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Thursday, March 22, 2012


The Superintendent, Mr. Carlos Garcia is going to leave the San Francisco Unified School District  (SFUSD) soon. He, per se did well trying to bridge some of the glaring gaps between the Black, Latinos, Samoans and the Whites and Asians.

However, he has got little practical support from the SFUSD Board - a bunch of folks who like to wag their tongue. Spew diatribe and hot air.

Hydra, that woman is a joke. The others I could name them - but would it would not help much.

Some of them; floating on the SFUS Board think no end of themselves; know less of education and even less of the dynamics of contemporary education and how to make the system work.

You go to Juvenile Hall and you see the Hispanic, the Black, and the Samoan youth incarcerated in larger numbers - why?

Most of them attending Public Schools and most of them with failing grades. Why?

The statistics are there and we as a Unified School District are last and this does not bear well for us all. The empirical data is there for us to see - but, the SFUS District Board are blinded by arrogance and more ignorance.

 San Francisco Public Schools in the last fifteen years - have gone from bad to worse - and now to worst. Hit rock bottom and we need a drastic change - the poor leadership has been there for too long - a complete over haul is needed. The sooner the better.

No one seems to care about the youth and chronic truancy. Over 10,000 chronic truants - many of them carry guns - and we had a shooting on the MUNI bus 9 the other day - in broad day light at 1:30 pm.

Blatant disregard for decency, quality of life issues, society at large  - the SF Public School are churning out "brats" by the hundreds - I see them everywhere - and the SFUSD has no control of this horrible situation.

The Community Response Network (CRN) keep some peace - their hands are tied though - running from place to place - fewer then ten. We need more with steady funding that keeps the CRN employees occupied with some continuity.

The CRN should have a greater role with the youth.

The present Public School atrocities that are a hindrance to Quality of Life issues - affecting and spilling into the public arena - failing to maintain peace, decency, standards and disturbed youth continuing to foster disturbance and atrocities of the worst kind.

The yellow hornets - the Ambassadors are a JOKE.

You see them at the many restaurants, the many watering holes more - feeding themselves and laughing as the real world passes by.

Some one is wasting money - be it minimum wage and contributing to the many atrocities.

So, where were the Ambassadors that day when the gun man shot another youth in the Visitation Valley? 

Where was District Supervisor, Malia Cohen - known in many circles as the laughing and grinning jackass?

Has Malia Cohen ever visited the Juvenile Center to find out what is happening?

She is now planning to get a seat with the SF County Democratic Committee - go figure!

She really does think she is going up the political ladder - in this political game manship or should we say personship. High hopes.

We have a problem with our Samoan youth.

A real problem; and the SF Unified School District has the money to invest in schools - such as El Dorado in District 10; but, the SFU School Board cannot put itself in order to do the right thing.

Our Public Schools once did do well and the parents participated in this success.

Now, the parents - decent parents are living San Francisco in the droves - taking their children and the SF Public Schools are suffering.

Every year around this time the teachers get their pink slips - without fail. Never mind that over 20% of them are trained at an expense of over $80,000 - the SFUSD serves them notices.

Makes sure the teachers are traumatized, made to feel inferior - and then at the last moment - the SF City and County steps in with the rainy day fund; to rescue them.

Somehow, those that had countless days and nights of stress - are supposed to feel fine, proceed to work - and contribute well. Is this the way to treat any human being? Is this the way to treat teachers?

No wonder the SFUSD Board are some pathetic bunch of morons that need some psychological help - themselves.

The SFUS Board is a joke - and these jokers now are on Public Television - playing to the cameras - and having long, drawn out meetings - beating around the bush and bring disgrace to our fair city - San Francisco.

With the departure of Superintendent Carlos Garcia - some one must step up and rally the teachers and come out with a durable, workable plan.

In the interim Hydra; who is the Chair of the SFUSD Board and her cohorts must step aside and make room for fresh blood and fresh air.

The stench with the present pool of morons is too much to bear. None of them are worth the salt - and our children, the parents, others affiliated to the children - are suffering.

This is evident more among the Hispanic children. The many immigrants that have made San Francisco their home and we do not have qualified teachers - more bilingual teachers to address the situation at hand.

Too many queer teachers - who are not examined and tested  well and fail to keep up with their teaching credentials. Pushing a hidden agenda; more a queer agenda - and these must be weeded out.

Blacks students for some reason are still discriminated and if you speak to the youth they will tell you so. A great percentage of the truants are Blacks.

Soon, the Black youth make it to juvenile hall and within months head for longer incarceration.

Once they get the taste of the jails - it takes a miracle to cure them.

Most Blacks - become the chronic jail birds that we see - doing more harm than good to society. Causing endless pain to those in their families and failing again and again to live up to any standards or commitments.

Some of us that visit the Juvenile facilities see a higher percentage of Samoan youth - incarcerated.

Once these youth are treated with disdain - it is very difficult to turn them around. I have personally seen this situation get worse.

Sometimes over 40% are Samoan youth incarcerate in our Juvenile system - disproportionate to the population of San Francisco.

The authorities know about it - Malia Cohen knows about it - but she does not have the intelligence, less the ability to address the situation.

The grinning, jackass is a liability to anything decent; any standard, any protocol worth the salt - and must step down and fade away.

It does not help with Manfus, Hydra, Wynn and others on the SFU School Board - beating around the bush - trying to say some but meaning nothing. Hot air most of the time.

Overall why are our San Francisco Public Schools doing so badly?

Someone must now step in - clean house - sanitize the entire system, overhaul completely - and start a fresh.

Thousands of dollars are spent on consultants - the reports are gathering dust; no one reads the reports and less all of these morons think they really are experts - the love to tell others how to do things.

Failing again and again to act right, lead right, and what is important serve with humility. Some Circus Clowns would do better - but not the current SFUSD Board.

The current grades speak for themselves. Even though at hearing at City Hall - blatant fake reports are given by SFUSD staff - that all is well. This is a blatant - lie.

Here is one of many reports and there will be more to come: