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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The San Francisco Health Department and one Barbara Gracia - knows very well that our City needs a Toxicologist - more, near a Superfund Site - that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

For the ignorant - the most contaminated sites in the United States are put on the Superfund Site - and it is not astounding to the Bayview Hunters Point community - to have this dishonor - to suffer from the consequences of the many Atomic and other experiments conducted by the U. S. Navy - more during Second World War. One glaring experiment - experimenting with Depleted Uranium in the early 1950s.

To know what is really happening - we need a Toxicologist - who can put his finger on the many causes that harm our community - and more our infants, our children and our seniors.

Yet this City and County of San Francisco - with intent - has kept the position of an active Toxicologist - on the City's pay roll - vacant for years. 

Does it make any sense for a world class City like San Francisco - not to have a Toxicologist?

The last time we forced the City into a situation - the City went to the University of San Francisco - California for help - and when you do that - you compromise.

In this case the reason was simple - Lennar paid for the Toxicologist - and no one who is paid - wants to bite the hand that feeds her or him.

We read the report - linked to the contamination and pollution - and we all knew - that the report fell short - and lacked empirical data.

On Parcel A now at Hunter Point - very near Mariners' Village - and not far from Kiska Road - that entire area is contaminated and polluted.

Recently we have had high readings - high Asbestos readings linked to Asbestos Structures - that cause Asbestosis. 

These fibers enter one's system - lodge into one's lungs - around the fiber a scar is formed - that enlarges - and in years to come - as you breathe the fibers - act like spikes and the pain is severely excruciating. 

The lungs - soft tissue are subjected to astringent contractions - God forbid anyone suffers from Asbestosis.

We know of hot spots all over the Bayiew Hunters Point - where most people suffer from Asthma - one of the worst types of respiratory diseases - on this Earth.

Here again our infants, our children, our seniors suffer - innocent people - who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

One has just to witness our children and infants - suffer from this disease - it is heart wrenching.

We have many still child births - in the Southeast Sector - but more Hunters Point, Alice Griffith, Oakdale, and Sunnydale. This is a scar on the health services provided by Barbara Gracia - and the San Francisco Health Department.

Most of us from the Bayview Hunters Point are aware of the other disparities - the abject poverty - other chronic heart diseases - and diseases that restrict one - from having a normal - life.

Poor housing and opportunities to work and bring union salaries home are rare.

This factors - make the situation even harder for those that want to work - are adults - have had the training - have the skills and no one wants to hire them - because of the color of their skin.

The City and those in charge do not want to evaluate the crisis using some of the above factors. The House Negroes - just want the money. We have many of them and I have named them - but it would not do any good - to name them - again and again.

The Bayview Hunters Point today has NO representation worth the salt. Those who are suppose to represent - are pussyfooting around - and we advocates are fed up.

The recent killings and shooting did not happen in a vacuum.

We have folks - who earn many thousands who are suppose to work on these issues - but, they have no ability to discern - less to evaluate - have no real history - do not embrace the community - more the Samoan community. 

What is really pathetic with all the resources  - fail to put a  viable plan in place. Every time there is a crisis - a plan much like a triage - where bread crumbs are thrown - and those that do this - feel these shenanigans - will make the issue go away.

What these folks love are shenanigans - they use flowery language - in their drab, power point presentations - promise you the world and shaft the community - each and every time.

Band-aid solutions will not help. Some time ago - a group of Samoans were transplanted from Alice Griffith better known as Double Rock to Treasure Island. Do you think - anything good has happened at Double Rock or Alice Griffith - since that one move?

This feuding must stop - and we need a plan - that is all inclusive. In each of the former plans - the parents, the elders, those that have wisdom - were kept out.

Ploys have been used to bring in the men of cloth - who have NO experience. Mostly Black they have been on the take - and their Churches are not full. Shepherds who are know - not to look after the sheep. They worship mammon and fail to respect the true dictates of spirituality - more action and less talk.

More than taking care of their congregation - they suck the congregation for money. Money for this and that - and soon all you have left are the aged folks - who adhere to this suffering - because they feel the Church has not forsaken them in the past - but it has in these churches that do not respect the congregation - more that segment - we call the youth.

