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Sunday, July 28, 2013


There is nothing astounding about the Chinese government and their economy that is in the doldrums - today.

The Chinese have built - so may fake cities - complete with brand new infrastructure - fake shops - and no one occupying thousands of brand new units. Just mind boggling.

Such a phenomenon with millions of dollars invested - and sitting idle for years - is something baffling.

Not to the Chinese and their unique way of "pacifying" their folks at home.

The Chinese, just want to keep the workers in place and unruffled - they do not want riots, no protests, and they have money to spare - so they use it.

All over the world the Chinese are investing in resources - petroleum, propane gas, minerals, farms and farming, huge projects with little investments, building soccer fields and stadiums - constructing, the same model over and over again - all over Africa. The Chinese are coming!

Here in the United States - Chinese women in the hundreds - fly in during their eight and ninth month - to deliver a child - in some of our cities - more around Los Angeles and now more and more in Northern California - San Francisco and Napa county.

Corrupt politicians like Willie L. Brown Jr. with some shadow Chinese who have settled down in the East Bay - have formed a corporation - you invest in the millions - you get a Green Card.

Just like that - the worst type of corruption - is perpetuated. Where is the RICO act and why are we tolerating such blatant, corruption. Corruption has saturated government local, state, and federal - and that is no mean statement to make - but, it has.

Of course it is legal to invest in America - Congress saw this fit - but without any monitoring in place. Now is the time - to nip the nonsense in the bud.

In this case - for all the wrong reasons. Large investments in the millions - that go to finance LENNAR - a rogue developer from Florida - who was invited here in the early 1980s by Willie L. Brown Jr - a "thug Mayor" - who was then Speaker of the House in Sacramento.

Thank God for term limits - had this crooked politician been in power - he still would be raking in billions - not the millions that he rakes in now - as Speaker but that came to naught with term limits.

On the other hand - had Willie been in Sacramento - we would not have him serve as the first Black - Mayor of San Francisco.

Willie L. Brown Jr would not have been working behind the scenes - placing very corrupt politicians and other heads of department in place in San Francisco.

The likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, backing Scott Wiener -  working with Rose Park - lobbing and not having the permits to do so - reporting less to the Ethics Commission.

The Chinese government has very good relations with San Francisco. 

We all remember - those of us who were alive - when the Chinese held their Olympics in China - the Chinese chose to run the Olympic torch - in San Francisco - and did this with great fun fare. The only City favored from all the American cities.

The Chinese look favorably at San Francisco and our City officials - who take junkets to China often.

Tryinh to entice the Chinese to invest - which the 
Chinese will do - after building trust - it takes years - for those that know.

Little do the Chinese know that good Americans do not pander - the likes that have been visiting the Chinese cities - including Shanghai our Sister City.

The crooks visiting China  in great measure - favor greed - the "greedy" - folks who have NO morals and do not care about the general welfare of ordinary - San Franciscans.

Junkets are for these corrupt politicians - we will not sully the pages of this article - mentioning their sordid names - despicable.

The Chinese in China on the other hand have pumped billions - to help the Chinese who are ordinary citizens. They may fail in the long run - but at least in the short run - they have walked the walk - so to speak.

In San Francisco with Chinese investments corrupt folks - want to build condominiums for the filthy rich.

While all the time - shunning those that cannot afford to remain in San Francisco - decent families with children. Many who have lived in San Francisco for generations.

More decent families - man, woman, children - who have contributed so much - but cannot afford to remain in our City named after Saint Francis of Assisi - who stood for morals, ethics, humility and compassion.

A saint known more for his compassion - as our City has always been known for - but fading in this regard, more and more - because of blatant and abject - greed and immoral behavior.

In New Zealand, Australia, the many newer Nations that broke away from the Soviet Union.

In Africa in large measure, in South America, even here in North America - the Chinese are buying resources - farms, entire dairy farms, minerals in very large quantities - coal, iron ore, rare minerals to build air-craft and precision equipment - they have the money and they are hoarding - and they can sell the resources at a premium - but, that will not happen - they want it all.

The Chinese produce steel - as we have seen here - with our Bay Bridge and those tall cranes that soon will near a hundred plus on the West Coast - that load the containers from the many ships laden with goods - that come mostly, from China.

The Chinese are competing with South Korea and have over run them building large Air-Craft carriers, the largest container ships, you name it they build it in China.

The Chinese government pumps billions into such investment - because they know the world is watching. Once they cared about being closed up - the Great Wall of China.

Today, they are in with the digital world, the cloud - they keep intimidating Japan, other smaller nations - challenging the United States on the open seas - and we wonder - what is happening to the our Nation.

Notice the Chinese will not go into any situation and waste money in the Billions - like we did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We could have spent it on our Nation's Infrastructure, our Elders, our Infants, our Youth, on Education,our Health Care and Hospitals, on Transportation - but we did not. 

Our Congress more when Nancy Pelosi was the leader - failed - and she and the other Representative, Diane Feinstein - corrupt to the core.

These two must fade away - we do not need - stale, inept, spineless, immoral folks trying to represent decent San Franciscans - while all the time raking in the millions and filling their deep, pockets.

Their husbands more of these two very old women - Paul Pelosi and Richard Blum - crooks of the first order. Let it be know to the world - know for their ploys and machinations - the most sordid - shenanigans that were ever committed on decent, people the world, over.

Bottom line the Chinese have created a hub in San Francisco - with high power connections.

With  billions of dollars - no one can compete with them - here at home - they buy homes, cash down - but where is the money coming from?

Our leaders know some - but do not care. That is exactly what will come to haunt us all - in the long run.

Lack of accountability and transparency - we cannot permit those that do not have our shared values - to run  over our Nation - while decent Americans - more Middle Class Americans - are relegated to oblivion and despair.

We are a Nation of laws - but our laws are thrown to the wind.

We are a Nation of morals and ethics - standards and decency - but, some do not care to stand by them. Time will tell.

The Chinese from China are coming - but do we care at all?

Can the Chinese enhance our way of living - or do we assimilate, go with the flow - and throw asunder what good has been nurtured for hundreds of years - to the wind is utter - despair.

Our legacy the joint contribution of the fabric of this Nation - the First People, the Blacks from the days of slavery, the Latinos from the days of the Spanish, the Asians that have lived her for years;but not for too long. The Whites just learning to assimilate after causing so much harm - cheating, robbing, raping - placing the First People of Reservations - the others.

The one percent - which is less than one percent - some 30 thousand entities controlling the lives of over 320 million people our Nation's population.

This land - all of the land - belonging to the First People - the Native Americans - we have the resources, the food, the water - our air is being polluted.

The filthy rich must be controlled and some how the Middle Class encouraged to grow.

The Middle Class is the back bone of any Republic - any Democratic Process - not the crooks who worship their money - and are ruthless when it comes to plain - decency.

Unfortunately we have most of them in North America and they are anathema to decency, sound morals, standards and humanity. Aho.

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