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Friday, March 16, 2012


What really do we as a Nation not understand about Afghanistan? We are told to get out of the Afghan life - and we must.

No foreign Nation ever in recent history has tamed the Afghan. No Nation what so ever. Read history.

When the British were in the area - an entire Regiment was killed - one British left beaten and bloodied, tied to a mule - and sent across the Khyber Pass to now Pakistan then British India.

To this day those that recall that incident - shudder.

We remember well the Russians invading Afghanistan and losing their ill fated quest. In fact we helped the Mujahadeen - those locals fighting the Russians - with sophisticated Stringer Missiles and so on.

Then like FOOLS we went into Afghanistan - with our miscalculation, petty thinking, and ill prepared for a terrain that only the Afghan can adapt to. As I said no Nation however mighty the claim to be in recent history - can tame that terrain and the mighty people of Afghanistan.

Thirty years of suffering in Afghanistan mostly affecting innocent civilians: 

We have a population of 311 million - each and every citizen could have been given over 50,000 each and we still could not equate the vast sum of money we are wasting on wars with Nations - Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya.

Our Constitution forbids attacking any foreign Nation - we can only attack if we are attacked.

So why did we attack all the nations, I have mentioned? Mostly because of the faulty decision maid by our leaders - who have lost their mind.

The General Accounting Office has said we spend over 12 billion a month - over 144 billion a year - each and every year for the last 10 years - plus. It has been over 10 years - and the blood shed is not over.

What do we get by creating this vast carnage? Spreading untold misery to other Nations and spreading it in many way here in the United States of America.

I served well at Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan. Why is this happening?

Who do you think is really behind this madness? And why are these so called leaders - not tried as war mongers? 

No one can kill innocent children, innocent adults, innocent elders and think for a moment - that nothing will happen to them? It will - thousand fold - and it is happening.

Our soldiers mostly from poor hard working families - have sent their daughters and sons to these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that make no sense.

Thousands of our returning soldiers are traumatized. Does anyone think this is right?

Thousands of families have been devastated - does anyone think this is right? 

All the while when Nancy Pelosi and Diane Fiensein and other Congress person and Senators - are raking in millions.

Nancy seventh richest and Diane eleventh richest - among those pretending to Represent our Nation.

I participated in operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. We send thousands of soldiers to Kuwait and even though the war in Kuwait got over within less than two months - thousands of soldiers - came back suffering the Gulf Syndrome.

It took ten year for our Nation to admit the Gulf Syndrome.

Even today I am disturbed - I know for sure the soldiers men and women went to war healthy.

But, today these same soldiers are not the same. Why is it that we do this to those soldiers - who put their lives on the line? Why?

Our Nation did this - showed disdain to the soldiers who fought in the Korean war.

Then again in the Viet-Nam war - we treated our soldiers with disrespect - calling them baby killers and so on.

The same after Desert Shield and Storm. And now we see the same nonsense - not caring for our soldiers - as they ought to be cared for - after sacrificing their lives in the Iraq and Afghan war.

Who are these leaders that we pretend to admire who shirk their responsibilities and fail to recognize, respect, and care for - our dear soldiers - women and men who obey the law, sacrifice their lives - and when they come home are treated like - a dirty rag.

The shallow Representatives do their really care about the Veteran who is sleeping on street? 

I saw them in Washington DC and spoke to them. I see them in San Francisco and they get no help - what so ever.

We read about reports all over the Nation - about our Veterans, their spouses, their children, their families, their friends and supporters - not getting the help they need.

In a nonchalant manner we think that these issues, these human factors can be ignored - they cannot. They cry to heaven for justice - and in proportion that we permit this suffering to take place with intent - our Nation will be adversely affected. 

We must speak up - and we must bring the war mongers to justice - they and their families.

In the Veteran Hospitals the care given is not what it was some years ago. I remember the first class care given at Letterman Army Medical Center at the Presidio of San Francisco. No more.

I also remember the first class support the soldiers got from the research - at Letterman Army Medical Research Center - at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Of course many have forgotten about this - and the few that remember - will soon pass away and that history as usually happens - will be just memories  - gone, gone, gone far away..

While San Franciscans have protested and they do that well. It is not enough to protest - we must remind our Representatives especially the fat cows Nancy and Diane - that they must Represent and represent our soldiers by providing them the needed help and resources.

So far this has NOT been forthcoming in San Francisco.

It is not enough to talk the talk but these two old hags - who linger in office to make money - have not represented and they must now - take a bow and go away.

They are not fit to represent.

They have been there for too long - drab, shallow, inept, and a disgrace to anything - decent.

In recent weeks the Zionists want us to go to war with Iran. 

Why? We must dialog with Iran. We were friends with Iran for a long time. Our Nation's leaders were in bed with Iran for a long, long time. And during those days - the Mossad was active in Iran. That is the true history that few know about.

This is not a time for war - and especially NOT a time to attack Iran or any other Nation.

If Israel decides to attack  Iran- that will be end of that Nation. The fiery deed will be met with a thousands times force - never, ever seen  before.

So, Israel better stop flexing its feeble muscles and listen to its former, just retired Mossad Chief who says attacking Iran - is not the way to go.

Finally, all Muslims truly respect the Koran the Holy Book of the Muslims. Muslims will tell you they will die if anyone desecrates the Koran.

This may be not true for most Christians. You rarely hear a Christian saying he and she will lay her life - if the Bible is desecrated. There lies the difference and the intensity in the teaching of the Koran and key beliefs.

Throughout history Muslims and Christians have lived side by side all over the world. It is only when - shallow nations, weak in spirituality, with fanatical views - attack Muslim Nations - using missiles and provoking the Muslim by killing innocent civilians - that many Christians living in those Nations - are targeted and thousands of Christians in Iraq and other Muslim nations - are now suffering.

The fanatics are here - shallow, ignorant, arrogant and thinking no end to themselves. The world thinks less of us - when as a Nation we make a fool of ourselves.

What has the United States done to help these suffering Christians in Iraq, Pakistan, Liyba?

Where is our Christian charity?

Our Christian compassion? 

The war mongers who provoke these wars are cowards and have no compassion, and in proportion they commit these war crimes, the thousands of atrocities - they will have be accountable and already are. 

It is called Karma.

In the interim all these years our elders are left to fend for themselves. Often eating dog food to survive.

Our children have no good health benefits and must suffer, wait in lines and get inferior services. We call ourselves a Superpower.

Our educational system is why down - 24th among Nation that count and even lower.

Millions of homes are in foreclosure - because of sub-primes, and other ploys and machinations - bought by Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase and Zionists who continue to suck our Nation's blood life line.

This land all of it belong to the First People.

It does not and will NOT belong to the White Man the source of all diabolic deeds. Read history and you will understand what I am saying.

We must get out of Afghanistan soon - and even though President Barack Hussein Obama thinks we must stay longer - we must get out as soon as we can.

Out of Libya, out of Iraq, out of Pakistan, out of Afghanistan. Now.

Afghanistan as seen by the Central Intelligence Agency: