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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Blacks in San Francisco have been reduced to hearing some, few Blacks who gather people to pontificate and share information in the most nonchalant manner.

Of all the topics - Re-Entry. In a nonchalant manner - disdain for those who came to listen to some topic informative - but were treated like - brats.

Yesterday, Friday, July 19, 2013 the San Francisco Black Leadership Forum (SFBLF) gathered to discuss the issue of Re-Entry and Realignment - linked to the many prisoners who have been released.

More those that the system will be forced to release - according a mandate passed by the Federal Court - linked to over crowding.

Those on the panel were Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, Chief Adult Probation Officer Wendy Stills, and a representative for Public Defender, Jeff Adachi - Attorney Vilaska Nguyen.

We must always remember never, ever to intimidate the audience.

This happened right from the inception.  Orders - that you will do this and that and the other - and no one had even proved that the speakers or the discussion was worth the salt.

The hidden agenda that no one seemed to bother to note and less to ask - money. There is a pot of money linked to Re-Entry - and the pot has less money.

Too many vultures vying to get to it - those that dole out the money - are at a loss.

Much like the predicament of the folks - who are incarcerated - and released with less money to make - some sense of their lives. What a paradox.

The mikes were not working and this had to be fixed and it took at least an hour before the panel discussion had the mikes working.

For the first hour - the mikes were being tweaked - and this became - a major distraction. The speakers screeching made the whole event - an uneventful event.

I was accompanied by two Polynesians who wanted to learn something from this panel discussion. One a pastor and the other an Elder. At the end of the event - they felt the behavior of some in the audience was to say the least - pathetic.

Those in the audience were allowed to write their questions - and those who submitted their questions early on - had their question dumped and lumped on top of questions - that kept coming, later on.

The Master of Ceremonies losing his cool - talking a lot - and trying to argue with the few - trouble makers.

The fact that some Blacks who think that running their mouth, be loud mouthed - argue with the Master of Ceremonies - is cool - is an inherent factor that points of lack of manners, etiquette, and diplomacy.

There is NO way - any community can attain UNITY - speak with voice - and contribute to Society in a holistic manner - if some in the community - disrupt, want others to hear their drab, shallow, worthless comments - these folks are pathetic, they want some attention - and they should get it some where else.

Most of the questions were far fetched - we have had several similar forums - with more astute audiences - at the San Francisco State University, in Berkeley, with smaller and better educated audiences - else where all over San Francisco.

After some time I had to walk away - waste of my time - and I was sorry I invited two of my good friends to attend - such a poorly organized - event.

There was talk about the "Our Migration" a flawed document put together by mostly Blacks who did not have the best interests of Blacks in our community in San Francisco.

A document funded by the former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - now dead - and paid for - to pacify the Blacks in San Francisco.

No one worth the salt is paying attention to the "Out Migration" - document.

Some try to bark up the tree - but that is the extend of that sordid, document.

Once Blacks in San Francisco made up 25% of the population - now it is much like 4% - though people who are NOT in the know - tout that it is more like 6% - which is not true.

Much before this drab document called the Out Migration - reminding one of Migratory Birds - there was a document named the "Unfinished Agenda".

The "Unfinished Agenda" - a more through document that spelled out in detail - the needs of Blacks and what needed to be done - to empower Blacks.

Unfortunately; the uneducated on issues - have tossed this important document on the shelves to gather dust.

I have post the document at the end of this article. Read it carefully and ask yourselves - if you are one of those Blacks constantly arguing - what have you done to better the Black community? The empirical data was there - but why did it take our City and County of San Francisco - so long to do something about the situation at hand? Why?

While all the while trying to address the perennial issues among Blacks in San Francisco - in a drab manner -  some anointed Blacks - who do not have their heart in the right - place - have failed the community at large and the Black in particular - miserably.

The average Black family in San Francisco is hurting. The thousands who have left - left, because of lack of Quality of Life issues where they lived in San Francisco. 

They had serious concerns about Safety and their lives, the poor education offered, lack of sound transportation, lack of child -care, very high rents, high costs of health services, lack of opportunities, blatant discrimination and the list goes on and on.

The paradox is that those few loud mouthed Blacks who conduct such forums as we witnessed yesterday - and especially the pandemonium nearing the end - is a sign of abject - dysfunctionality - that has reached - saturation point.

It is not as if the woman while shouting and screaming - that those who wanted to express themselves were denied the FREEDOM to express themselves at this forum - was wrong - she was right.

Those in charge treated the audience like brats - talking down to them - and do not know the difference between FREEDOM and LICENSE.

License is the abuse of freedom. Those in charge did just that - abused their freedom - while looking down on the audience in - general in a demeaning, manner. This nonsense must stop. 

Incarceration affects all communities but it mostly affects the Black community - when it comes to Re-Entry.

One of the main reasons - is that once released from prison with the measly $200 or whatever - Blacks in general do not have anywhere to go - and even if they go to the half-homes - they still are forced to follow stringent rules and discriminated.

Others who live in the filthy, stinky, bed-bug infested Single Occupancy Residential (SROs) are even worse off - and those that know it - know it - and those that put these forums have no clue - what they are talking about. 

We had one Case Manager and I know him from the Bayview who has tried to reach the Chief Adult Probation Officer for 67 months - with no results. He made this statement boldly at this forum. Those who heard him - better accommodate him.

The Chief Adult Probation Officer harps that she has an open door policy - she is White - and as much as she purports to say what she wants to say - she truly cannot feel and more comply - with the needs of the prisoners released - more Blacks - who are subjected to untold suffering.

I have heard her make statements at City Hall and at other places - and do not believe her at all. Actions speak  and millions of dollars that she has access too - do not go to the right - people and places.

You just cannot expect any prisoner - from any Nationality - who has been incarcerated for years - 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years - to come out and find it easy to adapt to Society.

We do not have one single program that has a wrap around program that totally embraces, holistically - the entire human being - who needs the help - some in less measure but more who are totally dysfunctional.

Mental issues in particular - have created havoc in Society and we see this all over San Francisco - on our streets down town and in our neighborhoods.

Lost in their world, many with severe physical scars meted out to them in jail.

Mental problems, others in despair trying to survive - commit crimes - and go back to jail - and for some the cycle is just that - till death - takes them away.

I know many of them - and all I can do is pray for them. They tell me everything - and what I heard at the forum is drab, shallow, not worth the salt.

You really want to have a forum on Re-Entry - have a person who is incarcerated and is articulate to address the issue. You all will be educated.

Have a parent on the forum - who can speak their mind.

Bring in the Psychologist or those that deal with the many mental issues - and most of those who organize - such forum will be astounded.

It is an experience when one visits the jails - which I do - then you really comprehend - what this prisoners go through.

There is not a single prison in California - that rehabilitates prisoners - they Correctional Officers - have banded themselves - to treat most prisoners - with disdain.

The only option the prisoners have is to band themselves together - and when this happens - the leaders are thrown in solitary confinement and given other - harsh treatments.

Blacks must remember that San Francisco is a Racist City - and it does not help having some Blacks - who through corruption and selling out have made it - the wrong way in Society.

Pretending to preach to others - knowing little themselves - that is what this San Francisco Black Leadership Forum (SFBLF) did.

The topic was worthwhile - "Community Forum on Prisoner Re-Entry".

The community that gathered was disrespected - by the organizers.

The few loud mouthed - poor general organization - the failing mikes, the harsh treatment of the audience, this does not bear well with most.

The organizers will never succeed if they do not change their ways.

If they can keep inviting the other Black sell outs on their invitation list - that I saw in the audience - the same ones that receive the dole - and turn their back on other Blacks.

The challenges for Blacks incarcerated are many - I know that for a fact - and for other Nationalities too.

The opportunities few - tons of talk - but very little walk.

I am not going to waste my time - the next time around - going to such forums conducted in a dictatorial manner.

Change your ways - organize your events better - and then may be - you will succeed.

You cannot teach, less preach - if you are not educated on issues.

The Unfinished Agenda:

The Out-Migration document:

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