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Thursday, July 25, 2013


The Transbay Center has undergone so many changes - the latest one its skin on the outside of the Transbay Center - is no more glass.

Some kind of metal - that will endure the inclement weather - look good - and serve the purpose. Bright in the light to everyone's delight.

Some reports say that this monstrous building - arising from the deep hole in the ground - is costing too much. Others say - we have not begun - there is more to come.

Over $300 million according to some experts - but you would not detect that immediate concern; if you were listening to the deliberations - at the Joint Transbay meetings.

They are always patting themselves on the back. Saying nice things - seems to be one happy family - no one would  know - about the "cesspool" - they all are swimming in. These at the TransBay Joint Authority meetings.

The Chair Jane Kim - a good buddy of the "Thug Mayor" - Willie L Brown Jr and Willie's other good friend of sorts -  from days long gone by -Maria Ayerdi- Kaplan - reads reports - they roll their eyes - dye their hair - paint their lips - and all with a tainted heart that fosters - divisiveness.

So far its a good show - the pains and tribulations will come sooner than later.

Those, that have deep pockets will foot the bill. The tax payers - who always get shafted by the crooks - pathetic all of them. Trying to fool all the people all the time.

Notice not too many astute people attend these TransBay Joint Authority meetings  that take place at City Hall - with all those - working to rake in the thousands - patting each other on their behinds.

This bluffing game has been going for years.

In all the years - I have attend these sordid meetings - three times - only to see for myself this charade - of inept folks - wasting tax payers money before my eyes - the situation at hand going from bad to worse.

Primes and sub-contractors raking in the millions - with change orders and other ploys and machinations - that defy decency, accountability and transparency.

The latest nonsense - it will cost us more - because of security concerns and other reasons - known only to those that love to make change amendments - the name of the game - only the crooks love to do this.

If this is the case - why were not these concerns brought out before and the costs factored in the project. 

For heaven's sake 9/11 happened a long time ago - and so much can gone into figuring out how to keep us safe.

The Transbay Joint Authority Committee - folks smart as they are - could have easily figured that out - a long time ago.

They figured out quickly how to take advantage of their health and other benefits.

Made sure of their perks - lied, lied, and lied to their teeth - only to retreat and now - finally admitting they are spending more.

Soon this $300 million - will be $600 million - and before you know it, $900 million more. Guess who pays for all that - we the tax payers.

These pathetic folks are full of it.

You truly must watch these two cats - Jane Kim and Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan - one worse than the other. They can take Willie L. Brown Jr for a ride - but not the constituents of San Francisco.

You just cannot fool all the people all the time.

Much like the Central Sub-way it started with $600 million and has now reached $1.7 Billion - and it is not all done - there is more and more and more - all tax payers money.

In the interim the businesses in and around 2nd and  Mission
are failing. Some of these businesses have been in place for generations - all this linked with the Big Hole and the Transbay Center - taking a very selfish and parochial attitude.

The customers fed up in and around North Beach - and Ed Reiskin and other lying to their teeth. Saying one thing at meetings and doing another - all this linked with the Central Subway - where soon the entire project will cost over $1.7 Billion.

There is this Pagoda Building standing rather floating between two other rather stable buildings. Some drab sub-contractor has chosen to bring it down - and does not know - how to do it.

Remember the Goodwill Building on the East Coast - Philly - well, a similar situation but this time the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - will be singing the blues. You can warn some fools - only so many times - and then you have to leave the horse to drink the water - by the stream.

My hope is that no death occur - with the Pagoda Temple fiasco - but knowing these folks - you can warn them - but, they will pay no heed. 

Time is running out - and the Pagoda Temple must come down - but we pray that are no casualties and what is more - the two other buildings - standing on either side - stand tall and do not come tumbling down - like the walls of Jericho.

We have in this great City and County of San Francisco - by deferred maintenance - not taken a good look at our infrastructure  - it is falling apart.

We call ourselves a "Transit First" City - but the way we handle our transit  services is deplorable.

Our Light Rail system is getting worse - two separate softwares - and in many case the Operators are forced to work the system - manually.

Our MUNI buses - dirty, stinking, and weeks can go by without the buses being cleaned - and this is plain wrong. Just look at the other neighboring buses services and operations - the buses are cleaner and the operators - serve the passengers, well.

Back to the BIG HOLE in the ground - many of the neighboring business - have been disrespected - I met many of them at City Hall - during the initial discussions. 

As a matter of fact manner - there was talk about Eminent Domain - taking one's property - because the State or Federal Government wants it.

John from Adolp Gasser - we got to know each other - for years these bastards exceeded the noise limits.

You could complain - and they just went on - increasing the volume  - and with the vibrations - making it hell for the near by - businesses.

Of course Jane Kim the transplant from New York and before that South Korea - would not know that.

I suppose Maria Ayerdi- Kaplan with her connections - in high places - could and would not care less. Time will tell - and there is Karma.

Who are these feline that seek these jobs - and are not sensitive to the needs of the people.

Nancy Pelosi must be loving it - not being able to promise - more tax payers money.

Now, that she is some leader - some leader - who can do nothing much - a minority and one that - she has become a laughing stock on the Hill.

Of course our Mayor, Edwin Lee must smile - and as long as some money comes his way - he is a happy camper.

The Mayor loves to look a the sky - and point the 35 cranes - and the various projects - and all that is good.

If you go to ground zero and witness the recent congestion on the roads of San Francisco - it does not sit well - with many constituents stuff in their cars.

Day in and day out facing - back to back traffic - and a lot of people - shouting and screaming - and it is only a matter of time - when some one resorts to violence. That day is coming - but I hope not.

That Big Hole is going no where - and as the days, turn to weeks, to months and years - we all will have to deal - with what happens around that Big Hole.

There are many things that happen in holes, around holes - and those who are called - holes - and in this case rightly, so. Aho.

The grandiose plans for the TransBay Center - all paid by the tax payers sweat and blood: