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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Around 2002 we saw the same kind of operatives; in the Bayview Hunters Point - that time the hub was at the Swinerton Den - with one Goggins - doing the favors, spreading the BLOOD money.

Lennar thought they had it good -  we were watching them - like a HAWK.

Franking speaking Lennar a Rogue Company, Willie L. Brown Jr. a former "thug Mayor" - Aurelious Walker, Doris Vincent, Malia Cohen, Sophina Maxwell, each and every one of those crooks with Blood on their hands - at the fake Lennar event - on Parcel A including Darshan Singh - should be ashamed of themselves - trying to make a come back - but it will not work.

No one from the community respects Lennar and those that come into the community like the John Stewart Company - adversely impacting the community.

More so  - all those on the fake Commission Infrastructure and Economic Development to the Successor Agency to the dead - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

All of you crooks - hand and glove with the Successor Agency to the dead - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - that I brought down - slowly but surely - pretending to serve the community at large - while NOT respecting the community at all.

Tiffany Bohee who heads the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - thinks she has it good -  she continues to be the worst liar and sell out - she does not know half the time - what she is talking about. 

We slammed her good - the Stop Lennar Action Movement - and we will soon - again - we are just waiting for the opportune moment.

Lennar is on our radar and so are the crooks trying to sneak in and make a living - Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, the John Stewart Company, Lennar Urban and its operatives -  and the host of mostly local, misinformed, dysfunctional - Black sell outs - thinking that they can speak for the community.

Cathy Perry who must mind her own business - and stop speaking for the community - and more for folks in Public Housing - do not say I did not sound the clarion call.

Now we have White operatives - dumb, idiotic - coming to your office and trying to sell you a plan - offering food from hotels - and other dubious places.

Trying the feed off hunger and other maladies - but not knowing that we will not permit - anyone - to come into our living rooms and re-arrange our furniture - without our permission.

We still have many stalwart advocates - who are in the know - and have seen the sell outs the likes of Willie B. Kennedy come and go - the last mentioned passed away - and has left NO - legacy. Others will follow and all of them will be - BLACK.

It will be the same with Malia Cohen - who is a useless, spineless, shallow - piece of crap. No one worth the salt respects her - and it is time - the community puts her on notice.

Creating a Wellness Center for our children on the most contaminated site - 3450 Third Street - by Cargo Way. Give me a break. Despicable clap.

Malia Cohen - thinks, wheeling and dealing with Lennar and Willie L. Brown Jr. who is being watched - is the right thing to do.

Well, time is on the side of those that do right - as opposed to the pimps and whores - more political whores like Malia Cohen - who time is short lived - when it comes to serving the needs of the people and her already sordid future.

People want to know who is your hubby? Even the google search bring that topic up! 

Lennar must get out of our community now - and while you are at it - stop making your money - the WRONG way.

Bringing in BLOOD money from COMMUNIST CHINA - cheating people offering them visas and putting their money - to bad use - pretending to invest Chinese money - in your sordid  projects - to the detriment of the community - compromising Quality of Life issues.

Kofi Bonner I warned you nicely - and I will again - you screwed up at Emeryville that shopping Center in the East Bay - and there was  a Ohlone connection - and you know it.

Now, once again - you want to be adamant, go against the wishes of the First People - the Ohlone - desecrate Sacred Ground - and build homes on very polluted and contaminated - ground.

Stay away and heed to my warning - because this time - it will consume you.

If you experts do not know what I speak of - I can sit with you and them - explain the Native Americans Graves Protection Act - as do it as the representative of the Muwekma Ohlone - charged to represent  Base Closure and Infrastructure issues.

Let us do it at my office - or if you want at your office. Let there be transparency but do not use operatives. We will take them down - we are organized and a force to reckon with. More, we are watching all your activities, closely.

Kofi Bonner you and your charlatans - are doing wrong - and one can say it only so many times. You can take the horse to the water - you cannot force it to drink. And I know you are from Ghana as I am from Kenya.

Stop sending your operatives and spreading blood money - it will back fire.

One singular protest in front of the YMCA will end all that - including the thugs who come from outside - infiltrate - making all sorts of statements - with only one purpose in mind - to divide the community at large.


The last time around the Polynesian community was taken for a ride - not this time around.

