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Thursday, July 4, 2013


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission failed the public at large - when it came to community benefits - with the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP).

They failed the community - bad.

Right now at Calavares - without the proper soil testing.

What are called borings - where a sample of the soil is taken - by boring  deep into the ground - for hydrologists and those astute in matters seismic - who can gather tons of empirical data.

Based on this pertinent data - critical decision are made - but not the decision that was carried out that will totally - impact the entire Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) - at Calavares Dam - very near Sunol.

Some URS engineer decided to bore a tunnel - stark naked - through two seismic faults - something no one would do - but it has been done.

To remedy this will cost millions of dollars - $200 million plus.

If this pipe passing through this conduit fails - and it will fail - brand new as it is - large areas - like Fremont will - flood. Hundreds if not thousands can lose their lives. Think about it!

Even as those of us who are following the many mishaps of the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) - costing San Franciscans in access of $2.6 billion - and our Regional partners who profit by using more more - $2.2 billion plus - we are now left with a huge anchor hanging round our necks.

In my many articles - I have always stated - how are we going to address - this project - the Calavares Project on land that belongs to the First Nations.

Land and resources - that were stolen - near Sunol -  shame on those that continue to abuse power, lack intelligence, and foster blatant  and abject- corruption.

We are now embarking on the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) which is a still larger project - to revamp our sewer pipes - some 1000 miles of sewer pipes - most over 80 years old .

Total upgrade our Digesters that hold the treated sewage - upgrade our pumps that move the sewage, upgrade the weirs that are now in bad shape; and hold the secondary effluents.

Make whole the community at large - or so the plan - should be.

For over 70 years the SFPUC operations have adversely impacted the community. 

The stench emitting from the broken and failed digesters. The spewing of Methane gas. The contamination of our ground water and the contamination of our Bay.

The SFPUC has been a BAD neighbor - a freaking BAD -neighbor.

A Task Force was formed linked the to the Sewer System Improvement Project - more the Digesters.

The task force asked for 10% community benefits and some of us participated as observers - for good reason.

The Task Force was granted 5% of the total amount - amounting some $8 Billion plus.

So far - we the community - have not seen nor received any focused, meaningful deliberations - communications - nor a plan how to address the situation at hand - with the community in the cockpit.

We do not trust outsiders - mostly consultants - who come in our living room and try to re-arrange the furniture - without our - permission.

Recently; Brown and Caldwell won the contract to build the new disgesters at the Phelps Street site.

Some 12 years ago - they had won the contract - but the SFPUC decided to shelf the project - and deprived Brown and Caldwell - from performing on the then Waste Water Project.

Even though voters had voted - to revamp the two systems. The Clean Water system and the Waste Water system. The SFPUC - with intent - shelved the then Waste Water project.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) decided to go ahead with the Clean Water system - naming it a fancy name - Water System Improvement Project (WSIP).

The SFPUC wasted over $100 million - money that was set aside for Community Benefits - with corrupt consultants stealing and laughing all the way to the bank.

The jobs opportunities linked to the WSIP - given to San Franciscans - can best be described as minimal.

 San Franciscans getting nothing - and the excuse made by the consultants and SFPUC - that this was a "Regional Project".

The Project Labor Agreement linked to the WSIP was bad - with too much in fighting - and that too in front of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

You would have thought that the SFPUC would learn something - they have learned - nothing.

The have started the SSIP on the worst foot - and judging from their poor decision making - slated to go - down the drain - and into the "cesspool of their own creation". Poor, very poor - leadership. The muck is so thick - and the stench of corruption even worse.

We are poised to embark on the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) and already we are seeing - models not in place, very poor outreach, and this time around we are documenting the work - and we will post "mug shots" - of the consultants - in digital format - for all the world to see.

If you are a consultant and you have NOT been vetted by the community - we will post your "mug shot".

Complete with the amount of money given to you for outreach and other meaningful work - which most of these SORDID freaking consultants - have no clue about - and care less about the community at large.

Much before the real work starts - already contractors have received millions in contracts - to replace brand new sewer pipes all over San Francisco. I have been documenting these projects - taking photographs

We also know those - mostly insiders - and in the next article I will reveal the names and the millions they have received as consultants - who are smiling and doing what they do best - spent and waste  - tax payers money.

So far the outreach has been pathetic - and I have exposed a couple of projects and the results have been pathetic. No one is really paying - attention.

SFPUC in name owns the project - but others do it - with inferior outreach, no concern for businesses losing millions.

Always targeting the public at large - depriving innocent hard working constituents of parking - in the neighborhoods - for months on end. Having the audacity to fine innocent constituents - even though the adverse conditions are created by the contractors.

Who is fooling whom?

In the Bayview Hunters Point - we have Community Based Organization like the Bayview Foundation - funded in the millions over all these years.

This CBO -  has decimated - the Community Response Network - that we had formed - to stop violence and eradicate killings - most minority youth - way back in 2002.

The City and County of San Francisco and more the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth and Families - continues to back - inept, shallow, spineless folks - who handle this money - with most of it going for ADMINISTRATION purposes - what I call paper pushers.

Recently some of us stepped up and formed a small group and first took a survey and secondly halted the violence and the killings - mostly among the Polynesian and Black youth. So far - we have made progress.

Details of the measly funding - and other pertinent factors - I will reveal in due course.

These teams who go into the community - each of whom have deep experience and more the community history - go to - "ground zero" and do the work.

Meet the victims, the families; those that are adversely impacted in the neighborhood and follow up - with the many victims and more the many - families.

Unlike the papers pushers who lied to Mayor Ed Lee and got their money. The recently formed teams to address Violence and Killings - have their heart in the right place and are motivated to serve the community. 

In the past the other Community Based Organizations (CBOs) , those appointed to reduce Violence and Killings, other inept consultants - failed the community.

The above totally failed San Franciscans and have BLOOD on their hands.

What really stuns me - is how these folks purporting to represent and hold high offices - know so little about the history of the community.

Inter-act less with the decent community leaders - and cannot make a connection between the many projects coming in the community, the lack of job opportunities, more career jobs.

The prevailing - violence, killings, and lack of opportunities - in our community - as the million dollar projects - pass through the community and more in our back yards.

In this case the Bayview Hunters Point.

We are watching the progress - and unlike some drab groups that protest without any long term plan and concrete results.

We will do it our own way - if we are NOT treated with respect.

There is only so much crap we can take - and we will NEVER, ever - beg.

We will not be involved nor think of stealing, moving money, getting involved with blatant corruption - that SFPUC is known for and being investigated.

Let me state this very clearly - no single person who has cheated, been involved in corruption, mentioned in the Main Media.

Do not think for a second you are Scott Free - you are still being watched and monitored - you and your evil minions.

Let me also state categorically that the General Manger of the SFPUC - should manage and direct - and not take sides and act like a referee.

We cannot wait for corrupt consultants to come and play havoc in our community - much as they did with the WSIP.

In fact no consultant who played a role in the WSIP should be permitted to also - jeopardize - the Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - this one project that should embrace the community.

The SFPUC favor the corrupt and the crooks - and we have seen this before and now; we known we will see this in the future.

It is time to implement the RICO Act - as things are getting - out of hand.

We the community - because the SFPUC is so dumb, so nonchalant, cannot think outside the box - conceived and planned two "niche" - projects.

We gave the created plans and handed the SFPUC the plans on a platter - 18 months ago.

It is taking us over 18 months to put them in place.

Frankly speaking - I could put both projects in place - in two weeks.

These folks talk, and talk and talk - back and forth - insult those that work hard - create all sorts of hurdles - while our youth are dying. Tell me who has BLOOD on their hands?

I prayed and came out with the first project the "Riparian Project" and put Mitchell Salazar to implement it. It is like pulling teeth - it is still crawling - 18 months later.

This Summer; it should have been in place and could have saved lives.

I want Mayor Ed Lee, Nuru Mohammed, Ben Rosenfield, Steve Kawa, Tony Winniker, Harlan Kelly, Naomi Kelly - those that have the "guts" - to tell me - what is happening to you - folks?

The second project is the "Contractors' Center" - I termed it in my conceptual design - as the " Contractors' Digital Hub".

How can we foster good relations - when the community at large is being insulted?

When this City continues to hire outsiders - more from the East Bay - when the SSIP - is in our back yard - and no community, representation?

Do you freaking want to go this path - with us keeping silent?

The SFPUC keeps hiring inept folks - spending on an average $150,000 with benefits - while shafting those that can deliver - and hiring no one from the community? Do you really think - you can go Scott Free committing this murder of sorts - in broad daylight? 

Think again and again and again!

For us the community we are using our own money - to create the concepts, and spend hundreds of man hours.

Create and hand over the viable and sustainable plans to the SFPUC.

Schedule and have the meetings - follow up - do this that and the other - and these guys will create hurdles, pretend they are doing something - and freaking sit on the plan - much as if they have been stuck on seat with a lot of CRAZY glue - stuck on their butts.

You may not believe it - our City Departments are now - with intent - encouraging - "Gentrification".

Gentrification - which is blatant removal of targeted people - the City deems not necessary; they should be out of the way - to carry out their "nefarious" projects and activities - with little or no interference. 

Well, you are messing with the wrong person.

I am well trained to deal with knuckle heads, and those that are crooked to the core - I will NOT be bought and I will not beg.

You consultants are pathetic and what is more you are worthless.

Many of you who are leaders cannot think straight yourselves - always hiring consultants - who are NOT from the neighborhoods - and who think that they - know it all.

For too long - have we permitted outsiders - to come into our living rooms and re-arrange our furniture. No more.

This time - we will fight - and after all this time - we will refuse to deal with you.

We have given you  many chances - you all are pathetic to say the least.

We must NOT stoop to your level - even though some you make over $250,000, plus benefits - our tax payers money - and cannot support the community - when there is an urgent need.

Today, is the 4th of July - and we have to beg, cajole, and pander - so think the crooks and the corrupt. 

Let me tell you - six months from now - you all will know - better.

What is important to know - we will have done it - our way. We will NOT stoop to the crooks.

Time is on our side - simply because God is on our side.