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Sunday, July 21, 2013


Too many shallow, inept, immoral politicians abound in San Francisco - foremost among the panderers Jane Kim and Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener.

The TransBay with the millions of dollars has gone South - and Jane Kim and Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan both trying to represent Willie L Brown Jr as best they can - are making NO progress - time will tell.

Jane Kim who did not choose to represent all - use to stand up - but did not say the a word at the Pledge of Allegiance - in Room 250 the August Hall of the SF Board of Supervisors - thus bringing disgrace - where once most every was graceful and too the pledge to uphold the principles known well and acknowledged by those who are, sane.

Jane Kim an unprincipled and immoral person - apparently felt that the pledge did not meet her standards - this transplant from South Korea - with a sordid past of sorts. She has been biting the hand that feeds her - and this can go only for so long - before she falls flat on her face.

Scott Wiener is another - constantly trying to vie with trying to change things for the sake of changing things. Bring amendments - fighting the poor, fighting those that have earned their rights - if he does not agree to something - he starts to legislate and adversely impact the poor - others that have rights, too.

Jane and Scott hail for New York - where they should have kept their bad habits - back there - but have chosen to abuse our hospitality.

Malia Cohen is the worse of them all - she is shallow.

Malia Cohen and one Nadine Burke have gathered $4 million from the California Pacific Medical Center and another $300,000 from the San Francisco - 49ers to build a Wellness Center - in a contaminated area to apparently - help children. It is such immoral actions - that truly reveal where these disgusting, immoral, perverts come from.

Malia Cohen's trade mark - grinning like a jackass - as we all saw when the same sex was celebrated at City Hall - and there was Malia; in the center of the pandemonium. 

Malia Cohen who has NOT come out of the closet - but for all practical purposes - is as they say - closeted and shallow - and has failed to represent. 

As these San Francisco Board of Supervisor continue to wallow in the cesspool of their own making. All of them without exception have failed the common - San Franciscan and our fair City and County of San Francisco.

Daily we see before our eyes - Quality of Life compromised.

Muggings, thefts, house break-ins, car break-ins, assaults are on the increase.

The mentally ill - left to fend for themselves on our streets - the thousands of tourists that come to our fair City - wonder, what is happening to San Francisco?

We have more dogs than children in San Francisco - according the National Geographic Magazine - some years ago - it reported in access of 100,000 - now, may be around 120,000 dogs.

Double that the feline population - the growing singles - and less families - are the signs of the times - nothing progressive but mor sordid in nature.

Our San Francisco could care less about decent families - father, mother and children.

 Thousands of decent families have left San Francisco - do you think for a second Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, and Scott Wiener with their sordid - less morals and ethics - care about decent normal families?

David Campos should thank his stars that he has been voted in by some straights.

Not for long - always pushing and bringing up issues - that do not embrace the entire community - often times favoring a one sided issue - the majority of San Franciscans - could not care less. Like giving our airport  SFO situated in San Mateo; another name - that makes no sense.

David Chiu thinks he can fast track legislation to adverse small businesses - it is the same with the others.

None of them have a plan to reduce the violence, the shootings and the killings. None of them represent our youth - none of them have created - " jobs" that matter. All of them - these SF Supervisors - pander and their time is coming.

None of them care about - career jobs.

The SF Supervisors once were paid $38,000 - tax payers money.

Today we reward these good for nothing - scumbags - and give them $125,000 plus with benefits and other perks - none of which they deserve - our tax payers, money. 

We have made NO progress when it comes to affordable housing in San Francisco.

One has just to read the Housing Element and see what it says - then compare the progress made - when it comes to affordable housing - pathetic.

The 35 cranes that Mayor Edwin Lee brags about - is all about the filthy rich - market rate value - where a two room condominium - will cost over $ 1 million and a half away from the down town area.

More in some areas that matter - most over $3 million and some for as much as $5 million closer to the Bay with views.

When you have to pay $2500 for a two bedroom apartment - that says it all. The poor on a $1000 monthly cannot live - now imagine if you make $800 - and more our Elderly who live on a fixed incomes of below $900 if ever.

Some have money for the first five days of the month - the rest they have to beg and borrow - and our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - are busy making deals behind close doors.

Raking in illegal money - bribes and involved in ploys and machinations - do not think - we are not aware of such illegal activities. You have more time for lobbyists than you have for your constituents.

Come election time - these scum bags will promise all to take care of Safety, Housing, Education, Transportation, Open Space, Child care, Senior care, Jobs - but once in office - these scum bags do nothing - at all.

It is time - right now - we boot these good for nothing - scum bags - booth them off - and bring in those that care for the people.

Those major crooks like Willie L. Brown Jr. who is behind these shenanigans must be called out.

The devious consultants headed by Richard Blum and others - all evil and all interested in filling their own deep pockets.

Paul Pelosi and his wife Nancy Pelosi - caring more for themselves - and less for the commons.

In San Francisco of all place we tolerate such nonsense - we must do it now - boot these scum bags - and tell them to stay away - or forever hold our peace.

Daily our children, our single mothers, our youth, our young adults are suffering. 

These scum bags - the SF Board of Supervisors - I have mentioned above - prey on the community - and they get paid for doing so - with our hard earned - tax payers money.