Those taking money - and who have been taking money - pretending to serve the mostly Samoans - are put on notice.
We know who your are. And you know who you are. So, you can chose the path that is right - or forever hold your - peace. Make no bones about it. You days are over.

You take care of yourself for sure - fill your pocket - your family - and you are not worth the salt. 

You use to keep hanging by the Clam House on Bay Shore - drinking yourself to death - worthless piece of crap. We all know who you are - and you are NOT - to be respected.

On another serious note the youth must watch these crooks - do not fall into the trap - remember the ploys and machinations of Dwayne Jones - he gave you temporary jobs - put our youth in harms way - and now is behind the scenes - doing the devil work.

Dwayne Jones is about being temporary - the corruption has caught up with him - and was reported in the Main Media. Dwayne Jones has ruined the lives of many - the youth and young adults have come to me with their issues.

It is the same with Linda Richardson - and the others too many to name - all those that backed Proposition G.

All these vermin want is to make money - at the expense of those they must serve and provide succor to.

Mayor Edwin Lee knows this - but it is time - he must do something about it.

Our youth have reached saturation point - and the time will come suddenly and quickly - and what you see - will not be pleasing - you keep pushing the buttons.

No one can fool all the people all the time.

In the interim our infants are suffering. Our youth are suffering. Our young adults are suffering. Our Seniors are suffering. This is not right.

The Law Enforcement with all the millions they waste - fail to do viable and sustainable Community Policing.

If they did it - they would be exposed big time.

The Gang Task Force is a JOKE - they know it - we have NO gangs - we make have "sets".

Want to see real gangs - go to Chicago - go to Compton - I can name other places - none of you that use para-military tactics, here - will last five minutes.

You  cannot use force - divided the community and expect - result without trust.

You bust the trust you bust your ass.

You have divided the community. Only the community can bring back the healing - only with the community in the cockpit. Take it from me.

Lennar, the John Stewart Company is doomed - right now both these satanic entities are bombarding the community with Asbestos structures. 

The know it - the San Francisco Health Department knows it - but Barbara Gracia - looks the other way. You ought to get out of the kitchen Barbara - with you fat booty - if you find it to be too hot. Get the F*** out because your behavior is - disgraceful.

You are worse than Mitch Katz. As a woman you harm children, women, our elders - where are our morals - or are you steeped in the ugly mores from where you derive you morbid - pleasures - life style?

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is Superfund Site - and we the community must be involved in the cleaning of the Shipyard.

he U. S. Navy has tried International Technology (IT) before and wasted over $300 million and failed.

Then came Tetra Tech and they stole millions, Shaw and they failed, and the U.S. Navy keeps wanting to truck the contaminated soil - long distances - out of State.

When we can rail it out - and rail it without contaminating the entire route - adversely impacting the community at large - as the trucks are ill-equipped to do a better - job - prone to more accidents.

I see they are letting out the Methane Gas - thousands of tons - at Parcel E2 on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

One ton of Methane Gas - equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide - of course our City that brags about this and that would not know that? 

The SF Public Utilities Commission would NOT know that? The Department of Environment would not know that?

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District does NOT really want to know that - do they?

We must tally rightly all the Carbon emitted by the concrete and the tons of it - with all the construction going on, in the City of San Francisco.

Add to that the over 300,000 tons conservative estimate of Methane Gas from the land fill and land prone to liquefaction - from 4th and King to Midway by Geneva.

Let us learn to speak to the truth.

Our Carbon emission in our City borders about 700,000 tons all told - toxic of Carbon Dioxide.

 Francesca Vector from the SF Public Utilities Commission - would not know about that.

Running her mouth about trivial things like Community Choice Aggregation and other frivolous things - without analyzing the empirical data - such shallow, spineless, folks - do more damage than good - and should not represent. Not at all. 

More the people she backs - immoral, unethical, and San Francisco Foundation who think they can buy folks - by spreading money on projects like the supposedly new improvements planned for the Southeast Facility at 1800 Oakdale that belongs to the people - not to the Foundations and the charlatans - that sit on the Southeast Commission and get grants from San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Conflict of interest. How many of these blatant shenanigans can we the public tolerate?

Devious operatives in the community - each and every one of them pretending to serve the community but raking in the millions. This time you will be dealt with. Aho.