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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The is only so much crap that anyone who is sane; can take from the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) - that is in charge of our MUNI - our public transportation buses and our failed Light Rail system in San Francisco.

Good leaders make no excuses they do something about it.

More, when they have dipped into the trust fund of the TAXI cab and are treating and have treated our TAXI cab drivers with disdain.

The took over the Taxi Cab Commission to help them - but, have royally screwed them over - again and again.

It does not help when Scott Wiener who talks the talks but cannot walk the walk -  constantly wants funds for MUNI - when MUNI has NO accountability and very less transparency.

Our MUNI buses stink, crime and mugging on the increase and what is most disgusting to know - it that the cameras installed on the buses - DO NOT WORK. More than 60% of these cameras - DO NOT WORK.

Mayor Edwin Lee has been informed about them, the Controller has been informed about them, the District Attorney must now step up and investigate - why more on the newer MUNI buses too - the cameras do not work.

The Chief of Police now must also step up and find out - why is MUNI treating the decent, tax paying constituents with - disdain.

SAFETY comes first - I heard it first hand from the Mayor - that is why I stepped up and I am helping the Mayor and all San Franciscans. 

The SF Board of Supervisors care less about Quality of Life issues - more Malia Cohen the most despicable.

 Scott Wiener - we call him - Tinker Bell - Jane Kim - the rolling eyes clap, the others not worth mentioning.

We are a Transit First City - which means that Transportation is paramount.

Yet,all over our City - Public Transportation has been used as a ploy - and those who use it - have to bear with long delays, dirty and stinking buses and Light Rail cars - that are never on time, mostly.

Constant delays - the through-ways clogged with cars and other vehicles - congestion that has reach EPIC heights - and all we hear are excuses - from everyone - not worth the salt.

Let us start by reducing the pay scales of all those that work for MUNI. The Management - all those - making over $200,000 - if ten of these cum bags had their salaries reduced by $100,000 - we would save a lot. 

If twenty of them - had their salaries reduced to half - we could save more.

I see them - all over the place - wasting their time.

Then you have the Ticket Inspectors - aided by Law Enforcement - twenty and even more - targeting the indigent, the immigrant who cannot speak English - thinking they are bringing - million in our City's coffers - while all the time - disgracing themselves.

You do not need more than two to enforce - checking tickets - it cost more to have these obese, good for nothing, Ticket Inspectors - surrounded by Law Enforcement - pretending they are doing our City of San Francisco - some good.

Far from the TRUTH they are pandering - and wasting their time.

Half of these Ticket Inspectors - do not live in San Francisco - yet, in the company of armed personnel - they throw their weight around.

Ed Reiskin the General Manager of MUNI - must gather these folks - or at least send them a MEMO - about their sordid - behavior.

MUNI is a joke - and we all know it.

Recently, a brand new bus was brought in - the Mayor, Edwin Lee - worked up - but when the Mayor and his entourage - began to take the ride - the brand new Bio-fueled bus of sorts - broke down. That is the real state of affairs - when it comes to MUNI.

People at MUNI talk the talk - but fail - each and every time to walk the walk.

The two tier-system does not help the MUNI drivers - at one time I knew all the Superintendents who worked for MUNI - the many drivers whom I have seen - give up on MUNI.

The MUNI drivers are fed up, the passengers are fed up - the buses do not run on time - the Third Street Light Rail - over $700 million spent - does not work. And all we hear are excuses.

You watch the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) meetings - it is a joke - all these idiots do - is pat themselves on the back - when the entire system - is failing - crumbling before their eyes.

60%  of the cameras do not work. Who is going to be responsible for this? And when? Aho.