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Monday, March 19, 2012


Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

In the Bayview Hunters Point today - especially among the Blacks there is NO true leadership.

Sound leadership in the Bayview Hunters Point - it has not been there yesterday in a genuine manner and it will not be there tomorrow - because of a lack of understanding and vision - lacking fortitude.

Blacks have decimated themselves selling out the community - folks like Doris Vincent, Sophie Maxwell, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Dwayne Jones, Malia Cohen, Lola Whittle, Angelo King, Toye Moses, Linda Richardson, Veronica Hunnicutt and a host of others that would just tarnish this page if their names were mentioned.

Today, the sell outs Blacks find themselves in a situation that is shameful to anything decent - especially those that cooperated with the DEAD San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) and today want to participate in the more dead - HOPESF and liked minded ploys and machinations. 

It is simply pathetic to see the "living dead" walk the streets of Third Street.

Mostly - Blacks folks who have fallen prey to alcohol, prostitution, crack-cocaine, stealing, hustling, doing anything to make a fast buck - illegally.

Many Blacks taking sub-prime loans on homes that were paid for by the parents - only to fall prey to foreclosure - and leave a legacy of irresponsibility and fail their parents and grand parents.

The Law Enforcement has come down heavy on those that are the "living dead" - left for years without opportunities - living in conditions surrounded by filth.

There is nothing positive, progressive to be admired - when those Blacks that could have left a positive legacy - have left a path so horrible, so pathetic, so disgraceful that is pains those that understand and know the best of any human being - should represent.

While some of us who understand the Environmental Issues - have fought hard and continue to fight hard. This on going saga to help the innocent has been full or hurdles brought out in our way - by sell out Blacks.

Some today apologize for their sordid behavior - others continue to be blind sighted and are arrogant. Time will tell.  

Others mostly Black - who do not understand the fundamentals of "depleted uranium"  and other radiological elements and its long lived sordid  contamination on Hunters Point Shipyard - adversely impacting thousands over the years.

Alice Griffith is one of the most contaminated areas - long documented for 'still births" and the most chronic diseases.

On Carol Street; raw sewage has been flowing - covered by some chips of fallen trees that do little to stop the flow and more to pollute the entire area.

The City and County of San Francisco must know this, the SF Health Department must know this, the Federal and State Agencies must know this. The Environmental Protection Agency knows this - but, this disgraceful situation is looked at and no one does anything.

The Public Housing at Alice Griffith; once built to house Army Households has long served its use - and now needs to be demolished.

Many indigents live in these contaminated Public Housing laden with Asbestos, Lead, and a host of fungi from long neglected - maintenance. The SF Housing Authority should be taken to court - but the SF Housing Authority make light of their responsibility - bluffing, deceiving, make false promises - while every single day these folks that live in Alice Griffith risk their health and welfare.

The entire area that is Alice Griffith and the surrounding area; is contaminated and prone to liquefaction and flooding.

No housing should be built in this area - next to the New Hope Church that is built in the middle of this contaminated area.

Those pushing to build new homes in this area - much like they are pushing to build - new homes on Parcel A at Hunters Point - have lost their mind. 

No one should be building homes in the middle of Chernobyl. 

Mostly ignorant and more arrogant Blacks are now holding meetings trying to make a fast buck - trying to push for housing at Alice Griffith. No one should make a fast buck at the cost of putting our children, innocent folks in harms way.

It will requires far more than $30 million just to abate and mitigate the Alice Griffith area - now, you can be rest assured - the money will NOT be there to build a single - dog house - after some abatement has been done.

Some may find this difficult to swallow - but this is the reality of the situation.

Fools who want the money are intoxicated by greed - giving false hopes and cheating and deceiving; others, mostly indigent, uneducated on issues, ignorant and innocent Blacks who need dire housing.

However; this is not the place to invest in new housing. There is nothing holistic about such housing.

The demographics of Bayview Hunters Point is changing dramatically and even though many would love to believe that Blacks are in the majority. Daily droves of Blacks are leaving the Bayview Hunters Point area - for far off places - once gone they are gone forever.

The few loud mouths Black live in the past.

Unfortunately the Black leaders failed to pass the torch, failed to hand over anything positive to the new generation. Some brag today they did this and that - but those of us that stood for the community in recent times -fighting Lennar the Rogue Developer; know - who in the community - is really worth the salt.

There is no doubt Lennar came into the Bayview Hunters Point area and decimated the community.

The sell outs helped Lennar and even today are siding with HOPESF and other such polys and machinations - to make money.

How can you despicable Black sell outs - always think of making money - and have NO decency to help your own kind - loud mouthed, ignorant and very arrogant. You Blacks have been an utter - failure and know it.

The many Poverty Pimp Pastors all Black are now reeling in the dark.

For the longest time they were on the Lennar pay roll - now the well is dry.

Those that made hay when the sun was shining at the expense of the poor - are now famished, those that once salivated - now slowing dying of thirst - spiritual thirst.

Greedy and full of materialistic zeal these fools now have to prepare themselves to meet their Master.They should have been serving God but having been serving Mammon.

The over 60 churches in the Bayview Hunters Point have failed the populace - ridden with poverty, lack of comprehension of what is good and what is not so good.

Lack of education has driven some to take some little money and sell out the community - and most of them have been Black.

I have named a few but the list is many. And today the well is dry - and those that followed this sordid path - do not know - what to do.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

Lurking in the shadows Linda Richardson, Angelo King, Dwayne Jones, Doris Vincent, Malia Cohen, Sophie Maxwell,  Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Willie B. Kennedy, Lynette Sweet, and many others - unfortunately all Black - who have failed the community.

The dire economic conditions have brought the diabolic machinations at Parcel A on Hunters Point to a drastic halt.
Lennar is DEAD much like the SF Redevelopment Agency that has left in its path a legacy of deceit, lies, sorrow, and adverse actions crying to heaven for justice.

Lennar bombarded our community with toxic dust - even today we get high readings of Asbestos Structures. The above sell outs even today - pretend they know nothing - when they all have BLOOD on their hands.

Some one must speak the truth - and when the TRUTH is told - it must hurt some - especially the dammed - mostly Black sell outs.

Blacks have had a shared destiny with the Native Americans.

The Blacks living to deceive, to make a fast buck - have failed to stand hand in hand with the just; to fight for the Shell Mounds. The Sacred Burial Ground of the Ohlone. The First People of Bayview Hunters Point - where many Shell Mound sites are marked and know to the City and County of San Francisco.

Blacks once more in numbers in the Bayview Hunters Point - failed to pay homage to the First People; the Ohlone - mostly because of ignorance and lack of sound education.

Today, more because of arrogance - many of these sell out Blacks have been in bed with the Zionists - who for little money will sell their mothers. Lennar is part of this philosophy - they will sell their mothers and have in Florida and other places. Joined by Zionists from the Bay Area who use Real Estate to make a profit on contaminated land - they call have BLOOD on their hands.

Lennar is DEAD and any move Lennar makes - this Rogue Developer will be dealt with a even stronger blow - not from the hand of man but the hand of God. No entity that with intent harms children, our elders - can go Scott free.

I said a long time ago - " no good will ever happen at Hunters Point Shipyard".

Once there stood two hills on Hunters Point - much like the Bayview Hill by Candlestick Park. On these hills were Shell Mounds - the Sacred Remains of the Ohlone. The U.S. Navy desecrated the hills by demolishing the Shell Mounds and with the dirt - had the audacity; to spread the remains of the Ohlone - on the entire Shipyard as land fill.


The U.S. Navy until today has not conducted a archaeological survey and therein lies the gist of this sordid deed - desecration of a people that were at Hunters Point and the surrounding area for thousands of years - before the strangers came some two hundred and fifty years ago.

The wise know about respect but not so the ignorant.

The arrogant, those that serve mammon and have no clue about the past culture, decency, respect, and standards - will wallow in their ignorance and swim in the cesspool of their own making.

Money has intoxicated the many sell out Blacks - many who have chosen to serve the devil and what is evil.

A sad but true legacy they leave. A disgrace to all of the human race. Soon some will be indited by the Courts - the icing on that sordid cake of taking bribes and cheating.

These known Black sell outs will take their evilness to their grave; depart and make their abode in darkness.

I represent the Ohlone, the First People who exercised their Rights of First Refusal on Hunters Point in 1991.

The U.S. Navy will fail on Hunters Point. There is no doubt about that. Parcel E and E2 will haunt those that used the Earth to fill it - with that is is very contaminated - earning it the title of a Toxic Superfund.

Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Fools want to build homes in the middle to Chernobyl - go ahead and harm yourselves - but do not harm the children.

Today, all over Bayview Hunters Point - division, and divisive has taken hold on the community. Black on Black killing, murder, maiming is common.

Black leaders the likes of Malia Cohen grin and think nothing of the despicable legacy they will leave. Scum of the Earth - they cannot represent and where their shadow falls - desperate things sprout.

For over forty years I have monitored the crooks and the corrupt. Many have been jail birds and continue to practice that which is illegal.

That which is not decent and legal. Most all happen to be Blacks - what a stinking - legacy.

This poor legacy - a lack of leadership - justice crying to heaven - injustice initiated and fostered by those that have no soul. What a shame and more what a crying shame.

May God in His Infinite Mercy - condone the sins of those that are ignorant, more arrogant and just happen to be Black. Aho.

Lack of leadership and blatant corruption - we have reported about this again and again and again: