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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Our City officials must be asked a direct question - especially those who are doling out thousands - to individuals who have done nothing to stop the violence, the killings - and senseless shootings - all over San Francisco.

Our Law Enforcement have been given millions - to create an environment of SAFETY -  is this a cliche - or do we have women and men in our Law Enforcement - who want to work with the community to make a - real difference.

Our women and men of the cloth - do they want to step up - much like the prophets did, women and men dedicated to God - to stop the senseless shootings and killings - and make a true, difference.

Our Mayor of San Francisco, Edwin Lee - our Chief of Police, of the San Francisco Police Department, Gregory Suhr - endorse a model that can work - however, are we going to back this model - with sustainable resources.

With unity make it work - and have the community participation that is needed and is a must. In the past - some outsiders - people who think they can control things remote control - dictated things to others. No more. We have named them before - those that have failed to take the Community Response Network - to a better, place. The Mayor and his inner circle must take a good look at this situation - and while they are there - what is really happening with the Mayor at his office - if those in charge of the stemming the violence, the shootings, the killings - are really worth the salt?

The people have spoken, the parents, family, friends, supporters of the many victims - are pleading for help - and we can do it - while those exercising their "senseless behavior" - are feeling the heat - it is within true reach -  where we can - in unity and humility bring about - real change.

Some of us are visiting the hot spots - but this time with a mission to bring about a change.

One can talk the talk but to walk the walk - you must go to the source - see it, feel it, and then think about it - deep enough - to bring about change.

Our City Administrator Naomi Kelly bears a responsibility - we really do not need to visit her and waste her time.

Naomi Kelly -  can visit the Mayor and the Police Chief -  they too have endorsed a model that works.

Naomi Kelly - can lend her support. I say this because I did meet her in the hall way at City Hall - and I did mention this fact to her. She seemed to agree - but did she follow up?

We are talking about life - we are talking about trauma - we are talking about pain and suffering - we are talking about sacrifice on the part of those trying to stop the violence, the shootings, and the killings.

Those on the front line can only do so much.

We need the support of each and everyone - the prayers of everyone.

The strength and the unity; to keep this good thing going - where now there is no abject divisiveness - bring about lasting peace and unity.

God must be brought into this picture, spirituality must be brought into this picture.

Most of all respect must be brought into the picture.

So, watch out you Poverty Pimp Pastors - get out and speak to the truth and more by your actions - look after the sheep.

There are some Pastors - few just a handful who are doing the right thing - they know who they are.

They do not need to be told what to do - they have been doing - what their faith entails them to do - they have been taking care of the sheep - and you can see the - difference.

Our City and County of San Francisco has been named after Saint Francis of Assisi. 

A humble Saint who fostered compassion - our Mayor has compassion, our City Administrator has compassion, our Chief of Police has compassion, many City Department heads have compassion.

I have made it known to them in writing - spread that around - spread the good word - and let us together - take our City and County of San Francisco to a better place.

Let us fine tune our conscience - morals are important - ethics must rule - but most of all our actions - daily in our lives - to bring about change and address Quality of Life issues.

It pains me - when small children - express to me that they are afraid to be out in their neighborhood.

It pains me when our children are traumatized but the gun shots - one hears at all times.

Our fair City is not a war zone - but some have made it so - and we know - who they are - so change your lives and your behavior.

The majority of good citizens must NOT be intimidated by a few - who want some attention - but, have chosen to do it - in a wrong manner.

We must be united to bring about this change.

This drastic change to last a long time - will not happen without a change of heart.

Spirituality must reign supreme -  where humility and hard work - is exercised with prudence and fortitude. Aho.