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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Lennar is a "rogue developer" who is now trying to make a come back using the usual "suspects" - the mostly Black sell outs - and other moles that have been trying to entice the community - to do wrong.

More using baits like left over "food" from restaurants - and even encouraging nefarious models in the Bayview Hunters Point - where the community is told - resign yourselves to take point blank dictation. That will not happen.

No one will tell us how to do things in our community that does not include the majority of the community that get real benefits.

" No one can come into our community - enter our living rooms without our permission and re-arrange our furniture." That will NOT - happen.

On the surface - the Bayview Hunters point community may seem to be falling apart - the mostly Black sell outs are finding it difficult to make in roads.

All those sell outs operating from the Lane Street YMCA are put on notice - never mind if you think - because you are paid and a sell out - you may think you can divide the community. Keep on dreaming. YOU ARE PUT ON NOTICE.

Lennar can offer millions of tainted blood money as community benefits.

The community at large from the Bayview Hunters Point has not had one single - community meeting - and so those that purport to represent the community are not doing anyone a favor.


Not the UNION leaders who sold out - linking themselves with Proposition G. 

The community at large does not respect Sophie Maxwell, Linda Richardson, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, Lolla Whittle, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, all those that I can mention who signed the petition to put Proposition G on the Ballot - opposing Proposition F.

The many sell outs that we can name - they are worthless - including Malia Cohen the present paramount mouth piece for Lennar and the crooks - who has sold her soul - she DOES NOT  - represent District 10 - never, will.

To my Samoan brothers and sisters - this is your clarion call - we need to stand united - and shun those who are taking money from dubious sources - to divide the Samoan Community.

Look at those Samoan leaders who are now working to stop the violence - those are the ones that you must put your trust in.

Anyone  who can come to your house, answer any question, sit with you and help you. We have them now in the house - and those are the Samoan leaders - who you must trust.

We now have Samoan Pastors and Elders who can work with the Sheriff Rosss Mirkarimi, the San Francisco Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr, the Mayor, Edwin Lee - others who know who truly represents the Polynesian and more the Samoan community.

There is nothing to hide - no one takes money under the table -  it is all about transparency and accountability. One the table for all to see. 

Lennar was totally defeat in 2004 and suffered other defeats each and every year until 2012 and will face one soon - in 2013. Only this time its jugular vein - will be stopped - and it will be brain dead for a long, long time.

Lennar is over extending its credit card - buying you out - those of you who have no morals, no ethics, no standards, no substance; less spirituality.

 Only shallow, spineless, immoral people can take money from Lennar - that is all BLOOD money.

This fake attempt to build anything on Parcel A - will never, ever work.

Parcel A of all the parcels was desecrated by those that took the remains of the OHLONE from two hills - one being the hill on which Parcel A sits - took the remain of the Ohlone- the First People and spread it with the dirt on Hunters Point Shipyard - 95% of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is fill - poor landfill.

This landfill is prone to flooding and liquefaction. The experts know about it - what makes this situation precarious is that - it is very contaminated - high levels of radio active elements. The worse contaminated parcel - Parcel E2.

The First People - the Native Americans who first made their home on the Hill that we now call Bayview Hunters Point - cann forgive anyone who disrespected their ancestors.

I represent them - on issues linked to Base Closure and Infrastructure - and anyone who has desecrated the land and the remain will suffer.

That includes the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission that has failed to listen to the voice of reason. You will fail at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - much as you will fail at Calavares.

Do not allow these devious Whites to come into our community - even if they have Blacks the likes of Sophie Maxwell, Vincent Doris, Cathy Perry, Kofi Bonner from Lennar - pretending to do good - you cannot favor any project that has desecrated the Sacred Remains of the OHLONE.

Kofi Bonner should know that from the stance at Emeryville in the East Bay - the shopping mall built on the graves of the Ohlone.

As I have said again and again; anyone may try their best to develop the land surround Parcel A which is part of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -  you cannot just do that without pay a very heavy penalty  -" no good  will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

The reason is simple you cannot pollute and contaminate the land. More desecrate the land. More contaminate it with high levels of radioactive elements. Depleted Uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in the 1950s. Think about that - if you are educated on issues.

 Just because the land is by the Bay - you think you can live there - report after report says the land is polluted, the air is polluted - the people living around the land  - have the highest rate of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Asthma, respiratory diseases, tumors that doctors find difficult to understand where do these ailments  come from?

Shun the place like a plague - Parcels A, B, C, D, E, G, UC and the many other designated parcels - all part of the Superfund Site - that should not be developed for human beings to live.

Where is the Precautionary Principle on this one case linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard?

Who fake the Environmental Impact Report - fast tracking it during the Christmas holidays.

Only the worst contaminated sites are placed on the Superfund Site. The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is where Depleted Uranium was tested.

If the Whites want to live there - let them live there - and expose themselves to the contamination.

If the greedy Chinese from Mainland China - who are paying and want to live there - want to make their abode there - let them live there.

Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, her husband Richard Blum, Willie L. Brown Jr., Rose Park, Sophie Maxwell, Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent, Cathy Perry, Aurelious Walker, the Tabernacle Group, the SF Organizing Project  - they all are more than welcome to live on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Go for it.

However, do not entice the public at large in the United Stares of American - to have any part of your devious ploys.

Willie L. Brown Jr. the former "thug Mayor" of San Francisco - with some very corrupt Chinese partners - are encouraging Chinese investment - for a large amount of money - invested in the Group headed by Willie L. Brown Jr., the U.S. State Department permits giving "Green Cards" - in return for large sums of money invested.

The Chinese from Mainland China - will be used as ploys - the return on their money a measly 2% over some years.

Willie L. Brown's Jr., health is failing - he cannot see well - and the once romantic Willie is hard pressed to make his "blue pills " work - we know he has a taste for Oriental Meat - but his appetite - has waned - his pretense well known - his crooked ways will take him down the path and he will drown in the cesspool of his own creation. Go Willie go - do down the path of your chose - and disgrace yourself - more.

We will never, ever forget the bombardment of our community in 2004 by LENNAR, a Rogue Developer.

Asbestos structures that adversely impacted infants, our children, young adults, seniors, those whose health was already compromised. 

Lennar was fined and paid it - by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. 

The sell outs and those that are running the YMCA on Lane Street are operatives of Lennar - we know who you are.

You know what you are doing is totally wrong. Especially you driving that Jaguar car - you can fool yourself - but, you will never, ever fool all the people all the time. Cease your shenanigans, now. 

I met you on the Hill and spoke to others and you - you cannot fool us - who are educated on issues.

Get out of this mess - before we call you out - and tell you to stay out of our community.

You do not live here - you use to - but you come here to divide the community - constantly seeking money - from others - to fill your sordid, pockets.

Time to send Malia Cohen packing - the worst spineless, immoral person to represent any District in San Francisco.

As if we need another parasite - in our midst? Aho.

Photographs of the contaminated land - where over 20,000 housing units are planned - land prone to liquefaction, flooding, are contaminated by high level of radioactive elements - experiments during World War II at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard: