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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The special meeting with the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) was another convoluted meeting.

The Commissioners and the members representing LAFCO all members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - indulging in innuendos and disrespecting the UNIONS.

Trying to hoodwink the public at large. San Franciscans are astute - and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has miles to go - before they can - truly deliver any product on time - and with standards.

One member of the SFPUC - always talks in general terms about Climate Change - with having no concrete knowledge of  empirical data - linked to the Carbon Footprint - in our City and County of San Francisco.

While some one may think - as any fool would - that CleanPowerSF can and will reduce the Carbon Footprint - it will not address the tip of the iceberg.

More - when one is dealing with over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas emitted from our landfills and another 800,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide from the many concrete buildings old and the new high rises.

One ton of Methane Gas equal twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Just throwing arrows in the air - spewing cliches and trying to fool the public will not take anyone - to a better place.

Such shenanigans could be used at the Commission on the Environment - but, will never fly at the SF Public Utilities Commission - with the public in charge - more in involved in every aspect.

Just agreeing to settle the unit price of energy to make it compatible with Pacific Gas and Electric - does not do anything much.

We must remember the Market - decides the price - and just thinking that an amendment; and pushing for a level price - with PG&E will deter other companies and PG&E - from competition will not work.

San Francisc has hydroelectric energy - our own from Hetch Hetchy - but we chosen to sell our power to other entities. SFPUC has not had a clean record when it comes to Clean Energy.

In the year 2004 - SF Public Utilities Commission - was pushing for Combustion Turbines to generate power - under the jurisdiction of  Susan Leal and Barbara Hale.

We the community and especially Dr. Espanola Jackson and myself - fought this nonsense. The thought of using " fossil fuel " - while we were still in the process of shutting down Hunters Point Power Plant - says a lot about SFPUC and the then leadership - the residue that still remains - and have learned nothing from those - sordid actions.

Barbara Hale the Assistant General Manager - has changed a lot - but must still be sorry for the evil deeds - she and Susan Leal tried to push.

Going against the community.

Richard Skylar one of the Commissions at that time - who has since passed away - helped the community - sent the Combustion Turbines - in a different direction.

It led to the firing of Susan Leal and for good measure those involved should have been let go - but that did not happen. Today, we the public - the citizens and tax payers - continue to suffer.

The Combustion Turbines were sold and the SF Public Utilities Commission spent the money - but not a penny to mitigate, abate, or help the affected community - the Bayview Hunters Point and Potrero Hill.

Vain talk about CleanpowerSF is cheap. 

No one has defined what " Clean Power " is. 

No one has the empirical data - on the total emissions - linked to Carbon Dioxide  - from all sources - and the dent - this City will make with the " build out" and so on.

I see people coming to the podium - and spewing diatribe.

This will not work. Failing to come to the meeting - but, stating they were busy engaging the " union and labor leaders" - well, this excuse will not fly.

I see mostly White Folks come out of the wood work - and they seem to know everything.

The even seem to know what is best of us in the neighborhood - people of color.

Send your excreta, pollute our air, foul stench in the air - and you know what is best for us - the First Nations called you - forked tongue and nothing much - has changed.

" No one gave these folks  permission - to come into our homes - and into our living rooms - and re-arrange our furniture - without permission ".

San Francisco Public Utilities in full of it.

Yesterday - an agenda item on Lake Merced was postponed.

The reason given Phil Ginsburg was not available - but  an hour later - he was in Room 250 - at the SF Board of Supervisors - accepting some kudos on behalf of Recreation and Park.

Such ploys and machinations by SF Public Utilities Commission are well known. Lake Merced, our clean water , our sewage, our infrastructure - are NOT in the hands of people that believe in transparency and accountability.

There was a flood in Visitation Valley a few days ago - not a word about it - homes were flooded and people suffered.

In the last six months we have had over twelve instances - homes and businesses - being compromised, brand new water pipes bursting - floods occurring and homes damaged - new valves failing and causing havoc.

Sewer pipes leaking - causing a huge sink hole - compromising homes and adversely impacting the tax payers and constituents.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is full of it - you can help them - you can give them a Blue Print - the fools cannot follow the plan.

You literally have to lead these idiots by the nose to make good things - happen.

What SFPUC is good with - is doling money to crooks and sell outs.

Making deals behind close doors and favoring some over those that work hard and have the best interest of the community.

SFPUC keeps hiring idiots - yesterday - Commissioner Art Torres - the Chair of the SFPUC asked a question about legislation - no one could answer the question - yet, these idiots who are hired and are expected to know - were tumbling to answer.

Then someone shows three fingers - then a foolish person recently hired - utters the words AB Three - Assembly Bill Three - such utter - nonsense.

Only for Commissioner Art Torres to clarify - you mean three bills  - only for someone to whisper to the person who utter the words AB Three - that a number of bills were before the assembly and that the matter would be - reported to the Commission.

If you go to building 525 Golden Gate - the brand new building - you will see these new hires - pussyfooting around.

Some one who has to appear before the Ethics Commission - charged with "conflict of interest issues" - failing to understand the gravity of the crime.

This same person - boldly telling everyone that the General Manager - will protect her.

She better learn fast - shut your mouth - and better still after the San Francisco Ethics Commission adjudicates - get out of town - we do not need corrupt, inept, and sordid folks tainting the good name of San Franciscans.

There is blatant corruption, nepotism, and all sorts of ploys and machinations at SFPUC. Some employees who are hired and paid well - wasting their time.

Others - San Francisco Public Utilities Commission employees who work hard, are honest, trying to put their best foot forward - ganged upon. This nonsense must STOP.

Yesterday's - joint meeting is systemic of the inherent flaws, the half-truth, Commissioners throwing arrows in the air - spewing diatribe and not truly serving the best interests of San Franciscans.

How can they - they do not even live in San Francisco.