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Friday, July 12, 2013


We have seen it all and we have done it all - the measures taken in the last two weeks - with detail surveys and visiting the front line - inter-acting - and showing love - has paid off - in the Bayview Hunters Point.

We are have tons of work to do - and this work has just started - but what we see working - is working with the youth, young adults, the families and using cultural mores and language to get to the point.

The youth need understanding - and the tough love must be mostly unconditional - love.

If you try to mess with the youth - of any inner-City population - solely using para-military tactics - you will fall flat on your face.

Here is the reality of the facts of life.

If you hail from Napa, from Novato, come far off place - and come all the way to San Francisco - more for your pay check - and have NO heart to understand the plight of the inner city youth.

More - with all the travail and tribulations - they face - both young women and men - then you are not prepared to - deal with the situation at hand. You must be able to get down - and be sincere - do not think you gun will help you much - it is a deterrent to many things - good.

Mayor Edwin Lee must comprehend that this situation - linked to the violence and killings - did not start yesterday. 

This SAFETY issues has been permitted by some - with intent - more to foster - gentrification. Those responsible for these actions - must pay a price - and they must be sent to - jail for a long, long time.

This nonsense of talking down to the youth - punishing first and talking later - using para-military tactics - must like a war zone - on young adults and youth; that have been denied access, kept down, looked down upon, and have few stellar models - is something we must change with a "heart". Now.

We have tried new methods - having chalked out a detail plan - and using cultural competency, language, and other more akin tactics - that are not taught and cannot be taught in academy classes - because these instructors and mostly white - and far removed from reality - following models - that are antiquated.

They might as well communicate sending smoke - signals. Pathetic.

Today's youth and young adults are not dumb.

They live is a digital world and have access to what they want to - and have proved again and again - to be innovative.

It is left to us adults - who are educated on issues and blessed with a good life - and have morals and spirituality on our side - to contribute - and make a difference and we can and we should.

We must have the ability to discern - which is not taught in most of the Law Enforcement Academy classes.

These instructors do not know the difference between information and education. And I am not about to explain to them - now. I have before.

Mayor Edwin Lee must revamp the entire system. Open the doors and the windows - and remove the cob webs and the stench that has polluted the environment - among those that have screwed things up.

People who have no clue, less history, have not been trained to communicate - are themselves in the closet - folks like Anderson  - and the fluff that comes from Diane Aroche - has reached saturation - point - for the worse.

Maria Su must listen - we cannot come to you and will not waste our precious time - barking up the tree.

In is not far fetched to sue these folks - that have put so many young adults and youth in jeopardy. Making thousands in salaries and trying to bluff the public - with sleek power point presentation and data - that does not - stand the test of life.

We a few of us put a lot of love into the creation of the Community Relations Networks - only for folks like Thomas Tapper and Jacob Moody to screw it up.

Some one must write these guys up - and keep them at arm's length - despicable, conniving, lying through their teeth - and failing the community. More wasting tax payers - money.

I want Mayor Edwin Lee to see to this matter - linked to the rampant killings and violence - all over the City of San Francisco and address it on a war footing.

Only those that are competent - understand the history of the neighborhood - are comfortable at ground zero, have a heart, and do not pander to others - be it Law Enforcement , those having clout that is centered in the wrong place - I have seen it all.

Forcing me to go to those that can do something - and turn the situation around in just two weeks.

The results are over whelming  because the intake data - shows that the changes are drastic - and old, stale, inept, sordid models and methods - all out dated and still in use - will not work.

When that happens - instead of fixing the problem - inept folks - resort to force - and the resort to force - because they cannot stand their ground.

Have NO clue what is happening and are fearful of their lives.

I have seen this again and again for the last 35 years.

I know most of the folks in our San Francisco Command Group - and they have ways to go - it is not easy to learn new ways - when you are steeped in old ways - and guided and prompted by folks that have a hidden agenda.

Screw the politics, big money, Big Developers -  serve the people - you are paid by the tax payers. And you must be ashamed if you make more than $100,000 plus benefits - and cannot deliver.

True, Community Policing is not for the faint of heart.

I have sent the Mayor some fed back - he is free to use it and make a difference - we are not about talk - but the walk that has made a difference.