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Saturday, July 6, 2013


There is a lot happening in our community - and in the midst of everything - a celebration by my good friend Simi Iulio - the first anniversary of his brother - who died in his early forties - a great man - generous heart - and a brother to all.

The family put on a great memorial event - and all of us present - came away content and joyous.

The sudden death of Deacon Iose Tipilua Iulio; brought  a shock to all - who died suddenly of a heart attack.

Even today when one mentions how we received that news - it  still shocks us - those of us that knew him and more those that loved - this one of kind - man of God.

I attended one of the week long ceremonies at the church - before Deacon Iose Iulio was laid to rest. That was one year ago. It seems as if it was yesterday.

I saw the many in attendance - wondering - why this man - who had so much to offer - was taken so quick to a place - grabbed of his life - a man who had so much to offer.

The pastors offer solace but it was too much to bear. Much water has passed - still there is a vacuum - Dean Iose Iulia touch too many lives - all who remember him to this day.

We  who have faith know that  from where Deacon Iose Iulio is - he guides us - and offers us inspiration.

So, when his son - spoke so eloquently, changing, in his life that which was something not to be admired - embracing what his father espoused - a good, honest, loving deacon - a man of God - we all took a lesson home.

The Samoans are dear to me - and more those that work with me to make good things happen. At this family gathering there were many - warrior women and men - who I trust - if I call to adhere to some action - who will follow me.

It is the leaders that I know - and the leaders - can gather the others - and at this time - when corruption and evil prevails - those that embrace God and goodness - are rare - but here was a moment of truth - and the truth always - prevails.

The many at this event displayed a variety of talents - cooking some delicious dishes, decorating the hall, dressing their best, dancing a variety of cultural and traditional dances - the young men and the women - put their best foot forward.

The chorus sang a religious song - the lead Pastor led a rallying Samoan Patriotic song - that I noticed - and stood in attention and admired.

The festive occasion was warranted - because we know the good Deacon lived a just life.

We know that he is - in a place devoid of the suffering, the pain, the many hurdles - the just and the decent - have to endure on Earth - especially in this very - materialistic world.

So many times the women came to me and asked me if I need something to eat, something to drink, anything - the Samoans - as are all Polynesian - so hospitable and generous.

I have a soft corner for the Lady of the House - Simi Iulio's mother - she knows me well.

I have always respected her - and always advise Simi her son - that as the eldest son of the house - he must shine - and lead the family to a better - place. We can do it - it may not be easy - we will stand by him - isn't that  what family and good friends are - for?

I waited as long as I could - and you can see what I saw - looking at the many photographs - taken at this event.

Be respectful - we share them - so that you may get a glimpse of what the Polynesian family can offer - and has offered to our Nation.

More Samoans have died for our Nation - more than any State in the Nation - I know, as I worked for the United States Army - to be precise Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

We missed Pastor Williams a very good golfing partner of Deacon Iose Tipilua - Elder Joseph Kaulave was there representing Pastor Williams - known better as "Sweetee".

All in all - those that gather had a very good time - and as far as I was concerned .

I was a very happy camper. Who could not be - in the midst of such loving and caring people - so I did what I care to do, most - I was good to my camera and my camera was good to me.

God Bless You All.

Enjoy the photographs: