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Saturday, July 27, 2013


When a brother visited the morgue and saw his twenty year old brother dead from a bullet wound to his head - yet clenched in his hand his Koran - he had to wonder - why did his brother have to die?

Over eighty people killed by the Egyptian Government - using deadly force - and at the end of this day and tomorrow - the protests will go on - and more will be killed - because of filthy, dirty, politics.

What makes this situation all more senseless and despicable - this is the period of Ramadan.

Muslims the world over - fast, seek forgiveness, and try to to get back on track armed with sound, spirituality - to serve Allah.

The West is caught up in the spin of the media - nonsense, senseless reporting, and a bias against the Muslim Brotherhood.

It makes no sense to call Muslims anything that we in our own world are not prone to doing. A simple way of comprehending these facts - is to look at our won deeds. We are not prefect - no nations is perfect - and we must seek areas of agreement - to bring about less disagreements. 

Here is the United States no one can say the Democrats are perfect - and by the same measure - no one can utter the words and say that the Republicans are perfect - we try to to serve our Nation - despite the crooked and corrupt - politicians.

That does not means those who are Independent - or do not acknowledge any party are perfect - as human beings - to serve the best interests of our Nation - we must put our best foot forward.

We may think the troubles of Middle East are far away and do not affect us - they do - and have been affecting us in many ways. We have many decent folks from the Middle East citizens and living here in the United States.

Many United States citizens living in the Middle East - and they fear repercussions - while here in the United States - we strive to give all those who live here - a fair chance of living with protection against those that foster - adversely impacting anyone.

The present government has the backing of hidden forces - the Zionists will do all in their power - to keep the Egyptians fighting - dividing and creating confusion.

So that the Zionists may have their own way of doing things - even if it means the Egyptians dying - suffering when they should not. Peace is critical and we must maintain it in Egypt and in other nations - for the good of all humanity.

There are forces around the world that do not want some Nations to take control of their destiny. 

There are war mongers who make millions selling weapons - these monsters do not care about peace - they do care about raking in the millions.

Here in the United States we are still a young Nation - with less than 300 years of ruling our Nation - with a united front.

Our Founding Fathers had much to ponder - after seeing so much death. They were not perfect but for the good of the Nations - they created a Republic that has stood its ground - the best in the world.

A Constitution that is loaded with wisdom - and has again stood its ground.

Millions died during the Civil War - and any analysis done of this war - and the amount of blood shed - is a glaring fact that needs much introspection.

Among those that died in the Civil War - many African Americans - know in those times as Negroes.

Our Nation stood our ground and joined World War II and again we shed blood and did this so that others may be free. 

Hitler may have got his share of the world - and spread his hate every where - but, the world will tell you - including all the NATO nations - that Americans did well - by taking on the Nazis.

America still has decent values; Americans by large measure still have some respect for those that live and work and contribute justly in the Middle East.

We can stop this violence in Egypt and save the people from unnecessary bloodshed, trauma, and stress. In Syria too if we apply ourselves to do good - we can influence and bring about peace.

To the Egyptian people I say - we Americans understand your plight - we may not understand your politics, deep -  we urge your leaders from all factions in Egypt - to bring about peace.

We on our part will urge our leaders in the United States and the world over - to see that better sense prevails - and peace is brought about.

A common ground is Ramadan - during this period of peace, cleansing, and bringing about change. We all can stand united on one front and bring about peace.

The Muslim Brotherhood can help - even if it means - curtailing the violence - and backing down a little - with respect for all. All in the spirit of Ramadan.