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Saturday, July 13, 2013


All  those that matter agree that "Community Policing" matters - and is the way to go - here is San Francisco.

Where, so many innovative models, projects, products have been invented and introduced for all the world  to see.

When it comes to our youth and young adults  - we have failed miserably - to take a stand and make "community policing" - work. 

We have the empirical data to prove - what we are saying - and we have provided Mayor Edwin Lee the results.

We have a detail model in place, vetted, every possible aspect evaluated - and we are ready to go.

We want Mayor Edwin Lee to remove the hurdles, clean the room, open the windows and the doors - and get rid of the cob webs, the stench - that has impeded progress - when it comes to Violence Prevention.

Millions have been expanded with NO viable results. Jacob Moody and Thomas Tapper - making a fool of themselves. Both do not have the best interest of the community at large - and have been hood winking the community. An audit will reveal the dirt - and the adverse impacts to the community at large.

In two weeks - working round the clock - some of the volunteers paid a measly sum - but more doing it out of love - with insurance from me that we can take control of our streets, our neighborhood, make a difference - and prove to all - once and for all that we have sound leadership.

We have done it - and we have survey and empirical DATA show those that  have been bluffing the tax payers - wasting tax payers money.

No one can fool - all the people - all the time. No one can do that and go Scott Free.

Good leaders know the way - show the way and go the way.

Our youth and young adults response to those that they respect - so we have gone out of way - and approached those leaders from the community - to reach out and do what must be done.

Respected leaders.

Kudos to them - these silent warriors - with spirituality, sound morals, ethics, and humility - have done a lot - and made a lot of sacrifices.

God bless their families, their wives, their children - extended family members, close relatives, and friends - for supporting them.

Often times - anyone can talk the talk but to walk the walk - you need resources - besides making, sacrifices.

We have a area that is a "safe haven" - that offers amenities like safe and free parking. Good sanitary facilities, a view of Bay - and air that is fresh and clean.

The Mayor, Edwin Lee - knows about this place and he knows more - now, he must move quickly to make good things - happen.

There are some that talk the talk and they can waste time - with fake power point presentations.

But the time has come now - for us to walk the walk - and those that walk the walk - always have a model, a plan, a vision - that is well thought of.

The time to act is now.

It is critical to comprehend - doing the type of work we do - with Violence Prevention.

You have to have teams that work long hours, understand what they are doing, protect and watch one another - that are in sync - much like the better teams in many fields - that train and practice - practice and train - soon without words - they know what must be done.

We have teams that understand this concept.

Are educated on issues - cultural competency is critical.

You need to speak the language of the youth and young adults - if English does not do the job - power points and para- military tactics do not work.

The youth and young adults have been let down by our City - because the City has permitted those that cannot and will not understand the youth and young adults - permitted them in a  nonchalant manner -  to head Violence Prevention - programs.

We  must bring it to the level of the youth and young adults - and understand their core values, their adverse impacts, their hurdles and problems - and be one with the youth and young, adults.

Be humble and not try to dress up and act like a goddess - with some weird mentality - that does not work anywhere not here - in San Francisco, for sure - and especially not in any major - City.

The Mayor has been kept in the dark by those who surround him - we need women and men with guts - and not those who are sissy - pretending to understand Violence and Killings - like the Anderson guy who is a misfit and has taken our City in the wrong direction - when it comes to Violence and Killing - backwards.

This is the only one opportunity the Mayor gets - to back us up - or forever to hold his peace.

Leading City departments - understand our plight.

We cannot solve our problems using para-military tactics - it does not even work in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you hurt the people, the people with not trust you - and when the people do not trust you - you will suffer the consequences.

Band aid measures do not work - and so this one month trial - is indeed a band aid - and must be prolonged for at least 3 years.

We have a detailed plan and all is required is for Mayor Edwin Lee to review it.

Take it to your experts -  but since it is our plan - we must execute it - because it comes from our hard toil, our experience - our spirituality, morals, ethics - and our commitment to the community at large.

We are willing to work, with any well organized, well educated entity - which has standards, ethics, morals, and loves our City and County of San Francisco.

Time is running out.

We have been working round the clock - and have informed those - that we need the resources in good measure - to put our best foot - forward. Aho.