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Monday, March 5, 2012


The economy of the Nation is going no where - doldrums - with little or NO movement in the immediate horizon.

Wall Street keeps bluffing us but truly speaking the gimmicks on the Futures Market - keep fuel and gas prices going up. Few understand this fake - madness.

Here we have folks betting on something that may prop up - and even though these "FUTURES" linked to gas, pork, corn, and whatever in the near future; the assets are not there in reality - the  bets made on these affect the market - mostly adversely.

It is the same with YELP and FACEBOOK millions and billions will yield when these two entities are accepted by the market - but no one knows why.

Except those that have money to buy these stocks that in terms of real gold and real money - are worth less.

The one percent has so much cash as hand - that now openly many are saying this is a "cold cash" economy - ever heard that term before?

The banks are churning up ploys to get us - one way or the other. We bailed them out and the banks continue to bail us in and keep us there. Doldrums.

For some years BONDS were popular - not any more.

Bonds could bring us down and keep us down - according to the leading economists - those guys that goof with things money, stocks and shares, and endless, grief.

Nothing much has changed with the large institutions - Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase - it is business as usual and these large institutions have raked in billions and taken control of huge properties and equities in Ireland, in Greece, soon Spain and the cancer keeps growing.

Here is the United States our economy is kept afloat because of two key factors. One we have a population of only 311 million - other Nations like China and India measure their population in the billions.

Secondly, we have land resources and can produce food and other essential goods with little effort.

The Middle Class in the United States is eroding to the glee of the filthy rich - the one percent.

A Major earthquake could sent a chilling signal to us all in California.

A cyber attack on a large scale is expected and the Nation is gearing for such an attack. 

A recent meeting of the world's best minds who understand hacking was held in San Francisco. These attacks could hit power plants, and other huge installations.

The hacking meet was addressed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Muller and so was for Prime Minister of England - Blaire at hand to lend his two cents.

The reason I speak of the above - is because a cyber attack if directed towards our Financial Institutions and key transactions hubs - could great havoc.

Gone are the days when with a hand shake and with bartering - one could conduct transactions in the market.

Everything is done electronically - billions of transactions - small great and in between.

Imagine if all business comes to a grinding halt because of a cyber attack - right now, the Nation is bracing itself and looking for the hackers, their prospective attack, and even enticing private hackers to join in the hunt to trap those that want to damage our Nation.

This economy started its spiraling in 2006 and slowly reached its climax in 2008. Today, in the year 2012 - we still are reeling from the economic woes.

Platitudes and rosy promises are made daily - good jobs are promised are hard to come by. Temporary jobs offer NO benefits. Many have not worked for years.

For the first time we see families suffering in the thousands - and many seeking refuge in shelters and on the streets of San Francisco.

With our $6.9 Budget City Budget, our resources, we in this City and County of San Francisco have failed.

We see more homeless today. More crime and there is more to come.

Those incarcerated have been released early - and already we see the consequences. We knew it was coming - but today it has not only come but we are being impacted - daily with serious consequences.

There is no sound leadership that deal with the constituents in San Francisco in real time.

There was a time when you could meet the leaders in a short time - today, you schedule a meeting and they meet you after ages - that trust eliminated and friendship tarnished.

It is business as usual in San Francisco - dealing with larger projects whose impacts are minimal - projects like the America's Cup that is making some progress - and SalesForce project at Mission Bay - that has sunk.

The economy in San Francisco is floating because of the Hotel industry - and visitors enjoy some fine weather.

It helps the San Franciscans can smile and we are according to some survey the third best - when it comes to being a happy City. Good for us.

This Cardboard Economy in the Doldrums with little movement - is perplexing and most everyone that have not worked in years - have given up hope.

We say Citywide our unemployment is around 8% but those that who know say 15%.

In the inner city like the Bayview the hot spots reveal unemployment in the high 40% - it does not help having a grinning District 10 Supervisor who does not live in her district - still pussyfooting around. Go figure.

Nationwide the unemployment has stalled - there is a slight improvement - and those track the data - say our economy has been making some slight progress.

We all need this - but for some strange reason at ground zero in San Francisco - we really do not see it - and less feel it. Doldrums.