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Sunday, March 18, 2012


It is a shame; that here in San Francisco with INTENT we have not done our best to cater to the VETERAN (those that have served on Nation in the military), the poor children, women and men - sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

In recent years some have used the platform to consider serving the poor and those that are indigent - and have not addressed the real issues.

Care not Cash has not worked.

Giving a roof over the head and some little cash - less than $60 and trying to convince the world that San Francisco is on the fore-front of serving the poor - is a poor, sordid - JOKE.

Anyone, that knows anything about long term cure for this issue linked with homelessness - will tell you such ideas fostered by that lackey Mayor Gavin Newsom and his then minions have fallen by the way side.

The so called Task Force to address homeless has failed and more with the coming administration has not followed up - and have BLOOD on their hands.

More children have died because they have been on the streets, more women and men and died in the cold and facing the inclement weather.

Our failed Health Department has failed to reveal the facts - hiding behind the "Confidential Laws" that help them but fail to inform the tax payers who pay over $1 billion plus - to operate the SF General Hospital and its smaller operations.

The mental services given in our SF City Jails for example - one entity that is doing a good job.

What is disgusting and pathetic is that the Homeless Task Force established at that time - took time to bring out a report - but have not taken the time and followed up - on their own recommendations. 

The time has come to come clear the brush.

Come back to the table as volunteers and state to all San Franciscans - what is it that hinders those that have millions, have good jobs, spoke a lot about this, that and the other - spewed a lot of diatribe, cliches, but now find themselves running away from the reality of life.

The corrupt that helped them be on these Task Forces, committees, forums have long abandoned the projects to help the homeless, their failed visions, and now are hiding behind the bushes. 

Today, we have some homeless on the streets of San Francisco.

Now, more then ever before - children, women, and men - families on the streets, under bridges, under bushes - facing the inclement weather.

As long as the situation remains desperate as we see today - as long there is no plan to address the situation on a war footing, as long as we bring lackeys of the past like Bevan Dufty to try to attempt to do something which he cannot. 

This City and County of San Francisco - we fail again, and again and again. Time to awake up - and face reality with a stronger vision and bench marks that are reported to the Public at Large - quarterly.

As long as we permit Gavin Newsom to shirk his responsibilities even now as the Lt. Governor of California, we cannot expect anything much from this moron.

As long as we have the Task Force On Homelessness and other drab Task Forces and Committees formed in a nonchalant manner - but, they cannot really share the sorrow of the homeless;  feel the pain of the indigents - we are just addressing the tip of the situation at hand - superficially.

Again and again we go to the same old failed vanguard that has failed, that represent the so called failed policies, the same folks that have better connections with the Pacific Heights Mafia and have amassed large quantities of wealth - more on the backs of the poor.

These are  the same old folks that wear designer shoes, clothes, sport diamond rings, and fancy jewelry, speak in platitudes, glorify the past and those that they knew who served our City in the past - but none of this helps to understand and do something concrete for our poor and those homeless and indigents, especially; who have problems with mental problems.

I have been at some of these meetings and forums - these folks sincerely feel they can save and turn around the situation quickly - having no clue, less training, in understanding human nature, the problems that need sound medical and holistic cure in a stable housing environment and so on.

The more homeless we have on the streets of San Francisco and in our neighborhood - growing daily - the more this City as a whole as a responsibility.

Our Mayor, Edwin Lee must now take it upon himself to do something concrete.

Not include the past - folks like Bevan Dufty, and I could name a hundred more names - we ought not to bring back the old guard - just to give them some succor and a job with some pay. The old guard has failed and failed miserably.

It is the same allowing the old guard and folks like Willie L. Brown Jr. to be part of Platinum Consultants. Allowing crooks like Dwayne Jones and others and I can name them by the dozens - giving them opportunities to fleece innocent San Franciscans and more small businesses - bringing in the vultures - the Primes to do the worst damage.

It took a hearing on homelessness to find out that we did have 253 empty units that the despondent SF Housing Authority could bear to bring under pressure to give some temporary succor to some 250 families.

It took this hearing on homelessness to find out that we had some money left to help the homeless some $600,000 plus and that some private citizen could shell out over one and half million dollars to contribute to help the homeless - more women, men and children - facing the inclement weather and the many calamities on the streets of San Francisco.

We have the Mayor's Office of Economic Development using SFGOVTV to lie.

The Mayor's Office of WorkForce and Rhonda Simmons has failed.

The same with the many highlights of projects favoring the rich and giving them tax breaks - that will not help the common San Franciscan.

Twitter, the failed SalesForces project at Mission Bay, the gimmicks now being played to give opportunities to the failed former SF Redevelopment Agency under Tiffany Bohee.

The failing promises made and not kept by the authorities behind the America's Cup.

Joining the fray David Chiu and the Human Rights Commission with B Corporation entities competing with Local Business Enterprises (LBE).

The same LBEs that are NOT getting opportunities.

It takes years to prepare to create an LBE , front the money to put an operation in place, fill the lengthy  necessary papers. Wait the six months to be entitled to file and be certified, complete with an office and valid address.

Only to start bidding and be shafted again and again.

Then start the process of filling lengthy forms, complete with bonding, qualification, more certification, this that and the other.

To compete with vultures - the Primes who work with sordid, corrupt, consultants like Dwayne Jones who worked for the SF City and County of San Francisco and now works with Platinum Consultants.

Who uses decoys like Ron Batiste to steal information - to given to AECOM to win the outreach Request For Proposal linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - a $ 6 Billion Project.

5% of the $6 Billion. Some $300 million. $150 for outreach and $150 for workforce.

Of the bat AECOM has won the outreach. Few in the community know it - but check this out - in the fore-front Dwayne Jones has $50 million over six years - to fiddle and fart and laugh all the way to the bank!

Yes, a six million dollar project - with Dwayne getting rewarded for the sordid deed and receiving a $50 million concession for six years. And there is more to come.

If decent LBEs were given opportunities - without vultures the Primes - using corruption, intimidation, and other blatant methods to deceive, ruin, and intimidate small businesses and LBEs would flourish.

If only LBEs were given the decent opportunity we could give jobs and lessen homelessness in San Francisco. We could help women and men to earn a decent living and put bread and butter for a long time and stop homelessness some.

We do that on a small scale and we know what can work. What is more the Mayor, Ed Lee know what can work and what cannot work. But, for some strange reason he does not have the guts - to get rid of the very - corrupt.

If given more opportunities and giving authority to a person knowing how to do it - we could curtail homelessness by half.

Willie L. Brown Jr. once said if you do not make a $100,000 you should not live in San Francisco.

Yes, that is the trouble.

This City once gave Willie the chance to live, work, and study. He knows decent families wrote him a check to go to college. We gave him a janitor's job and decent wages.

While others taunted him and discriminated against him - more stood by him. I am talking about Willie L. Brown Jr.

Today, he has turned his back and joined the Pacific Heights Mafia. The same folks that sit on the many forums, head Task Force on Homelessness - and come with models that are far removed from reality and with hidden agendas. Go Figure.

" Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".

" It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle  - than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven".

Within, these two sentences lies much wisdom - a way of thinking and behaving that has confounded the rich - who love to try to help the poor - on the backs of the poor. 

Hunger and Food - and the Homeless: