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Friday, July 5, 2013


In San Francisco certain evil politicians with the support of some sell outs - with intent cheat, steal, and make blood money - in San Francisco.

Millions of tax payers money is being wasted by San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - on dubious entitites. We have been patient but not anymore.

There was a time in the Bayview - where advocates got together, stood united and made good things happen.

The present Human Rights Commission - started in the Bayview as the Human Rights Committee. Only for others - dubious in nature - to take this Commission - in a totally different direction.

Today, the Human Rights Commission - totally is known; for its one salient objective - life style issues.

Certification of companies - Local Business Enterprise (LBEs), other certification, enforcement issues linked to contracts - are now under the jurisdiction of the Contract Management Division - whatever that means. 

This unique Division comes under the City Administrator.

We have a $8 Billion - Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - arbitrarily - has doled out:

  1. $225,000 towards the training of Stationery Engineers.

  2. $96,500 towards the Community Ambassadors - City wide. 
 I call them Yellow Hornets - whiling away their time.

  3. $505,000 to City Build towards a construction program. Very  few candidates end up getting a career job. Waste of money.

  4. $139,000 GoSolarSF job incentive. An audit is justified on this program.

 5. $1.9  million towards the Garden Project

 6. $150,000 towards the SF Conservation Corps. 

 7. $150,000 towards Project Pull

 8. $150,000 internship program for finance, IT, and HR.

 9. $240,000 Mayors Youthworks Program

10. $28,600 to the Friends of the Urban Forest

11. $40,000 Cal Maritime Academy Summer Program

12. $100,000 to SFPUC Learning Projects

13. $250,000 to renovate the Bayview Opera House. Lennar already gave them money. An audit is called for on this project.

14. $300,000 to invest in Artists throughout the Bayview

15. $80,000 drinking fountains in the Southeast Schools. An audit is required on this project - for the few fountains some 7 schools.

16. $75,000 Rainwater Harvesting

17. $20,000 our water and save our Bay curriculum

18. $120,000 Education outside - financing outdoor educators

19. $100,000  urban agriculture at Evans and Phelps

20. $100,000 urban agriculture at Crocker-Amazon

21. $12,000 to Literacy of Environmental Justice

22. $1.4 million renewable energy two SF Southeast schools. An audit is called for on this project.

23. $185,000 energy efficiency at community centers BVHP. An audit is called for on this project.

24. $65,000 recreation center lighting - Potrero Hill - St Mary's.

25. $1,200,000 capital improvements Southeast Com. Facility. An audit is called for on this project.

26. $144,000 SSIP Internship Program. An audit is called for on this program.

27.  $9000 Computer Pilot Program

28. $7,500 Solar panels on low-income households

29. 1,500 Lighting Mendell Plaza

The above programs and funding all tax payers money - with not one meaningful meeting - in the community.

If a general audit is conducted - on all of the programs - with those in the know - one will notice - that only those with inside information - with the known crooks - have been able to access to tax payers money. Why?

Not a cent for the Prevention of Violence and Killings in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Not a cent for programs where Workforce Programs are linked with the Prevention of Violence and Killings.

Not one cent to truly analyze and address Quality of Life issues.

Not one cent to provide toxic readings - on the air, soil, other contaminants where SF Public Utilities Commission - has been the criminal.

Not one cent to address health issues - the slow killing of our children, our mothers, our seniors - others. Pollution of the Bay, the air, the watershed - sewer pipes leaking all over the place.

Not one cent to have meaningful outreach on the issues linked to Killing and Violence - which now has reached saturation point.

Not one cent on meaningful dialog and outreach with small business, the residents - linked SSIP sewer pipe replacement - and adversely impacting residents and businesses. We few advocates do that on our own. Shame on these good for nothing - buffoons. 

This is how these idiots conduct themselves - they are far removed from reality - and the on going shenanigans - will be exposed in detail.

We need a quarterly report - on how these tax payers money - have been utilized - who has profited from these funds - and who proposed these programs - with what goals and objectives in mind.