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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Turn on the television and there - in your face - mostly White media persons - are trying to discuss the "race card" .

Their very demeanor - betraying their ignorance - and their body language revealing - the underlying factors - that has made playing the "race card" - an institution in these the United States of America - for all the wrong - reasons.

Those in the Black community - have always detested the prevalent - " House Negro" - simply put - he or she is the one - that purports to know - how all Blacks feel - in the poor neighborhoods.

These good for nothing folks - House Negros - playing pundits for the White Media.

Pandering to the Whites -  and we have them - here in San Francisco too - as we have them on National Television - dime a dozen - good for nothing - the say a lot but nothing of it - means anything at all.

On a more sober note - and to take this conversion to another level - a more grounded and meaningful level - one that hurts, is very painful - but one has to say it - even though it is difficult to express - because the signs of the times are here - and the window of opportunity - to do right - slight.

I have attended over 240 funerals since the year 2000 - most of them related to - Black on Black violence - shootings resulting in death.

Often times the paradox that hits one hard - one cousin killing the other - only to find that out - when the man lies in his coffin - too late to do anything - with many who learn about these facts - struggling to understand why such incidents keep on happening - in this fair City of us - San Francisco.

No one seems to care - how hard it is for families to come to a complete realization - that families have been so divided, become so divisive .

So ignorant of family ties and how once mutual relations - have been kept apart - due to turf wars and plain tunnel vision.

In just two generations - and some times ONE - families that were tight - have been torn asunder - and some one has done a good job - dividing and ruling the roost.

Every black man has to fight for his life - every single day - no black man or woman can take is for granted that all will be well - in a shopping mall, on the street, in the presence of mostly White folks - who laugh, play, and mostly look down with disdain on Blacks and people of color.

They have done this more in the South for generations - but all over the United States - on land that belongs to the Native Americans - and with impunity - done as they, please. 

Here is San Francisco we are well known as a Racist City.

We are not a diverse City - we may say we are - but we are not.

The on going paradox is that we have Black House Negroes  in San Francisco selling out the community.

 I will not tarnish this article by naming them - but each and every Black that has held a Supervisorial position in the last 10 years - become a Mayor - some head of the Department - has chosen to sell out the community.

To rake in the thousands - and in the case of one "Black Thug Mayor" - millions.

Now, San Francisco unlike most American cities - from its inception when people came in droves during the Gold Rush and even before - always had the presence of Blacks - doing well for themselves.

Contributing to the the constituents of San Francisco - businessmen, clergy, soldiers, porters, cooks, educators, journalists - you name it - Blacks throughout the short history of San Francisco - have contributed in large measure.

As Business folks Blacks made known San Francisco, the Buffalo Soldiers who brought in the Pioneers and did more looking after the Federal Lands - today known as the National Parks,  pastors having their churches some as old as 150 years - Blacks standing their ground and dealing with blatant - racism and surviving holding their heads up and standing - tall.

Blacks held land in the thousands of acres - Mary Allen Pleasant and more - and this history must be noted - and those in power must read these facts - more, if they are proud to be Black.

Blacks in the early part of the 1900s fed up with racism in San Francisco - left San Francisco by chartering a ship that took them to Canada. Blacks fail to recognize this feat - and Whites could not care less - especially those that favor - gentrification.

In the last fifty years - and more with the introduction of crack cocaine in the mid-1980s - the Black women as been targeted. 

Paradoxically - the very fabric of the Black community - has been destroyed - just like that - by this demonic - drug - planted in our Black communities and those of color.

Many Black grandmothers - have stood their ground and raised three and four generations - and no one has paid homage to our  Black Grandmothers.

There is Fathers' Day, Mothers' Day - time to celebrate Black Grandmothers' Day - with a deep recognition - of saving entire generations of  Blacks.

Blacks who now - seem to be drowning - and surrounded by blatant - racism - that makes normal survival - a difficult task.

Caught in this bind - our young women - our men who have given up HOPE - and the Black community irking out a living - and forced to leave places like San Francisco - for other smaller towns and cities - and soon into oblivion.

The "Unfinished Agenda" set the tone some year ago - this document is found on many shelves collecting dust. One has to read it - to understand more - complete with sound Empirical Data.

The "Out Migration" makes a mockery of the "Unfinished Agenda" and plays into the game - created by those who do not want to see Blacks succeed - and more foster - Gentrification - of the highest order.

I personally know the Black sell outs - and perhaps been the only one in San Francisco to name them - again and again.

We had to do this - when we fought the Rogue Developer - Lennar - that to this day many Developers - backed by these Sell Outs - keeping selling out the community. Time will tell.

Today, in San Francisco - we do not have one single Black Leader - who has morals, standards, ethics - to clearly state a Blue Print - to lead the Black the community; to a better place - and has grassroots support.


The many Poverty Pimp Pastors have failed - and most of them - Black.

The NAACP in San Francisco is drowning in the cesspool of its own creation. Faltering with paralysis. 

Those who have been bleeding the City Coffers, tax payers money, pretending to help Blacks - some Blacks as head of these Community Based Organizations - more Whites behind the scenes - should be ashamed of themselves - encouraging division in our neighborhoods of color.

Most of them talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.

This Race Card is now being played - with many devious ways and less understood by ignorant folks - who are NOT educated on issues.

More who have no morals,  less, a sound ethical ground to stand and make  statements that matter.

Many Blacks in power - have willingly and unwillingly contributed to this Blatant Racism in San Francisco.

When confronted they say - what can I do - as a single person.

You bet you can do a lot - just like you read now - and still wonder what you can do - what else does it take to inspire you?

We must stand up for what is right - just like most did - during the days of the Civil Rights - and as you all can fathom - spirituality played an important - part.

During the Civil Rights Movement - we did not have immoral people - Black or otherwise - pretending to lead, panders to sin and immorality - as we have them today.

Mistresses, laying in bed with both men and women, doing drugs and continuing to do drugs, using ill gotten wealth to show off - talking the talk but failing to walk the walk. Protecting the corrupt - yes, Blacks in power - shallow, spineless and unethical.

For sure the Black on Black violence does not help. 

This one act - cries to heaven for help - has destroyed the core of the community - and people in great numbers are numb - and have given up HOPE.

If you are NOT spiritual - if you are not disciplined - if you are not educated - if you have no support - no family support - grassroots support - you think you can do nothing - but, believe me - YOU CAN DO SOMETHING AND THE TIME IS NOW.

This one act itself - Black on Black violence - show how deep; SIN has come to haunt Black folks.

When you spill BLOOD - that our grandmothers - men and women having FORTITUDE - stood their ground to protect, preserve - hoping for the best - in the days, year, and generations to come - you may repent - but the damage is unending and blood on your hands - is deeper than deep.

We must look DEEP - and seek solutions within our community - and now outside our community.

Do not fall prey to the Main Media and those behind the scenes - that we know - Zionists and others - panderers to the Almighty Dollar.

Folks that do not believe in God -  less acknowledge good deeds, actions,  spirituality that means too much to the fabric of all Blacks - the role of the Black churches.

Generations - down generation - from the days of Slavery to today and on to - tomorrow - with God on our side we have nothing to fear. We can do it and we must - taking control of our own destiny - not playing into the hands of those that have ulterior - motives. Aho.