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Monday, July 15, 2013


Our sojourn on this Earth is short - compared to anything worth measuring that has longer life - more, when it comes - to those elements - that have evolved for thousands and millions of years.

Human beings are unique - and each life is precious.

So we say - especially here in the United States.

Again and again - history reveals to us - in so many ways - that greed, avarice, lack of compassion, hatred, and mostly lack of knowledge - forces many human to act - to the  determent - of what most of us, consider - positive - encouraging fair play and justice.

Our inner cities have areas where those - mostly people of color - are forced to live in inhumane conditions.

While those; not of color - are given opportunities - and many a times - handed stuff on a platter - those not of color - look down and mock those who are forced to irk out a living.

It does not come as surprise when an unarmed man of color is shot point blank and all sorts of excuses are made.

That experts go to court and paint scenarios that are convoluted - mind boggling - that defy the norm - and more paint "injustice" - on this canvass that most in our tainted courts; uphold - as justice.

Every life is precious - but in many areas - dogs and cats and other life except the lives of  - "people of color" - are treated with respect and decency.

Daily in our inner cities hundreds of young men and women are shot and killed.

Not a whimper. Those in Law Enforcement - look at the statistics - much as they would look at a sport.

More in places like Chicago and New Orleans on the East Coast - Oakland, California and Compton on the West Coast.

It does not help that our judicial system in flawed - even with a "jury" that must be fair - but in its every make up - can bring about different - results. Adversely impacting those people of color - who have fallen prey - again and again - to a system - purported to be "fair".

Fair is never, ever defined.

There is a big difference - when a jury has all men.

Quite a big difference when the jury consists of all women.

One of two strong women - more opinionated - can bring a completely different result - with the worse type of consensus - building. 

Yet, another result with men and women in the jury - the results vary; tend to be balanced.

Those of us who have paid attention and studied - know this.

The media takes the easy way out - sensationalizes the elements of any case - and the rest is history.

Life is life and life is precious - but daily; all over the United States of America - people are shot and killed.

Many of those killed - at the hands of people who are encouraged to commit such blatant and uncalled for killings and violence - by  exterior forces - who have a hidden agenda - gentrification

Notice how protected - those are that live - "in gated communities".

How unprotected those are that live in Public Housing - the more indigent - the less - "decency" is meted out.

It is the same when the United States take such type of a mentality abroad to Iraq, to Afghanistan, to other places.

With clandestine activities, drones, and other nefarious activities - seek targets and human beings - and cares little about innocent women, children, and the elders - who they deem in their many reports - as co-lateral - damage.

The human conscience has been numbed.

Law Enforcement and the Judicial System - has take the stance that - if they have in their inner circle - what it takes to opine and favor the end result.

Never mind - the false adjudication - for as long as they are in control - their subjective, sordid - opinion counts. 

This has been going on for a long, long time - but now - it has reached the stage - which is better known - " in your face".

Each and every life is precious - the authorities that be, must fully comprehend acts that deny - opportunities to people of color - those that cannot defend - themselves. 

Fail to conduct themselves properly and deny people of color - fairness and act of proper - justice.

There are many crimes - crying to heaven for justice.