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Saturday, July 6, 2013


There is no leadership left - no one has a Blue Print to take the community to a better place in San Francisco - more in the Bayview Hunters Point that is being - decimated.

The raging battle for survival - the filthy rich and the very poor.
The middle class is eroding - the filthy rich know it - and most of the politicians - are scum bags - they suck.

Few have the moral compass - to speak the TRUTH - if you do; and you are on the dole of the City and County of San Francisco - they play you.

 So, if you take money - do not beg for it - if it is the " people money " - account for each cent.

If not you are doing the devil work. If you look forward to grants, easy money to make a living - not to totally serve the community - you are worthless.

The many Poverty Pimp Pastors on the other hand who continued to get the dole until recently  - from Lennar and other dubious entities - are now in the doldrums. They are mostly Black - not to include the other Pastors - who do not know Lennar - less associate with their sordid - activities.

Most notable to note the  YMCA on Lane Street - the proxy whore - that pretends to do good - while all the while laughing to the bank with glee.

The Director driving a fancy car, a Jaguar - accommodating the devil - while all the while decimating the community.

They come into the community just to do the devil's work.

That YMCA property once belonged to the Catholic Church - it goes back to the time when all of the land - was farm land.

Goes to the time of the rancharias - the first strangers who came in search of gold like Palou and Balboa and the Franciscans monks who in the name of winning souls - murdered so many.

The ignorant would not know that - so we must move forward - say less mundane stuff - just to bring the ignorant to the fore - and cajole - and some how shed light - where they is abject, darkness. The plague that plagues our neighborhoods. The killings and the shootings - during Summer time - our youth prone to harm - and no one taking fully - responsibility.

The killings and shooting never happen in the vacuum.

The PO POS know more - but, behind the scene the devils play their games.

It is nothing knew - now they arrest a young Samoan - let us call him TIMO - and they want to destroy his life.

Never mind he has a young son and has been close to him for over three years. Never mind he love his family and his wife. Never mind - he has decided - by sticking to his mentors - to make something of himself.

He once went the other way - just because no one cared. As a young man - in played football for the Brown Bombers - his future looked good. He was handsome - may be that went to his head - then he got into trouble. He landed in Juvenile.

Never mind he has been working - in fact with one of the workforce projects - that Mayor Ed Lee has embraced and he has been touting - for all the world to hear. Which may be good.

The PO POS could not care less - to divert the community's attention - and cause more hurt to those that live around Kiska Road.

Adding fuel to fire - as they do - on the death of yet - one more youth -  half Samoan half Black. We are watching - we are watching like a hawk. Brian Browne is watching too.

So free Timo and think twice before you send him to jail - for no good reason - you can take him to any Court - and I will testify before can judge worth the salt.

I bring some Warriors too - and let us see the drama play in court - we will inform you - so that you can have your - obese stand guards - pander to what they pander. Make sure the place smells nice - I puke each time I enter those court rooms - the janitorial service - needs to be changed.

To the Chief of Police in San Francisco - I say - tell your men to stop - hurting the community when there is already a lot of hurt.
Not all of them - but most of them.

Ask the Bayview Captain to bring this case to you - review it - and adjudicate it - as best you can. Visit the young man wife and son - speak to those that he worked for - you know them - free Timo  the Samoan - and stop this harassment.

Using this ploy - waiting for some youth - to attain the voting age  - and then lock him or her up - in conditions that not even animals live in - while all the while you knew of the fake - warrant - juvenile crimes that Timo has put behind.

The Samoan community is watching and we do not want this on the death of the half Samoan half Black - on Kiska Road - killed where Timo hung around - and was grieving - only to be arrest without committing any recent crime that we his mentors know about.

I know City officials and politicians that have committed crimes - and no one does anything to them. Do you want me to name them?

Stop bullying the youth and the young adults - Timo has turned a new page - he has been living a good life - he has a son and wife - and he has taken responsibility - and is trying his best.

Once a budding football player - he made bad choices. I spoke to him at length - and many in his life - including Mitch Salazar - gave him a job.

Do not freaking come in at the wrong time and create confusion - the entities that must maintain law and order - and now - using para-military tactics - but this one is totally out of sync and a method that is old, primitive, and senseless.

The time has come to practice Restorative Justice - not the old methods - where you play cat and mouse - and the " I got you game ".

We the tax payers - pay your salary - as it is - some of you - who are not going your job - if you find it hot in the kitchen - get out of the way - ferry yourself to Napa or some where else - where you can chill out.

It is passed three in the morning - and for the last three days - including the day - celebrated - the 4th of July - I was busy - and I will not tell you why - all you go to watch - and hear the speech - by Frederick Douglass - he said - what he said  - a long time ago - and his words ring as clear as a bell - and puts a spell on those that can truly - understand.

I will post the speech at the end of this article. Two versions -just not to make the viewing boring - but, fore your you to pay attention to the words. That was in 1800s and we are now in the year 2013 - and nothing much has changed.

It is not natural to kill and shoot for decent human beings.

This situation arises - when the human being - reduces himself or herself - to becoming less than human.

Numbing the conscience - and letting the satanic practices - that is inherent in those that shun God and spirituality - families dysfunctional prey to drugs, poverty, and lack of sound opportunities.

This was not the case - taken for granted before - but, sadly today it is  - and it pains the heart and numbs the being - of those decent - who want it good for everyone. Including those who with intent - encourage - gentrification.

San Francisco has a budget of $8 Billion - and we must be fair and serve all - but this is not the case. Some one must step up - and do what is right - we need justice - fairness - and more compassion and fortitude.

When Jesus and the great prophets were on this Earth - they did not dabble with money, wealth, greed, high rise buildings, and blatant corruption.

All of them spoke to the TRUTH and all of them suffered - because when you shine light on the cockroaches - they flee - there are few, today - who can shed light - where they is abject - darkness.

When you take a stand - those that are evil - do not like it - but that is not the point.

Those that take a stand for what is right - do the right thing - even in dying for what is right that they believed in. They leave a legacy.

If you are a cheat, steal, corrupt to the hilt - you will not and cannot leave a good, legacy.

Our environment is being polluted - the entire land that was stolen from the Ohlone - the Native Americans of San Francisco - the First Nations - that I represent. 

 I represent them - and can say with authority - the land was stolen, the women raped, the First Nations scalped for money - and that was as recent as 1927.

Now, indigenous people who must be respected - those that have indigenous blood - are being bribed - one group pitted against the other - some little money given - stale bread crumbs - and those with evil intentions - think that all is well - when it is not.

Corrupt people exposed - are sheltered - and the corrupt increase their legions - and think they can rule Scott Free.

You are watched - and your fate in near - the hand of God will strike you down - you and your minions - and a worse fate is in store - for those that protect your kind.

You are the scum of the Earth - and you know who you are.

You cannot even bear good fruit - all you do is pollute and contaminate - and where you go - pandemonium is supreme - and spirituality and calmness - peace and solace - does not exists - in your sordid - realm.

Your time has come and you must go - or else more will - perish. Aho.

The parents and the neighborhoods are hurting - too much killings and violence.

This time - with great sacrifice - the WARRIORS have chosen to sacrifice - and do more with little - to bring some solace where there once was turbulence.

Bring light where there was darkness - educate and listen with humility.

Those Community Based Organization who have been whoring with the money from grants and other shenanigans the City and County doles out - the likes of Girls 2000, the Young Community Developers, City Build, the Bayview Foundation - have nothing to show - no legacy to leave - all the do is beg - and they cannot even speak to the TRUTH.

The many consultants who cannot hold a decent job - but act as spies - in the hood we call them "snitches".

They pretend to act as someone doing good - but they must be shunned - the ones like Dwayne Jones, Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, the late Willie B. Kennedy, Linda Richardson, Al Williams, Aurelious Walker, and there are more.

