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Saturday, March 24, 2012


San Francisco is NOT Manhattan.

Today, the San Francisco Planning Department continues to fuel the ire of decent San Franciscans.

Betraying and confronting decent San Franciscans with the approval of a high rise - near the Ferry Building - by the 8 Washington Street Parking lot - further betraying the constituents of  this City and County of San Francisco - one more time.

We know the ploys and machinations.

You the foolish, the very greedy would continue to endorse building condominiums worth $10 million on the high end - $3 million on the low end. Big Developers have now brought their war to the people - to negate Quality of Life issues.

Condominiums for the filthy rich most from outside the United States, other who have made their money on the back of the poor - on the land of the Ohlone that most forget are the First People of the land - the land was stolen - all of it. Aho.

There was tons of quality Public Comment - but you chose to do the things that the corrupt continue to do - you will fail but this time you will fall on your face.

The condominiums are for filthy rich people - who live not live there most of the time - that has been the history of those that buy such assess at Ritz Carlton, the St. Regis and other such sites - people sitting on millions of dollars of cold cash - and those filthy rich from countries like China and so on.

Already, the waterfront has not received the respect it should receive.

There are many rundown buildings and piers - an eyesore to this city that has such natural beauty that belongs to the Ohlone - the First People of this great City - nothing the evil Whites have built compliment the natural beauty.

The White folks always forget - that they contributed to destroy all that was good and pristine. In less then two hundred years - built a concrete jungle and today continue to foster the greedy path of Real Estate mongers - one worse than the other.

The stangers stole the land - some called them the palefaces - other the blue eyed devil - others, other fancy names - but, the end result is the same - concrete jungles that have no life, no holistic value.

These folks have BLOOD on their hands. And even today - fail to listen to those that tell them - abide by the saner SF Planning Code and do not hinder the view, destroy the natural beauty - that meets the eye with some sort of connectivity to the Bay, the water, the view - which in not yours to destroy.

The America's Cup is not going anywhere.

Witness the races that were held in San Diego recently - with very few participants.

It will be the same in San Francisco - if not worse.

It does not help - explaining this to the greedy, the Zionists who control the Real Estate, and the Big Developers who have no conscience what so ever.

Notice these were the ones that again and again spoke in favor of 8 Washington Street - and the development that will bring in a class of clientele - that has NO connections with other San Franciscans.

The SF Planning Department has been stacked for the crooks to do as they want. The good thing is that this present economy - will not permit them to do as they want.

This City will attempt to make some vain attempt and it will cost them an arm and a leg - in the future. The Ameirca's Cup authority - will cut their losses and run. The City and County of San Francisco will bear the loses - much as they are with Twitter and the other fake agreement that have come to haunt the sane.

This City and County of San Francisco will suffer - because they are not following the rules, breaking the mandates, not listing to the tax payers, using arrogance to proceed, and arrogance always has a fall.

He that rides a high horse has a deep fall.

The Swinerton's, the NIbbi's, the Cahill's, the Webcor's will fail - it is just a matter of time.

Much as the Swinerton's did once and are now recovering to follow the same old reckless path. Just think for a moment about Tutor Saliba that rogue developer of yester years!

The thousands of insane - so called housing - is for the filthy rich - the high end market value.

The higher end units - are smaller - can't even fit a queen bed with some decent furniture.

Children and decent families are ruled out - that is father, mother, and children. Thousands of decent families have already left San Francisco - because of greedy folks that have no conscience. Most of them contributing to the policies live outside the City. They are here just for their pay check, lack accountability and transparency.

This is becoming a City for the dogs and those espousing a single life style - with multiple change of partners - more what dogs like when they let loose. What a sad sight - but this City of Sodom and Gomorrah has brought this scar and set its destiny on a path - that will attract the wrath of God.

San Francisco after all made it into the National Geographic Magazine - having more then 100,000 dogs and growing. Add to that the skunks, the cats with fleas, the other four legged animals and we do have a zoo or sorts - their feces plaguing our dual sewer system,our watershed, and of course the run off.

The worst; the two legged so called human - immoral, wasteful, greedy, mostly White - who have brought disgrace to our City - and to anything - decent.

Back to the water front - the piers are falling. Decent tourists do not need to be told anything - they will figure out the details.

The America's Cup Authority - some truly arrogant jackasses tried to sell us an inferior product and that too by telling us lies. You want to have the America's Cup - have it on the Bay - that is where the Race should be.

There is another Shenanigan in the making - Larry Ellison wanting his tall building and his condominiums on the water front - he will get it one way or the other. Much like he got Pier 80 without a whimper. The matter did not come before the Land Use - did not come before any Committee - worth the salt.

It is much like Pier 70 -where millions of tons of coal tar, two large hot spots of ammonia spills, tons of particulates and lead, mercury and other contaminants are planned to be buried on site. Go figure!

The Regulatory agencies be it the Department of Toxic and Substances Control DTSC), the Regional Water Board, the other lack luster regulatory agency - all the shallow City departments - will be told what to do - and they will do it.

Rajiv Bhatia much like the SF Port Authority's Carol Bach has long been known as a contaminant - hugger.

Pier 92, ATT Park, Mission Bay, Pier 98 also know as Heron's Head Park, Pier 70 and a host of toxic spots on the water front - are all clean by her morbid standards and twisted - mentality.

On Pier 92 because we had a good man in Norman Reily from the DTSC; the SF Port Authority - forked up a little less than $1 million - gave the contract to SF Department of Public Works and cleaned up the site.

Carol Bach a woman with no principles - said she would permit her children to play on that toxic site Pier 92 - on that contaminated soil - full of the worst contaminants. She is still working for the SF Port Authority - raking up thousands and doing San Francisco and San Franciscans - a disservice.

The land is prone to liquefaction and flooding at Pier 70. Go figure! The authorities that be want to build an hotel, shopping malls and put innocent people in harms way.

You would think better sense would prevail on the Water Front.

And there is more climate change, flooding, land prone to liquefaction and no through soil assessment has been done. Once all the land up to Montgomery Steer - was the Bay. We must not only remember that - we must think of a one of kine Tsunami that will hit us - if not just plain rise in the Ocean which is a reality.

Greed, corruption, shallow action, ineptness, and most of all arrogance is the common denominator. Time will tell.

As to the America's Cup - it will be a failure - one of the worst America's Cup ever to be held - with fewer attendance and even fewer participants.

Right now before the America's Cup - Auckland in New Zealand is doing well. Some of those participants will stay in Auckland and practice and enjoy themselves - rather then go through the rigamarole to come to San Francisco to   compete.

The America's Cup buffoons have been taken for a ride.
Things are so expensive for the less favored catamarans that they are all well favored to practice as a habit - and stay away from any one linked to Larry Ellison and the America's Cup Authority.

San Franciscans want a decent view of our waterfront - that according to the Public Trust Act - belongs to all Californians.

The waterfront view - less Manhattanization of our beautiful water front; minus the deplorable, rundown, teetering,crumbling, long weathered and beaten down historic peers - must be fixed and some sanity restored where confusion and blatant fiasco - prevails . 

The SF Port Authorities website looks good - much like an empty vessel making a lot of noise: