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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The Human Rights Commission (HRC) has shot itself in the foot - and with its hands tied - today has NO clout, no ability to enforce much.

The HRC was formed in the Bayview Hunters Point - now some think it was formed by vested interests far removed from the originals principles - and the HRC has been floating around with less money and also inferior direction.

No entity can perform with less personnel, no sound motivation, and drab enforcement. The Primes rule and they rule because they have bought political clout.

Once there were about 25 HRC personnel who could be called any day to do quality enforcement no more.

Now, that number has been reduced to 11 - with more entities to monitor, evaluate, and inspect - and the over taxed HRC employees - are burnt out and there lies the CRUX of the issue.

Outsiders, hungry for work have invaded San Francisco. You can see the hunger in the eyes - greedy, bastards, they just want the work and will BID LOW. Do anything to survive - and only  in San Francisco do we tolerate this blatant - nonsense.

The LOW BIDDIND defies logic, they are so unrealistic, blatantly a slap on the face of decent companies that bid.

So low many a times - fifty percent low - and the SF City Departments - San Francisco Public Utilities Commission the main culprit - the Department of Public Works - will permit these vultures - to get it and get the work.

Once in the door - these sordid companies cannot do the work right - so a slew of change order amendments are initiated.

The inferior work and added burdens - put on the City Supervisors, the Inspectors and our great City put at risk on many fronts.

We cannot risk our infrastructure to be built by vultures who prey on this City and the lack luster enforcement our City has - when it comes to demanding quality standards on any job. Where is our charge? And more who is in charge?

Drastic changes must be made to the present FAILING system. For starters BEST VALUE standards must be initiated. The one that wins the BID must be interviewed and asked to state - line item by line item - how can the BID WINNER- deliver a quality product - more so when these vultures - bid fifty percent low on most bids.

Corrupt crooks will fall by the way side and wither. Those found to be cheating, deceiving, hoodwinking - must be put on the "shit list".

That is right; the shit list then demands a good commode flush - out of sight is out of mind.

These outside vendors have set up shop - small fronts - like a dog house - and from these fronts - seek work and bids so low that it is mind boggling. Hard working decent operations cannot compete - and many heads of City Departments feel they have no authority to speak up and do the right thing.

Well, you do and if you do not - then do not work for this City.

This is the problem; our high salaries offered to our City workers - make them feel they are well taken care off - making salaries on an average of $150,000 with benefits.

We the tax payers pay this - and if you cannot do your job - seek employment elsewhere.

Decent local companies with over head expenses, a good staff, decent amenities to work, paying UNION wages, abiding by the law - cannot compete with these rag tag -  outside fly by night - operations.

We in this City know this but we do not have the BALLS to do anything much.

Impotent so called leaders in Contracting, the HRC, City Departments, our Mayor, our Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force, our City Administrator - know about this blatant NONSENSE - and smile.

You will not be smiling for long.

We tax payers are paying for the BOND MEASURES.

We tax payers approve these measures.

We the tax payers demand standards.

I am requesting the Mayor to look into this NONSENSE - and nib the nonsense in the bud.

Unqualified businesses mostly PRIMES working with inexperienced LBEs - infiltrating and abusing our system.
In most cases not paying UNION wages and circumventing the system. 

It does not help that when it comes to our infrastructure we must have top standards. Our new built infrastructure must last for at least eighty years. In the past the infrastructure lasted for over eighty years plus - and they did not have the technology and the amenities we have today.

Again and again we see failures - major pipes bursting and flooding communities. Whistle Blowers bring to our attention about inferior welding practices - and we look the other way. Shoddy work and the use of inferior material at job site - paid for by the tax payers of San Francisco.

Now a days as I said - we have better equipment, better materials, but we have Primes and Sub-contractors that do not have respect for quality work.

All they seek is to make money quickly - providing shoddy, inferior, shallow, poor, unprofessional work.

The SF City and County of San Francisco does not have decent, strict inspectors - many have fallen prey to corruption. I met some of them - crooks to the core.

Over time corruption, lying, and circumventing the system has become second nature to them.

It is time to revisit the process and state it in writing about our FAILED bidding process and lack of quality, timely inspections on the jobs. Our quarterly reports and the lack of understanding from our SF Board of Supervisors and Law Enforcement when it comes to standards.

Low bids are a JOKE. The joke is on the tax payers - because City Employees have let us down - and all they want is their high paying salaries. This must stop.

You would not want to low bid if you had to undergo a serious heart operation? Have some shoemaker operate you?

You would not go to janitor who knows nothing about car repairs to fix your car? You do not go to some City Inspector and ask them to represent you in Court in a high profile case?

Well, that has been happening in our City - shoddy inspections on major projects. We have Primes and corrupt sub-contractors taking our great City and County of San Francisco for a ride. Time to stop these rides.

We have decent City employees on the other hand; who are fed up with this nonsense. Many of them are afraid to speak up.

The Controller Ben Rosenfield must step up.

Harvey Rose must step up.

The District Attorney must step up on all these major contracts.

The City Attorney must step up and do right.

The City Administrator Naomi Kelly must step up. 

Department heads more the Department of Public Works, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - must put their best foot forward.

The sleeping Department of Building Inspections must step up - for too long have too many suffered - because some talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Our City once boasted - producing quality work - no more.

Shabby, shoddy, inferior work, using cheap materials, making a fast buck has become a norm - with bribes, gifts, favors, and a host of other "cheating methods" used to get into the corrupt door. Ali Baba and the forty thieves!

Now is the time to act - to give opportunities to the decent Primes of which there are none - most everything is given to Turner and Turner, Nibbi, Cahill, Swinerton, Webcor, - and the rest have to bid and bid and bid and bid and bid their time. Screw that.

Behind the scenes Platinum Consultants - raking in bribes to facilitate and given opportunities to crooked companies that do not have the best interests of San Francisco - many of them Primes from the East Coast. Read the report in the SF Business Times.

Most affected are our long standing Local Business Enterprises (LBEs) who were created to give opportunities too - but today have to compete with vultures from outside our City of San Francisco.

Many City heads of Departments - looking the other side - using phony methods such as LOW BIDDING - to cast aspersions on the fair name of our great City and County of San Francisco.

Wake up San Francisco and do not pander to the crooks - who are seen daily at City Hall wheeling and dealing.

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