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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The Judicial System  in this our land of laws - has fallen once again to the whims of a system that most people think works.

The system has not worked; more it has failed us miserably - creating animosity - and wondering if we are really a Nation of laws.

This matter of adjudication on any level is not just a matter of who is right or wrong. It is following the just - process.

If in adjudicating the serious matter at hand - finding out if there was  fairness, true justice, and a deep sense of doing what is right - within the set boundaries of the law - not the fringes of the law.

The Nation is hurting - and even though many are not protesting on the streets of their Cities.

All over this great Nation the United States of America - the hurt grows deeper than deep.

In the many living rooms, in the many gathering places - people are openly stating - that injustice was done - in that little town - in Sanford on the East Coast of the United States.

The Nation's Attorney General has spoken - in circles he has said so much - in the end he has said - nothing much.

The President joined in and he took had the audacity to say that discussing about the race card - does no good. I beg to defer and we must go back to the days of Jefferson and Frederick Douglass - where the rhetoric was there - a meaningful debate - and a better sense of reconciliation.

We are a civilized nation - and there is nothing wrong to turn back the clock - turn a new leaf - and shed light on norms and a mentality that some have - which smack of superiority complex.

Daily in our lives when we evaluate the doings of the Judicial System - we see blatant flaws. But, there is little we can do about it - but repeat the cliches - that mean nothing. " We are are a Nation of Laws" - really!

Those charged with crimes - if they are people of color - rarely get the best - representation. Thousands of families of color - suffer silently - and many say in private - nothing much has changed since the days of - slavery.

When an injustice - more when a life has been taken - hits hard and comes to a home - it becomes personal.

There is no convincing the loved ones - that the law has spoken and taken a course - more when the course taken - begs for fairness and blatant injustice has been used to bring an unfair and unholy - conclusion.

If those who are victims and people of color  do get representation - those purporting to represent them - take short cuts.

Often times -  those who put their trust in the representatives - so called attorneys - wish they had never, ever done so. 

It is not uncommon for people of color to get five, ten times the jail sentencing - given to Whites for the same crime.  Attorney let down the victims - mostly Black clients - and the rest in history.

Victims linger in jails - and some for 10 years, 15 years and more.

We still continue to say we are a Nation of Laws. Are we? Our Supreme Court has said that Corporations are people - and many think - this is fine. 

Our judicial system - has not stopped to ponder - why 10% of our population has been incarcerated at some point - and over 8% for years - the largest population in the world to be incarcerated.

We have a population of about 320 million. Think about that.

It is not uncommon for an all White Jury to send a person of color to jail - for an extended period of time - without blinking an eye.

We saw this again - and the entire Nation - was wondering why this all White or mostly all White jury - if theydid do the right thing?

The result when someone who shot a young man in cold blood - has gone Scott Free - but not for long.

The Nation is divided - those that could have taken a stronger role and action like the NAACP - have now stepped up.

Others who were fast asleep are now busy collecting signatures - still other have jumped on the band wagon - but, it is a little too - late. Time will tell.

Shame on those who with intent - created a scenario - where the baseline factors - were kept intact and convoluted.

The Jury forced to abide to certain sordid mandates - that did not favor any justice for a young Black man.

Just because he was Black - in a gated-community - which is becoming common. More segregation of certain communities -  who are rich - who think no end to themselves.

These gated community need Security guards to protect them day and night.

Notice I did not use any names - the Nation knows what I am talking about.

Here is the bottom line - I went around and asked a number of people from all walks of life.

Of course; this in San Francisco, where I live.

Ideally we are suited in San Francisco - to undertake such a survey. Asians, Blacks, Latinos, Whites, Native Americans, others - all live side by side - and all will express themselves - in such matters without fearing any - retaliation.

We all have a conscience - and that is what matters most - a conscience that has not be numbed - and most of those I asked - did not favor the adjudication of the Sanford Court. Practically everyone was against the outcome.

But does this voice count? This voice in the millions resonates - and many say - " what has become of America?". 

Is it the American of our Founding Fathers? Is it an America of our Judicial System gone South?

The Main Media keeps barking up the tree. Talk shows galore - spewing diatribe.

Four members of the six member Jury - has told the Media to back off - they do not want to have the charade - the many stupid questions posed - making this "sordid adjudication" - all the more sordid and creating divisiveness in our communities, our neighborhoods, our cities and towns - in our Nation.

People from all walks of life are using "Black Twitter" to garner support - and such tools will bring other outcomes - better outcomes and shame the antiquated justice system that we have.

Much like the Electoral System that is a carry on from the Feudal days of old.

Now; it depends who has spoken to the Truth.

Has the Court that must represent the will of the people ; adjudicate well and been fair and just?

Or have we using the jury system - as one sided as it was -  still continuing to affirm the will of the people - when the opposite is true?

In this case - injustice was done - and a man who shot another unarmed man - in cold blood - was declared - dead.

The killer affirms that he stood his ground - even after following the man - even after being told by the Police not to follow the young Black man. 

Shooting and killing him - and the rest is history. Aho.