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Sunday, December 30, 2012


America is the land of opportunity and we do have a population of about 311 million and growing - and among them our foster children. 

About 70,000 of them in our California system and over 850,000 Nationwide.

We have some statistics and they reveal some information - but the more deeper you delve into them - the sadder the picture.

In the United States - we are a caring people - and even though we we have so many of our own in foster care - we adopt children from far and wide.

Recently, when the Russian President Putin decided to pass some laws - not to permit foster children lingering in the many Russian  Institutions to be adopted by Americans - there was an uproar - be it a small storm in the tea cup.

In the past we have had incidents and one glaring one - of a Russian child adopted in the United States - and left to die in a car - on a hot day - without much ventilation. This one case started it all - Russian and other investigators delving into the treatment of foster care - found more glaring examples - where foster children were adversely impacted.

19 more cases were found where children were mistreated - some sexually abused - and it is here that the line must be drawn.

It is a fact that our foster children in the United States - are not treated well. May be; they do receive better amenities than most countries - but, all things being equal - most foster children in our institutions - do not get the respect and treatment - that they should.

One factor to study and further study the implications of 70% of the biological parental rights permanently terminated - linked to our foster children in the United States.

In San Francisco we have some groups that have worked hard to receive foster children in their homes - and fight for the rights of foster children.

There is still a lingering stigma attached to one stating in the open that they are foster children. This is something we must stop - and we can only embrace foster children - if we are educated on issues.

Recently the Uninterrupted Scholarship Act was passed - further giving clout to Title IV-E of the Social Security Act requiring welfare agencies to maintain children's educational records. In the case of the foster children's; case plans and access educational stability for foster children as the move from placement to placement while in foster care.

As might be accepted one important tool a foster child has to contribute and be accepted in society is education.

For any child to learn that after being placed in a foster home, transferred to a learning educational facility - come to a realization - that the child's education records are not available to the educational system - and to be penalized is - deplorable.

Yet, this happens again and again - and for all the talk there is little walk in this - arena. 

Our foster children in the United States need to be assured that they are protected - much like any other child - our representatives in Congress and the Senate - have just been awoken up.

The few brave representatives with fortitude - in the midst of the Fiscal Cliff crises - have given voice to the foster children.

It is now left to those that fight for foster children and foster children who today contribute to society - to give voice and stand firm for the right of foster children - improve their condition - more since foster children are in the news - but the Main Media as usual failing to do any worthwhile - investigative reporting.

Dos the Main Media think that foster children are expandable?

My fight has been providing jobs and assuring those that give foster children jobs - that we have a system in place but it has not be working. Working with and many time around the system - to make things work for foster children and young adults - who are thrown into the world once they can no longer remain in foster care - 18 years.

Much like our Veterans we praise them for putting their lives on the line, say all the nice things that sound pleasing to the ear.

When it comes to action - giving our Veterans good jobs, housing, caring for their families, and the list goes on and on - we are lacking. Long on the talk and very short on the walk.

American are a moral people and we have standards - make no bones about it - the constitution and the Founding Fathers - states this - in very clear terms.

We are a moral nation with standards and those that represent - must vouch for their constituency and exercise moral concepts and standards.

Sad to say lies, cheating, immoral behavior, greed of the worst type, unethical behavior is now condoned in the highest places - when one of two are caught with the hand in the cookie jar - we make a big deal.

The behavior I have describe above is everywhere - and few take a stand - to speak about ethics and standards.

Once you kill your conscience and you do as you please - factors that govern compassion - such as the issue of the - foster children and their special needs - are relegated to the back burner.

Before you know it - it is out the door - and into the waster paper basket.

This is not only here in the United States - it is with Nations such as India - where some men in a bus - took it upon themselves to beat the man that was with this woman - and rape the women and abuse her - and what is more physically harm her.

Then the low down behavior not becoming a human being - throw her out the bus - with law enforcement and the Indian Authorities covering the issue - until the populace woke up and threatened to take all concerned to task.

Today, this one case has awoken many from their slumber - it happens in many countries - where men think that they can do as they please and treat women in the year 2012 as chattel - and this nonsense must stop.

There is no faith or religion on Earth that gives direction to abuse women - if so most decent men would not love their mothers. It is as simple as that.

But let us get on track with our foster children - they must be cared - first here at home in the United States of America.

If we dare bring children from other countries - we must track the treatment and progress of the children - as least for a period of 15 years - with yearly reports available.

We have no way, no model, no standards in place today - that deems fit that we monitor those that adopt - and we do not check on the progress of the child.

If the foster parents do indeed - treat the adopted children with love,with respect, and allow the child to be given the tools to develop as best she or he can - to contribute to society.

The custom now is that once a child is adopted - no one in the United States - has any records about the how the child has adapted.

If the child's mental needs are met, how culturally; the child has been introduced to our way of life.

The many aspects that are too complicated more dealing with the psychological aspects - that I cannot go into detail - as they will side track the purpose of this article.

Kudos to representatives - George Miller, Karen Bass, Tom Marino, Jim McDermott, Michelle Bachman, Mary Landrieu, Charles Grassley, Mark Begish, Roy Blunt, Barbara Boxer, Al Franken, Amy Klouchar, RJ Sloke an intern with the Congressional Coaliation of Adoption for sharing her story bounced through 13 high schools and repeating the 9th grade three times and other foster children for testifying and bringing this issue to the attention of this Nation - in a manner and with fortitude where it could be addressed and acted upon.

We are a nation of morals and ethics - in our humanity as Americans we care for those that need help most - our seniors, our children, those physically and mentally challenged - because of the unfair practices exercised on our foster children - our Nation's foster children and more.

We cannot go to a better place unless - we fine tune our moral compass - a scar has been left - which is deep and lingering - who will rise up and act - take our dear loved foster children - from the institutions of despair to a better place - share our love and compass - as we must as Americans.

God Bless America.