I am calling Ben Jealous to visit San Francisco - we will give you a tour - and find out for yourself - what is really happening in San Francisco and the demise of our young Black women and women. Why so many are incarcerated and for what? Who is rally behind this sordid plan - fostering gentrification.

These Poverty Pimp Pastors - have been brought out again and again in the past - to shout and scream - pretending that they can stop the violence. All these Black pastors do - is bark up the tree.

No one respect them anymore -  so today - no one bothers to call them - no one bothers to consult them - no one bothers to have anything to do with them.

In the Bayview; the Bayview Foundation has ruined the Community Response Network.

We are now experiencing a deep void - but what is worse - we are experiencing distrust. When you encounter "distrust" - you encourage "disrespect"  and these two evils - can cause untold - damage.

It is not as if the City and County has not spent millions over the years - only to shaft the community - and especially those areas - where people of color or minorities live.

In short people who are poor and do not have the means to defend themselves - more because they ignorant of their - rights.

At every level - we see this in our courts - we see this more - in the court many rulings - we see this in the incarceration of our youth.

You go to the colleges and for every 40 or 50 young Black women or women of color - you have one Black brother. What does this picture say?

The jails are our contemporary slave plantations.

So, why are we not educating our youth - teaching them what they ought to know and what they ought to practice?

What is happening with our schools? Why so many young Black youth in Special Education? What is really so especial about Special Education?

Who brought crack cocaine in the 1980s and destroyed our  Black women mostly? 

The Black woman has always has been the back bone - in all of the Black families - from the days of Slavery to recent times - then some devil - introduced the " devils drug " - and destroyed the family.

We have some educated Blacks - and women and men of color - but once they see what they have to deal with - in the community where crime, killings and violence rage - they go far away - suburbia.

In the year 2008 and 2009 we saw many of those who fled - to a better environment - (or so they thought) - falling prey to the economy  -and they came back - to the very communities they fled from - and got caught in the mess.

Those who were already in a mess in the local communities - like Bayview Hunters Point - had no choice but to flee to the Tenderloin in San Francisco.

Once there - death embraces you and soon - those that once contributed in whatever measure - are no more. It happened when the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - destroyed the Black community in the Fillmore. Now it is happening where the few Black live and also other people of color.

HOPESF is about gentrification. Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers, the infamous John Stewart Company - who once operated the Geneva Towers - that were imploded to make room - for Town Houses. Less than 10% of the resident who once live in the Geneva Towers - were rehabilitated in the brand new Town Homes - this happen over 30 years ago.

This is hard to swallow - when you see entire families sleep on the streets of San Francisco. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors are totally out of sync with reality - today, you have to get a voucher - some ticket - to get into a shelter - and you may have to wait for months.

Dirty, noisy places, full of trouble makers - these shelters. You have to experience the hell - and then you really know -  those that have fallen on bad times - what they really have to go through.

Some prefer the jails - the three meals - and the many other amenities - health care and mental care. They feel they are better  off  - in our San Francisco jails. Thanks to former Sheriff Michael Hennessey  and now Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. 

No one wants to study the inherent factors - lack of food, lack of good health care - lack of transportation - sound schools, lack of child care - lack of sound recreation centers - lack of a clean environment linked to our open space - job training with career opportunities - and so on and so forth.

Every time we are in trouble - and the City and County of San Francisco with its $7.9 Billion dollar budget - feels it will look bad if it does nothing.

In desperation the City throw some bread crumbs - those that are starving take it - what else are they going to do?

Crooks and those corrupt to the very core - they get what they want - and the rampant corruption is well known - but no one does anything.

The Bayview is where most of the industries are - over 10,000 of them.

The Main Post Office, the Produce Market, all the ware houses with all the supplies you want for construction, the Aggregate and Concrete Companies, our garbage and Reuse companies.

 Lowe's, Car repairs, window and door companies, the Energy producing companies - huge ware houses - the large companies producing Soft Drinks, and foods like Salami and what have you - all in the Bayview.

Why is the City taking so much; raping the community - and not investing in the Bayview Hunters Point?

The reason is simple - crooks are elected - who have BLOOD on their hands - and these crooks will not represent - their hearts are not in the right place.

They are in office - to better themselves and their sordid - political careers. Any takers.