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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It is a crying shame when our San Francisco Board of Supervisors cannot stand united to support our Immigrants.

Of course as I have predicated many times Scott Wiener stands out as the odd ball.

He was the one who gave a number of drab reasons - as to whey he felt strongly that no ordinance was required - to state clearly that the San Francisco Police Department should NOT involve themselves - with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Immigration Customs and Enforcement Agency (ICE).

In the past using the SF Police Department as a ploy - these law enforcement agencies have spied and monitored America Citizens and Green Card holders from Pakistan, India, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq and so on.

More after 9/11 causing a lot of adverse impacts - we know this for a fact - and no decent citizens or person hold a Green Card should endure harassment - just because the FBI and other Law Enforcement Agencies - think so against the better judgement of Congress, the Senate, and the President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama.

It is not easy on anyone who is an American Citizen, who pay their taxes, who knows the laws of the land, to listen to innocent people being harassed.  It is common more so with the Muslims, who work hard, pray hard, and live decent lives.

You have to know the Muslims to know how they feel, how the think, and why they are in America if not to uphold the law and give their families a better life. Much like all American do.

We all remember innocent Japanese families going through hell during World War II. Internment camps, treated like dirt, and most of them were American Citizens.

Before that it was the Chinese - treated like dirt and not permitted to live and work where Whites lived and worked.

We  know the past - and it is the past that brings back the flashes - that forces us to say - let us pass some ordinance to take precautions - to that the past sordid episodes are not repeated.

Some years ago the SF Police Department were spying on innocent American citizens and others - and the SF Police Commission was NOT aware of it. This is callous.

This ordinance will at least bring some nefarious activities like spying, tapping telephones, to the attention of the SF Police Commission. What is wrong with that?

Can you imagine Mark Farrell, Sean Elsbernd, Malia Cohen, Carmen Chu, and Scott Wiener voting against an ordinance that would support the immigrants. Against some of the facts that I have pointed out.

This type of voting speak volumes - and truly the dept of discrimination, bias, and very poor judgement these drab, shallow SF Supervisors have for the constituents of San Francisco.

Again and again - the FBI and other Law Enforcement agencies have tried their best - to send a strong signals to the City and County of San Francisco against the principles that we are a Sanctuary City. We protect those that need help most.

This was a ballot measure and we as a City and County voted for it. Of course those that are ruthless, have no compassion, know little about how this Nation was built, less about the First People - such folks are pathetic to begin with - and you really cannot reason with such demons who tote a gun and get their power from the gun.

Let me try to explain this in a simple way.

All that you see today in San Francisco - belongs to the Ohlone the First People of San Francisco.

I represent them and so do others. Often time when we speak in such terms - those that think no end of themselves - ponder. When they read the true history the readily admit they made a mistake. It takes someone to point the facts to these folks who are ignorant and arrogant.

The only ones that can truly discriminate and say No are the First People.

But, the First People look at the sordid ways of the White People - better known to them as Palefaces.

They simply cannot understand what gives the Whites to discriminate and those that tote a gun and get false power from such a weapon.

300 years ago all that you see here in San Francisco and beyond - belonged to the Ohlone - that is when the Palefaces stole the land.

Some could say it was the Catholic Church led by the Franciscans Friars - others could name some other entity - the matter of fact is that is was stolen by those that were not here - did not live here for thousands of years.

To make matters worse 18 treaties were signed between the First People - the California Tribes and the U.S. Government - none of them were kept. May be the FBI and ICE should study these treaties  - first.

It is totally uncalled for to stop someone and arrest him or her for her looks.

Jail them just because they say they are Muslim - wear a turban, look like someone they are trained to think is a terrorist.

The repercussions of such acts are despicable and we must speak out - before this type of behavior become a norm.

The President of the United States - President Barack Hussein Obama has spoken clearly against discrimination of Muslims and others who are citizens of the United States and are not White.

So, I say it is wrong NOT to follow orders from the President of the Unites States - and then make the SF Police Department and others spy and carry out nefarious activities and think all is well. It is not.

I served three Generals when I worked for Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco. I learned a lot as the Sixth Army Congressional Liaison - interacting with many Congresspersons and Senators - including the CIA Director Leon Penneta.

I also worked before I retired for the United States Park Police - a Federal Agency that was formed 1882. The oldest  Federal Uniform Law Enforcement agency and linked to our First President George Washington. In 1919 Congress named the Force - United States Park Police.

Today, at the San Francisco Police Department I count among my good friends the Chief, Gregory Suhr, the other Deputy Chiefs Cashman and Taback. All good men who understand what fortitude is all about, hard work, decency, respect for all - what justice and fairness is all about.

Our SF Supervisors should not bring in any kind of divisiveness when it come to all San Franciscans. Trying to pin point that important ordinance that passed is not required in San Francisco and that things in Portland, Oregon are different.

What Scott Wiener a transplant and queer from New York should remember - it that in San Francisco we embrace everyone and we do not discriminate.

Again and again Scott Wiener has targeted the poor with their carts, the queer youth hanging in private parks, trying to talk in circles and think that he is some kind of elitist jackass.

He is a disgrace and I remember well this Zionist and I have sufficient proof - trying to draw me - into a cliche and things linked to antisemitic and stuff like that. Not know who I am - and what I stand for.

Carmen Chu should be ashamed of herself and so should Malia Cohen, Sean Elsbernd, and Mark Farrell. The last two Jesuit products - have failed to reason fairly, think right and more lacking the power to discern.

The First People the Ohlone embrace all immigrants - and do not admire those that act like Sean Elsbernd, Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, Carmen Chu, and Scott Wiener.

Now, you can say and feel however which way you want - you named Supervisors - but, many have emailed me about your shallow vote, drab to the core - and pathetic. 

As to the FBI, ICE, and those entities that discriminate we must fight them as decent, tax paying, law abiding Citizens.

It is our tax payers money that pays their salaries - and we must make this fact known to them.

Many of them think - because they carry a weapon they are powerful - that is what they think. That mentality; is not embraced by our Nation's  Justice, our laws, and our beloved - Constitution.

To Chief Gregory Suhr the time has come for you and you Command Group to take a strong, united stand.

The message I sent you and the others - on your appointment. You have a good team, you can make the policy statement - and you must do right by the Constitution of the United States of America.

All immigrants to this Nation are welcome and if they break the laws; which they must respect.

The pertinent laws must be explained as per our system of giving all an opportunity - our Justice System mainly our Courts will decide and adjudicate. 

Those Law Enforcement personnel toting guns must not abuse their power.

This land - all of it belongs to the Native Americans - here in the Bay Area the Ohlone and other tribes - the First People treat all with respect - expect those that discriminate and think they own this land.

It is a shame that in the year 2012 - we have Sean Elsbernd, Mark Farrell, Malia Cohne who does not live in her district, Carmen Chu, and Scott Wiener acting as fools.

Driven by some logic that makes no sense - pretending to be elitists when they are mere mortals - and more lack the ability to think - straight and right - and this is not the very first time.

As to David Chiu, Christina Olague, John Avalos, Jane Kim, Eric Mar and David Campos - the immigrants will embrace you all - what is more important to note - you did right by the people of San Francisco and the First People of this area and beyond.

The indigenous people are especially - unlike those with contaminated minds and hears - venom always spewing out to tarnish and contaminate - when most other things are normal and holistic.