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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


David Chiu is the President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - and after hijacking the position of President - with the help of two - good for nothing Supervisors - Jane Kim and Malia Cohen - the last time around - he is now trying to poise himself - trying to become the next Mayor of San Francisco.

David Chiu; is fast tracking a ballot measure that would adversely impact the small business community.

David Chiu, has legislated language that is mandatory - bringing to the fore that dictatorial streak he has - to force his way - more sordid way - on the Small Business community and the Public at Large.

In this case it is the business community - that is fed up with all sorts of flimsy rules and regulations.

Large fees and permits - and all sorts of gimmicks and ploys - that have made the business community - throw their hands up - and say enough is enough.

David Chiu and the present San Francisco Board of Supervisors - have not made a dent in protecting the Small Business Community - hundreds have left San Francisco.

It takes months more years to open up a small business. Other counties give incentives - here in San Francisco - hurdle after hurdle - and with it large permit fees and rules that are there on paper - but no enforcement.

It is the same with decent families - father, mother, and children - over 100,000 have left San Francisco in the last five years. 

Quality of Life issue have been compromised. Housing, Education, Transportation, Health and Hospitals, lack of career jobs, too much crime, congestion on our road, environmental pacts - the land, the air, and the water. The list goes on - and David Chiu as present - is pussyfooting with mundane legislation - meant to make life harder - for the small businesses.


The schools - more Public schools do not offer quality education. The transportation for children, youth, and senior is deplorable. The parking even harder to find - and the amount you pay - an arm and an a leg. This City it seems with intent - is trying to force - those who live pay check to check - out of the City and County of San Francisco.

Businesses and constituents pay taxes - but, we get little in return.

Here come David Chiu with a fake, hastily prepared Ballot Measure - with the words "Friendly Family " - which he wants to fast track and put on the Ballot - without first having had the Business Community - vett it fully.

San Francisco Small Business already have embraced flex time - maternity and paternity leave, other types of leave for valid reasons - and here comes David Chiu - trying to force down more rules and regulation - on the Small Businesses and more the workers - trying to be divisive in the work place.

How about addressing Quality of Life issues? How about you and the other minions on the SF Board - truly representing the people?

How about addressing the Violence and Killings in San Francisco?

How about addressing the drab quality of Education given to our children, youth, and young adults - and the prevailing corruption in the educational system - more Public Education?

How about address transportation - which is going from bad to worse. The congestion on the streets of San Francisco the worst ever?

How about address the homeless situation and truancy among they youth - some 1000 plus that sleep and crash - wherever they can?

How about fixing Public Housing and getting rid of HOPSF - trying to take over land and housing that belongs to the people - the COMMONS. Now, you want to give it to Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company, and Bridge Developers - other crooks one worse than the other.

How about addressing home invasion, assaults, car break ins, seniors and others being robbed and mugged - where are you and the rest of the SF Supervisors on these pertinent - issues?

How about curtailing the Carbon Foot Print - more concrete bring about more pollution. More stall cars - back to back traffic more pollution and particulates - what have to done to address the over 4000 toxic hot spots - all over San Francisco? Nothing.

Are there is more - leave the San Francisco Business Community alone.

Your Bonaparte streak - to dictate is never ending - much like you dictate the clapping and cheering at the SF Board Chambers - quoting your Board Rules - that are antiquated.

Have you watched the English and Europeans conduct themselves in their debates and parliaments - have you watched the deliberations in Taiwan? I am sure you are living in a surreal world - and not in contemporary San Francisco.

You foremost - and your fellow Supervisors - have turned Room 250 - where the SF Board of Supervisors meet - into a circus gone wild. 

Too many Buffoons - who while away their time - with pandemonium reigning - in the Chambers. Side bar conferences - and when it comes to address - real topics - you all lack the acumen - simply because you all are not educated on issues.

You deny the public - "Public Comment " - the three minutes you reduce to two minutes and many a time - one minute. 

These shenanigans and others machinations - have made the public at large - look at you David Chiu - as a good for nothing - useless chap.

You should return to the East Coast and may be back to Taiwan - whence you came from - lucky you to live in America - but Taiwan may tolerated you ploys not San Francisco.

Chris Daly gave you a chance - to be the President; you bit the hand that fed you - and now you think - you can become Mayor.

If as the President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - you are disliked and looked upon as a Buffoon - imagine if - and this only and if - as Mayor - what the public would do?

How the public will treat you - as Mayor - I doubt it - and I know.

Stop messing with the Small Business Community - that is already suffering.

You have not lifted a finger - to give the Small Businesses  a break.

You and the other SF Board of Supervisors - will give the BIG BUSINESSES - Twitter, Zinga, and on get a break.

You, David Chiu - bring to bear - all sorts of dictatorial mandates - on the Small Businesses - time to seek refuge or go where you came from.

San Francisco embraces all - and again and again we have to deal with buffoons like you - forcing us to say - what is do not like to say - but, someone must say it.

You must go - step down and fade away -  David Chiu.