The many Black - Poverty Pimp Pastors - leading the pack Aurelious Walker who after making his money has jumped ship and is now in Vallejo.

Calvin Jones, the many "thug" sell outs that were on the pay roll of Lennar - we knew their pay master and the mind behind them - Roy Wills.

Sophie Maxwell who cannot enjoy peace of mind - and the recent devil that is worse than them, all - Malia Cohen.

You can laugh now - but you will scream and cry and weep - for many more years than you can, ever dream. You have turned your back on the people.

There are head of Departments that I know - who know what I am speaking about.

The Mayor Edwin Lee - others in power - the Fire Chief, the Police Chief, the Controller, the City Attorney, the Public Defender, the Sheriff - they all know me - personally.

They know - that it is difficult to speak the TRUTH - it is very difficult to stand by those when others taunt ; gang up against them - want to destroy them.

In my sojourn on this Earth - I have stood by those that need help - stood by them when most were against them.

Wrote about the situation at hand - and in most cases - and in every case when I wrote about the individuals targeted - came out victorious. That track record come from fortitude, learning, and humility.

We  now need to shed light where there is abject darkness - pray for sure - have compassion - and bring solace where there is turbulence and confusion - where now reigns killings and violence. With intent some have sown the seeds of these happenings - nothing ever happen in a vacuum.

Our Polynesian and Blacks have many things in common.
They have lived together, married, danced and made merry - they have come together for weddings and for funerals, at graduations, and more. They have been there for one another. They inter-action are deeper than most surmise - 60 years plus of inter-acting and living.

It is not so difficult for us to bring the leaders together - and break bread.

We must pray over this - and put our best foot forward - we need a little help - can you give it to the front line Warriors to make it?

Send your contributions to:

Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation
4909 Third Street
San Francisco, California 94123

We are a non-profit - a 501 (c) - EIN  72-1542157

Mention: Violence Prevention - Healing and Restorative Justice.

Only serious callers call me at: 415.816.2307  This is for the community and since the others have let us down - I am very, very busy - doing what I do best - serve the community.

This is the first time - in 12 years - we have put out a clarion call for monetary help. We must do this for the community - we need the space to work in - and the ability to deliver a quality services - with full accountability and transparency. Help us if you can - and we will not let you down.

We do not need consultants who have no history of the community. Coming into our living rooms - and without our permission - re-arranging our furniture.  That will NOT happen.
Especially, if you are from the old school and think - you know it all - screw that.

More, fail to listen to the adverse impacts -when it comes to the people who are suffering - at ground zero - our neighborhood - where the poor reside and those in power - think they can shun them - because no one wants to represent them.

The many corrupt politicians - who should stay away from ground zero - their words, actions, even their shadows have cast shadows of doubt, brought misery and most of all death - shedding blood and spilling - the worst kind of hatred.

" Blessed are the poor - for their is the kingdom of heaven. "

" It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle - than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. "

Only those with a moral fiber, who practice and comprehend fortitude can take those in trouble to a better place.

The time has come to fine tune our moral compass - and that means have morals, have standards, practice spirituality.

This is the land of the Ohlone - if you do not practice humility and if you shun morality and fairness - you will perish - you will cry, your pangs will be deep - and you will say - I am sorry - but it will be too late.

Folks with intent have harmed our children and our seniors by polluting the land, the air, and the water - more the watershed.

Folks think by doling grants they can deceive the people - your money - more BLOOD money - will bring more harm than good.

If you have NO morals, no standards, no compassion, no leadership, lack fortitude - than you are like a reed in the wilderness.

Moving any which way the wind drives - and you are spineless, shallow, inept - good for nothing. Your living is for nothing.

You know who you are - and the time has come - to change your ways drastically - or get out of the way.

Here is the speech given by Frederick Douglass:

Here is yet another version of the same speech - for those that care and want to educate themselves: