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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Life is not for the meek - so when we heard three Blacks got shot - we found out - the root of the problem. This was five days ago.
Analysed the situation at hand - and put an immediate - plan of action.

We brought this to the attention of Mayor Edwin Lee and within 48 hours we had an action plan that will go in place - immediately.

For this we thank Mayor Edwin Lee and those that listened to us.

Two days ago - a Samoan was shot - and so the violence was beginning to spread - like a virus - and so - we met and we said - enough is enough. It take sound leadership to act - but always with - humility and utmost respect.

A payer vigil was held - on Kiska Road - up the Hill - that is becoming the Calvary for those that are despondent - desperate - have been given no opportunities - and reckless living has become a way of life.

The family is dysfunctional - poverty rampant - no opportunities seen on the horizon - and to top it all - no spirituality.

Many families struggling - abject poverty, no food, around them in many neighborhoods - rampant, crimes of the worse - order.

Not too many groups in San Francisco can put a plan and execute it with some precision - humility - and full transparency and accountability - quickly.

We have a history to doing things - and others jumping on the bandwagon and taking praise or credit. We let that go before - no more.

Our time and our efforts come from our heart - and so to the warriors on the front line I say " Do your best for the community and the rest - will fall in place ".

Right now; with the basic equipment in place we can take care of business. We can fall back on our experience - and connections with the community - to achieve what we have in mind.

In the final analysis - the bottom line is - does the community want us, embrace us - and work with us to make this world a better - place?

To find out I had to go to ground zero - and God be praised - the answer is " Yes ".

Mayor Edwin Lee better remember not too many - will step up and put a plan so quickly and with such enthusiasm.

More - in the midst of sorrow and pain - to stand tall and face the adversities - that have befallen - all of San Francisco.

This Summer of 2013 - the violence is spreading and with must find a antidote - one that only those can provide - who have the ear and listen to the community - can think outside the box.

This Black on Black violence must stop. This brewing of bad blood among the Samoan - Samoans taking revenge on Samoans must stop. All violence all over San Francisco must stop. We must do this putting aside the feuding that takes us all - backwards - we must be holistic.

That is why - we are taking a sound holistic view - we will work - with all groups - all over San Francisco - to get the best - results.

This cannot happen if we do not have our "hearts" - in the right - place. This cannot and will not happen - without spirituality.

Those that wasted millions - all these many years - foremost the Bayview Foundation - must step aside and come clear.

One good way is to have their books audited - even now - all sorts of shenanigans going on - and this one fact - the morale of the community at large - has bottomed out.

Samoans and Blacks share a lot in common. That is why the Black community feels deeply when there is a tragedy among the Samoan family. The Samoans feel the same - when any Black youth or adult - falls prey to violence. This senseless killing must STOP.

Our pastors - those worth the salt - must go to the streets - and pray in silence.

In the churches stop begging for too much money - and act - by serving those that need help. Much like Jesus did - more action - less talk.

We must LOVE our youth - and daily we must assure our youth - that they have the ability to shine and do good.

We must not just scold the youth, look down on the youth - and think this dictatorial way - will bring about change. I will not. Kudos to those parents and family members - like our grandmothers - who have stepped up and reared their children - right. God Bless them and God bless the strong, caring, mother and grandmother, and in some cases the grand, grandmother.

I have known many young children - all these many year.

These young children - grow to be adults - and most of them who I knew as children - are now in their thirties and forties.

When they meet me these grown up women and men - always speak of kindness - no one mentions - bad and ugly stuff - because we treated all - with respect and kindness.

Today, is a different day - and we the community must check mate those outsiders - who have made the Bayview their playground - playing with lives - raking in millions - and calling themselves - Community Based Organizations.

The divisiveness spread by these so called Community Based Organizations - more those that pretend they can deal with - killings and violence - is pathetic.

Mayor Edwin Lee must now - make up his mind. Do you want some band-aid plan - or do you want to make a difference?

Do you want the front line warriors to deliver or do you want to spur some action - and than let it fade away?

We are talking about lives - that is why Mohammed Nuru, Mitch Salazar, John Nauer, Chief Gregory Suhr, Maria Su - and many I can name - care about San Francisco.

I do not like begging - but there is only so much any one individual or a group of stellar individuals - can go deep in the pockets and serve the community.

We have reached saturation point with charity and hope seems to be fading.

So, when I visited Maria Su at her office - and explained the situation -  in the half hour she gave me - to explain the situation - she knew that I meant business. This was last Friday, June 28, 2013

Mayor Edwin Lee visited me at my office at Executive Park - nearly one year ago - and I told him one thing clearly - we want to serve the community.

We have helped the City by willingly supporting many critical services the City offers to our youth - by providing an environment - a Safe Haven - we did not have to do it - we saw a need and helped for the last - many years.

However, when we saw this need - and when we stepped up and provided the support and need - we built sound relationships - with those that have known us for years. Some 30 years, some 40 years - and some longer than that.

Bottom line - too many youth - think they must kill; take extreme measures to attain a solution.

No one has thought them - how to respect themselves. That is what is it all about - spirituality, self worth and respect. Today, few can communicate with the youth - because only those can do it - who understand their mentality and lingo.

The gun is a material thing - the gun does not bring anything to the table - it cannot bring about a dialog - it has no compassion.

A big bang and the maiming, suffering, and in many cases - death.

This mentality to resolve the issue at hand - by shooting and doing it most of the time - like a coward - driving by and and posting stuff on the Utube and stuff like - is childish and moronic. 

So many young women and men tell me they have no HOPE.

Whose fault is this? In my youth, as a young man, today as a Senior - I feel young - my spirituality comes first - and my desire to speak and act to the TRUTH is supreme - however each day begins with prayer and thankful for the blessings - good health and peace of mind.

San Francisco City Hall - our drab San Francisco Board of Supervisors, those that purport to know about Law Enforcement and less about Quality of Life issues - wake up.

When any BLOOD spills -  a plea goes to the Great Spirit - we are all connected - so, now is the time - this Summer of 2013 - to prove - that we can turn - the madness around.

Stop the spilling of blood - and the on going pain and suffering.
Too many families have been impacted.

We the people - who voted for these so called Representatives - people in authority - who have failed, miserably to see the whole picture.

Failed  - to step up and do what it is required - to save the fair name - of this City and County of San Francisco.

Named after a Saint - who was compassionate and loving - and as far as we know - was not greedy and consumed with avarice,  revenge, and a false sense of pride.

Know yourself - empower your self - if you represent - represent all - not only your own kind - more when you cannot see beyond your nose.

We all will die - the question to ask is simple - what stellar legacy will you leave? 

You that purport to know - yet - with intent - allow the killing and violence to go on - and have turned your back on the community at large - where deep sadness from these types of actions and anger - have reached - saturation point. Aho.

Who will stand up and do right? Who will stand up with our Mayor Edwin Lee - and set the failed record - right - put things on track?