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Friday, July 26, 2013


No one invited the John Steward Company to come to the Hunters Point area and discriminate against those residents - who have been living there - for a long time.

No one worth the salt - respects Malia Cohen who has no clue what is happening - and does not represent those that need help.
This woman supposedly represents District 10. The people are fed with her gimmicks. A panderer of the first order.

How could this idiotic woman understand the pangs and suffering of poor people? Always looking down upon the poor - while shedding tears for the sell outs like Willie B. Kennedy. Yes, folks that turned their back on the community - and who have left NO - legacy. While Malia Cohen fades away - no one will remember this stuck up - nasty - woman.

Some greedy limp poo poo - this Malia Cohen - who won by mistake - from a pool of 23 candidates - the last time we had elections in District 10. A disgrace to the human race.

Hundreds of people complain to me about Malia Cohen.

My position is simple - since I have direct access to those that run the City and County of San Francisco - all the Departments I intervene and 9 out of 10 times - I resolve the problems.

It may be that I have to deal with the Mayor of San Francisco, Edwin Lee, the Chief of Police, Gregory Suhr, the Director of Public Works, Mohammed Nuru, Bevan Dufty who manages HOPESF - the Controller's Office, the Sheriff - they all have been gracious to accommodate me.

I count of these blessing and I do not take anything for granted.

Others - - in high positions working for the State and Regulatory Agencies, the Federal Government at all levels - I really do not have to deal with an idiot like Malia Cohen - for anything. Malia Cohen knows that - I know that for sure.

When people call me - I help them but there is one case that now is bothering me - Malia Cohen has chosen to target a Samoan woman who needs help - her name is Tracy Thomson.

Tracy Thomson has been stressed by Malia Cohen, the John Stewart Company, others who should help her - and I am requesting Bevan Dufty to see that Tracy Thomson's problem is resolved - as soon as possible.

There is no way - Tracy Thomson can wait until 2016 to be accommodated. She needs to be accommodated now - look at her paper work - she and her relatives - need housing.

Please to do force to me to rally - the grassroots support that I enjoy - and protest. It will be ugly - believe me - Malia is not fit to Represent and you Bevan Dufty - since you have chosen to deal with such issues - you can and you should in this case.

Tracy has a number and has been in the que - closer to 150 - now, others with a number as high as 217 - have been accommodated. Excuses made about paper work - well, those that need help - should be help as best they can - by the John Stewart Company - who is raking in the millions.

In the first place we knew what would happen with the John Stewart Company - who has taken control of Hunters View with inferior performance - as part of the Phase One and is set to take control of the entire Hill - Kiska Road and so on - soon.

The Main Press report on the poor housing condition - even though it is brand new. Leaking windows, heat that does not work, small room where no KING bed fits with room around it to move.

The John Stewart Company has chosen to build - high density buildings - with inferior accommodation - to defy norms - and thinks they can get away with murder. You are put on notice - ratify what you promised the people - or forever hold your peace.

Enough is enough - we still are a force to deal with - we can shut down the John Stewart Company and his mama.

We can remove Malia Cohen from office and the many perverts like her - that abound at City Hall. They all talk a good talk - but fail to walk the walk.

Make no bones about this. Malia can now go run to her Sugar Daddy and ask for help. She and her CLAP. Enough is enough.

Malia is a JOKE - we all know that - but this JOKER has now crossed the line - and we the people can and will take control of the situation at hand - immediately.

I want to ask the Mayor, Edwin Lee why is he permitting this blatant discrimination at Huntersview.

People have been promised one on one housing - then the John Stewart Company uses the Credit Report - as the main tool to discriminate, keep out - and foster - GENTRIFICATION.

You were once an advocate - once a housing advocate - what is happening to the idea - that those that need help - must be served.

We must empower people to be good citizens - so that they can contribute to Society. We know politicians suck - more, folks like Malia Cohen - a good for nothing - tool.

Malia Cohen has NO good Credit Report - not after she lost her condominium at Executive Park. Taking loans to pay $580,000 - failed to pay her mortgage - went under.

Started - living with her parents in District 9 when she was elected to represent District 10.

Malia Cohen now lives with White Folks on Potrero Hill - thinking that she is something - when she is the most despicable person that has ever represented District 10. Good for nothing.

The John Stewart Company has no good track record - when it comes to working with poor people, the indigent people, people that need help.

Once John Stewart, he is early years - worked for Fanny May - and was fired. He knows the inside workings - linked to Community Development; how to work the system.

He is a crook and got over $300 million in grants from the State of California.

Did he get these grants - Community Benefits - to discriminate?

I am going to send this article to the California Secretary of State who must - fully understand the on going shenanigans - and order a full investigation.

The Housing Urban and Development (HUD) seems not to be doing its job. Bevan Dufty can nip this nonsense in the bud.

Joaquim Torres and others should do what is required for them to do.

The City Administrator Naomi Kelly must play a key role. Help the Mayor, Edwin Lee to stop such blatant discrimination of poor help that are put through - hell. 

The Samoan people have had it - of all the segments of the population - who are very poor and need help - the have been kept out - of the equation.

I want to know why the YMCA on Lane Street in the Bayview  is playing such an important role in all these matters - linked to the community - housing and so on. 

he Director of the YMCA is not to be trusted - and must be investigated under the RICO Act. Drives a Jaguar - and money from dubious sources - seem to be pouring into this sordid organization.

That YMCA is not suppose to make policy decisions and have so much clout -  on matters linked with the Community at large.

With this Black woman - Perry and others - all thugs who are working closely with Lennar. We know who you are - and you are put on notice. 

This is your clarion call - to stop the many crooked things you all are doing.

Divisiveness of the worst order - I have been knowing you all for a long, long time - as thugs.

All you do is rake in the money - the community knows you all - and do not mess with their - IRE. It has reached saturation point. Aho.