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Sunday, March 11, 2012

It makes NO sense allowing former SF Redevelopment Agency Employees to invade, work, and deprive good decent people - working for the City and County of San Francisco.

We all are cognizant of the fact that San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is no more. Kaput!

While the sell outs, those that took advantage of SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) wish the SFRA were still there - the matter of fact is that it is - DEAD.

Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

We are a City and County of San Francisco - and the SFRA has NOT been kind to San Francisco. SFRA has with intent in the past and even while it was in operation recently - with intent harmed the constituents of San Francisco. It is all documented and those that know what I speak of is the - TRUTH.

There are many tools that the SFRA used - two are well know eminent domain and tax increment.

There are other tools it used too - high density and using corrupt, crooked Big Developers to circumvent workforce, fairness, and standards in the work place and in the construction of buildings and more.

Past Mayors have used SF Redevelopment Agency to fill their campaign coffers.

One used it to own three dens - more suites in fancy hotels - right here in San Francisco.

There is not a single SF Redevelopment Agency building or project that has brought about holistic results. There is no SF Redevelopment Agency employee who does not have BLOOD on their hands.

They all could have stopped and done good - but, they chose to get their salaries and participated in the adverse impacts - and it is all documented.

At the Fillmore thousands of innocent - more middle class families - were told to handover their homes - SFRA used eminent domain.

The victims were given vouchers and the vouchers were lost - ask Olson Lee who is still with the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Thousands of Middle Class San Franciscans died in Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) - shame on this City and County of San Francisco.

Their blood cries to heaven for justice.

Again and the SF Redevelopment Agency has used the legal route to deceive and to cheat. Ask James Morales and he will tell you the truth.

It does not help that Tiffany Bohee lied again and again - and she for sure has the BLOOD of our children on her hands. She did this for Lennar, a Rogue Developer and she lied with intent to deceive and this is not - right.

No one can can participate in the slow killing of our children - and think they will be forgiven - that sin before God is the worst. That is why we must be careful. It is just a matter of time - and she will lose her mind - she has already tarnished her soul.

In the past 35 years the SF Redevelopment Agency was not audited. It is not too late to audit it now. Audit the entire system, the transfers, the assets, the portfolios, every single equity that will be transferred. 

You will find holes in all of the operations. Hundreds of people - mostly Black and crooked made a lot of money - taking bribes.

SF Redevelopment singular role in the corruption at every level is well documented.

We have video footage and thousands of photographs - and this saga to unfold the injustice and the corruption is just - unfolding.

When Governor Jerry Brown passed a law - bringing about the demise of Redevelopment he knew exactly why Redevelopment all over California and more in Los Angeles and San Francisco had to go.

AB 26 and the amendment following it spell out in detail the demise of all Redevelopment Agencies: 

Redevelopment was created by statute and when this was adjudicated in the Courts - the judges ruled clearly that by statute just as it was created - Redevelopment could cease to be.

Of course crooks who have been milking the cow for ages - have a dead cow.

Those that went to the  well from which to drink find it is dry. There is pandemonium among the corrupt and crooked - money is not everything - and this SFRA episode has caught the crooks - with their hands in the cookie - jar.

Mayor Edwin Lee should fully understand that new players - completely devoid of any connection with the SF Redevelopment Agency must be constituted to transfer the assets.

He know this as well as I do - he has knowledge of the crooked deals, the defaults linked with the various projects - and so does the present City Administrator Naomi Kelly.

We once had high standards here at the City and County of San Francisco. No more.

I can give you real history of the recent dubious folks that worked for the SF Redevelopment Agency starting with Marcia Cohen, then Jesse Blout, followed by Michael Cohen, then Fred Blackwell - and now Tiffany Bohee. I have a rap sheet on all of them - and know the dubious activities they all have engaged in.

Anyway, you look at the projects in the pipe-line - you need astute people to think in creative ways to bring about progress and to salvage the assets that belong to the State, our City and by default follow the process laid out in AB26 to the Cities and town in California - and in our case the City and County - San Francisco.

While some projects like the TransBay and the Hunters Point and Candlestick Point projects may be grandfathered in - the fact remains there are many areas that have not been adjudicated.

One of the most gravest we have NO money. An audit will reveal the rest - and open a can of worms.

We must rid of all the employees and start with a clean sheet or slate.

It is not right to help SFRA drab, shallow, inept, lazy workers to invade City Departments and give them some succor.

If you are NOT qualified you must go. Including really the many Administrative Assistants that Willie L. Brown Jr. hired  - illegally, when he was Mayor.

Tomorrow, in Room 400 at 11 am - some folks will try to hood wink the constituents of San Francisco. We must be alert and we must speak up. There are those that walk the walk and there are those that talk the talk.

There are those that can take this City to a better place - and there are those that always, always choose to bring disgrace to this fair City.

Who will stand up and do the right thing? Why are we always pandering to the corrupt, those that seek to always leech on the constituents of San Francisco?

When will this nonsense stop?

SFRA is dead - and with it those that soiled their hands, using their corrupt mentality, they must go and with them the things they tarnished.

They must go because they with intent - slowly killed our children. They have BLOOD on their hands. Aho.

Here is the Assembly Bill AB 26 and there is more: