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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Lennar Urban first registered its name in Sacramento -way back in 1998. At that time - most folks in San Francisco -hardly knew anything about LENNAR - now, LENNAR  is synonymous with corruption - deceit - and an entity - not to be trusted.

In the year 2004 - Lennar Urban had changed its name four times. Same snake - different head.

In the year 2004 Lennar Urban graded Parcle A - one of many parcels on Hunter Point Naval Shipyard - and the only one conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco.

The City immediately transferred Parcel A to the then San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - now demised - who turned it to the despicable - Lennar Urban. The rest is history - sordid history - various version told - but not one which states the TRUTH.

A large Serpentine vein - a rock very hard - when crushed releases Asbestos structures - was graded - some 33 feet of it - by Gordon Ball - helped by other sub-contractors - who all exposed their workers to harm. All this on Parcel A.

Monitoring devices were placed to collect the Asbestos Structures - but the batteries to make them work were removed - Lennar Urban was so devious - and tried to bluff the community and put the community at harms way - with intent.

Adversely impacting our Seniors, our children, all those who were exposed to large doses of Asbestos Structures.

We the community formed Stop Lennar Action Committee (SLAM) and fought Lennar. 

Jim Queen and I were the proponents of Proposition F and Lennar the proponent of Proposition G - getting support from Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Sophie Maxwell, and a host of corrupt politicians - one worse than the other.

We the people spent $5000 to put our measure on the Ballot -  we fought for building - 50% Market Value, 30 % affordable housing, 10% low income housing, and 10% no income housing.
Only after the entire 1700 acres were abated, mitigated - and declared clean by all the Regulatory Authorities. We did not agree to any capping of the land.

Lennar wasted $10 million - trying to defeat Proposition F - which was winning - but daily toward the end - the Main Media - was blasted with false Advertisements and paid folks collected signatures - which was illegal.

Thugs in the community were paid to disrupt meetings.

Today the "thugs" - are still in the community but low key. 400 mature trees were clear cut from Parcel A. Other divisive measures were taken - including discriminating against 4 Lennar employees - all Black - who hired Angela Alioto as their attorney - the matter was settled out of court.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management Agency fined Lennar the largest fine ever - and the community won on many levels.

The City and County of San Francisco - turned its back on the community - the Mayor then was the two faced Gavin Newson - who today will join the Queer folks in a parade of sorts - on Market Street. This two faced man - is a disgrace to anything decent - and he has proved again and again - to be corrupt and a liar of the highest order.

Lennar has cheated, bluffed, hoodwinked - thousands of innocent people all over this Nation - Florida, New Mexico, Southern California, Mare Island, and in San Francisco itself.

On Mare Island - Lennar promised the City of Vallejo to build 10,000 homes and failed to deliver.

It forced the City of Vallejo to declare bankruptcy and today the same Lennar Urban - it trying to hoodwink the City and County of San Francisco.

Lennar main guiding force is Willie L. Brown Jr a former "thug Mayor " of San Francisco.

His minions too many to name - are now holding an empty bowl - yesterday - someone reported to me the passing of Willie B. Kennedy who did Lennar's dirty work - and her passing away - leaves nothing but a sordid legacy.

Willie L. Kennedy - turned her back on the community - and doing the devil work - until the end.

Some of us spent months - when Lennar crafted its Disposition and Development Agreement - way back in 2002.

Two key folks who help Lennar and were working for the City and County of San Francisco - Jesse Blout and after he left as Director of the Mayor Office of Economic Development and Work Force - Michael Cohen.

Both these men today work in the private industry - and are involved in two large projects - Jesse Blout with the Warrior future home close to the Ferry Build on the Wharf.

 Michael Cohen with a large housing and hotel complex - at Mission Bay - prone to liquefaction and flooding. Time will tell.

Today, the City and County of San Francisco is experiencing a fake housing boom.

The Chinese from Communist China - about the year ago - moved billions of dollars - off shore and when the U.S. Government gave the Chinese Government some lee way - last year 2012 - billions made their way to San Francisco and other cities where the Chinese minions - already had their agents.

The boom in San Francisco is mostly commercial and condominiums for the filthy rich. Those who cannot earn $150,000 in San Francisco - find it hard to make a living - we have the filthy rich and the growing - very poor.

Too many homeless - and thousands live in their cars in San Francisco.

Thousands of youth - are truants - the crash wherever they find a place to lie their head.

The homeless include families - who now can be regularly seen - sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

The City and County of San Francisco that once had compassion - has turned its back on the poor.

It has shunned Public Housing residents - where large areas of Public Housing are slated for take over - at Potrero Hill, Huntersview, Oakdale, Sunnydale.

All under a program called HOPESF - which stands for gentrification and gated communities.

One such gated community is now planned on Parcel A - at Hunter Point Naval Shipyard.

The area polluted and contaminated. 90% of  the Shipyard is poor landfill - the United States Navy - during the War Effort - Second World War - conducted the most nefarious experiments - using Depleted Uranium, bringing ships that had participated in the Bikini Atomic experiments to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - sand blasting the outside of the ships - and contaminating the Bay water and the Shipyard.

Burying large animals that were part of the experiment - animals that died from high levels of radiation - and many other dangerous experiments.

Contaminating the entire Watershed - and the Bay with high levels of radioactive elements - the U.S. Navy has a responsibility to clean the Shipyard - but; want to cap the land and take a big risk.

If the Big One strikes - most everyone who is sane knows - there will be a calamity on the Shipyard. All living beings will be affected. Knowing this - Lennar wants to build 10,000 homes - some 30,000 in total in the vicinity - from Hunters Point to Candlestick Point - most of the land contaminated - more prone to serious liquefaction and flooding.

The City has the Precautionary Principal an Ordinance - that simply states - if there occurs any adverse impact to any life - the work must stop. Measures have to be put in place to address and resolve the adverse impacts. Capping is not one of them.

There is more than ordinary evidence - to the fact that the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Parcel A are contaminated - but those naive continue - to be bluffed by the devil - LENNAR.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People who I like to call the First Nations of this area - San Francisco and those areas that come under our jurisdiction.

The Muwekma Ohlone filed their Right of First Refusal - way back in 1991. Those is authority know it - but, are afraid to speak to the truth. This includes the SF Planning Department - who has receive a strong worded letter - from the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Mayor Ed Lee, the SF Board of Supervisors, others devious in nature gathered - to announce the building of some units 1600 units on Parcel A - an action that is doomed to cause adverse impacts.

As I have been saying for the longest time ever: " No good will ever come at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".

" That includes Parcel A - where Lennar wants to build these units. Why build these units - thousands of them - in the middle of Chernobyl? ".

LENNAR boasts that it does not have to adhere to any Disposition and Development Agreement - a legal document that must be adhered - more with the demise of the SF Redevelopment Agency. 

Lennar does with the Succor Agency of the SF Redevelopment Agency - and has defaulted - on many of the terms - linked to the DDA.

Lennar; has amended the key terms - the first to go - were rental units.

The Community Benefits vanished - and some money distributed - linked to a pact - with some dubious organizations - who have been paid - to silence any opposition.

Lennar went to Communist China to get some money - but were turned away.

Today, the strained relations with the United States and China - will be seen shortly - with Wall Street suffering its worst downfall in history.

All over Europe investors are panicked - the Chinese transferred trillions of dollars - and bought land and buildings, invested in resources all over the world - Africa, Australia, Europe, South America more Brazil, here in the United States.

China has many proxies - who have millions of dollars to expand.

At Hunters Point - right now we have shootings and killings - and the City and County is busy with a Queer Parade.

We must remember this - Blacks predominately through the Civil Rights Movement - brought about Freedom to many. Part of the Civil Rights movement was inherent - spirituality.

We must never ever equate any Movement and Decision by the corrupt Supreme Court - linked with Sodomy and other perverted practices - and compare it to the Civil Rights Movement.

The Supreme Court's decision to stay - Defense of Marriage Act - DOMA - was just that - let the States decide - which they have - but, that is not the end of the world.

In California - in a State wide Proposition - Californians - decent ones voted in favor of Marriage between a man and a woman.

Denounced same sex marriage - which the fake Supreme Court - stayed - allowing those States some 13 States - to permit - same sex marriage rights - to Health Benefits, Social Security, and so on.

On the 14th Amendment - asking for equal rights linked to marriage and same sex - anyway you read the ruling - it favors marriage as the majority understands it. Marriage between a man and a woman.

Let us not take this victory and brag that everything is normal. It simply is not. 37 other States still practice what the Constitution of the Land - clearly states - on benefits that those Married and who are male and female - can enjoy.

The stay was lifted to permit same-sex marriage - at 3 pm to force the proponents of the Marriage Act - Husband and Wife - Male and Female - where true procreation is possible - to force them to file a brief on Monday, July 1, 2013 - and one will be filed - for all the world to see.

Devious; in some fake victory - Dennis Herrera, Gavin Newsom, others rejoicing that now they can practice Sodomy - and in the announcement made by the Supreme Court - the same Court that declared Corporations - Human beings.

This same court - failed to be fair in all respects to the Voting Act - part of the Civil Right Movement - signed by President Lyndon Johnson. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr  - is turning is his grave.

Those astute are few - and the Main Media has been spewing diatribes - nothing much has changed - in fact the ire of the decent and the moral has grown.

There is absolutely nothing moral with sodomy and those acts declared to be "perverted".

No one needs to explain them - that is if you have a conscience. Once you kill your conscience - anything goes.

Much like LENNAR - aided by Malia Cohen - who will be laughing at the Queer Parade - who has NOT uttered one word about the shootings and killings - in District 10.

Such are the doings - that only can take place - in an environment - were things "perverted" - reign - supreme.

Take a glimpse of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Parcel A where the heavy equipment sits perked on the graded -landed: